nextdimensionlogoSaint Seiya: Next Dimension – The Myth of Hades

Also known as simply Next Dimension, is a still ongoing manga written and illustrated by Masami Kurumada. Saint Seiya Next Dimension is a prequel and continuation to his manga series Saint Seiya; placed during the previous “Holy War” between the Gods Hades and Athena and their soldiers, the Specters and the Saints, during the 18th century.

nextdimensionIt is published by Akita Shoten in the weekly magazine Weekly Shōnen Champion at irregular dates. Next Dimension is also known by its alternate subtitle Galaxy Myth , which is used during publication to refer to the segments of the storyline set in the 20th century, as opposed to the Myth of Hades subtitle, which refers to the segments set in the 18th century.


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The story in “Next Dimension” starts shortly before the end of Saint Seiya where the main characters are fighting against the god Hades. The god is reminded of his past incarnations and starts reminiscing about the events that occurred in the last war between Athena and himself 243 years earlier. During this period a boy named Tenma was one of Athena’s warriors, the Saints. He was also the previous incarnation of the main character, Pegasus Seiya. He was best friends with a boy named Alone who was Hades’ chosen vessel to inhabit of that era. As Alone became possessed by Hades, Tenma ventures to Athena’s Sanctuary to train in order to be able to save his friend.

In the present time, the Pegasus Saint Seiya is under a curse from Hades that will kill him in three days. Athena decides to save Seiya and is accompanied by the Saint, Andromeda Shun. They travel back in time with the aid of Chronos, but are sent further back than intended so that they end up during the previous holy war. They are separated and Athena is turned into a baby, but she is saved from harm by a Saint as it turns out the leader of the Sanctuary is in league with Hades. Tenma meet Shun and is convinced of the situation and they race to rescue Athena. On their way through the twelve houses of the zodiac the meet and fight against several of the powerful Gold Saints and also Specters, warriors of Hades. They are also joined by Shun’s comrades, Ikki, Shiryu and Hyoga. Another looming threat is revealed to be coming in the form of the 13th Gold Saint of Ophiuchus.