Saint Seiya Poseidon

Poseidon Warriors
Poseidon Warriors

After Julian Solo was rejected by Kido Saori, who asked to marry Mermaid Thetis, he brings her to the Underwater Sanctuary where he reveals that he is Emperor Poseidon, God of the Seas. A few days later, the world is affected by terrible floods, tidal waves and rain. Then Julian, even with most of the power of God, sends Siren Sorento to kill the Bronze Saints.

Poseidon was the force that was manipulating Polaris Hilda, priestess of Odin, through the Nibelung Ring, which will produce the war between Asgard and Sanctuary of Athena. Also Saori who kidnaps a wave made by himself. Poseidon wants to destroy the world by water and Athena is offered as a sacrifice to delay total flooding, being locked in the Great found mainstay behind the temple of Poseidon, which gradually fills with the waters that should fall on the world. Bronze Saints must rescue Athena beating the sea seven generals, each pillar being generally protects a total of seven representing the seven oceans of the world, these are: Sea Horse Baian, Guardian of the North Pacific; Scylla Io, Guardian South Pacific; Kraken Isaac, General of the Arctic Ocean; Lyumnades Caça, Guardian of the Southern Ocean;Chrysaor Krishna, Indian Ocean Guardian, Sea Dragon Kanon, Guardian of the North Atlantic and Siren Sorrento, Atlantic Guardian South. All Holy War was planficada by Kanon, twin brother Gemini Saga who managed to deceive the god.

In the end, the Bronze Saints face a sleeping Poseidon, but he is too powerful for the Saints, giving fatal impacts on them without lifting a finger. the Golden Saints of Sagittarius, Aquarius and Libra help Pegasus Seiya , Chygnus Hyoga and Dragon Shiryu respectively. Saints attacks are returned to them by the power of God, until Seiya raises his cosmos and Poseidon manages to hit the Sagittarius Golden Arrow. Poseidon more fully awake, but not enough because the Warriors of Athena have already destroyed the mainstay of his temple and Athena contains the soul of the God of the Sea in an amphora, freeing Julian Solo, who with Sorento, is dedicated to helping those affected by the flood.


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