Saint Seiya The Hades

It was not until 2002 that Saint Seiya The Hades, the “Hades arc”, the finale to Kurumada’s manga, was adapted into an original video animation (OVA) series. Saint Seiya The Hades was divided into three chapters – “Sanctuary”, “Inferno” and “Elysion” – spanning a total of 31 episodes.

  • The first chapter was directed by Shigeyasu Yamauchi and scripted by Michiko Yokote. It was broadcast on Animax, a Japanese pay-per-view channel, from November 9, 2002 to April 12, 2003, and later released on DVD in 2003.
  • The second chapter was divided into two parts. The first was directed byTomoharu Katsumata and scripted by Yosuke Kuroda. The first episodes were released on December 17, 2005, and the last on February 18, 2006. The DVD compilation was released in the same year.
  • The second part of the second chapter was released on Japan’s SKY PerfecTV! from December 15, 2006, to March 1, 2007.
  • The third and final chapter was released from March 7 to August 1, 2008.


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Hades, the Underworld god, is freed from his seal and revives the deceased Gold Saints ss_mythand the Pope Aries Shion, and alongside some of his 108 Specters, sends them to the Sanctuary to kill Athena. The remaining Gold Saints serving Athena are able to subdue the enemies, but Saori then commits suicide. This act is instead meant to directly send her to the Underworld to face Hades, and the Bronze Saints follow her. Shion reveals that the revived Gold Saints’ true intentions were of giving Saori her own Cloth, and gives it to Seiya’s group before dying once again. In the Underworld, as the Saints fight Hades’ Specters, Shun is possessed by Hades. Saori reaches Hades and expels his soul from Shun’s body. Hades then takes Saori to Elysium, and the five Bronze Saints follow them. In the final fight against Hades and his two followers, Hypnos and Thanatos, the Saints gain the strongest God Cloths and use them to aid Saori in defeating Hades. However, Seiya also sacrifices himself by receiving one of Hades’ attacks, and the Saints return to Earth with his body.