Part 1. Dohko and Shion (童虎とシオン Dōko to Shion?)
Part 2. Alone (アローン Arōn?)
Part 3. Tenma (天馬 Tenma?)
Part 4. Friend (友 Tomo?)
Part 5. The Sword of Hades (冥王の剣 Meiō no Ken?)
Part 6. Hades’ Awakening (冥王覚醒 Meiō Kakusei?)
Part 7. Hades Castle (ハーデス城 Hādesu-jō?)
Part 8. Specters (冥闘士 Supekutā?)
Part 9. Barrier (結界 Kekkai?)
Part 10. Suikyō (水鏡 Suikyō?)
Part 11. Warmth (ぬくもり Nukumori?)
Part 12. The Water of Crateris (杯座の水 Kuraterisu no Mizu?)

In 1990, the Bronze Saints of Athena engage the god Hades in a final battle to save their goddess Athena and the world. During the fight, the god of the Underworld remembers encountering Pegasus Seiya before, and the reader is then taken to the past. In the 18th century, Dohko and Shion are promoted from Bronze to Gold Saints by the Pope of Athena’s Sanctuary. With their new status, they set out to take down Hades before he manifests in his chosen vessel of the era, Alone. Tenma, the Pegasus Saint in the 18th century steps in between and stops their attack. During the confusion Alone winds up in an old temple were Pandora manages to awake Hades’ soul in Alone. With a barrier now in place that reduces the Saints’ strength, Dohko, Shion and Tenma retreat with dismay. Yet before they can they are attacked by Griffon Vermeer and Garuda Suikyō, the latter being Tenma’s former master. the Saints are hurt badly as the Specters are called back to Hades, but with the help of Tenma’s horse they are able to escape and head back to Sanctuary, to recover and devise a strategy for the upcoming Holy War.

Part 13. Izō and Ox (以蔵とオックス Izō to Okkusu?)
Part 14. Garland (花の鎖 Hana no Kusari?)
Part 15. The Temple of the Moon (月の神殿 Tsuki no Shinden?)
Part 16. As Long as There Is love (愛あるかぎり Ai Aru Kagiri?)
Part 17. Lascoumoune (ラスクムーン Rasukumūn?)
Part 18. The Immortal Bird (不死鳥 Fushichō?)
Part 19. The Doors of Spacetime (時空の扉 Jikū no Tobira?)

Tenma, Shion and Dohko return to Sanctuary to report their findings about the situation, only to be greeted harshly by the Taurus Gold Saint, Ox, enraged by their seemingly irresponsible behavior. After Taurus is restrained by Capricorn Izō, the Saints are puzzled by the absence of their goddess and ponder about her whereabouts. The Virgo Gold Saint, Shijima, then unveils that Athena may come from the future. Meanwhile, in the 20th century, Athena travels with Andromeda Shun to Mount Olympus and meets her elder sister Artemis, seeking help to relieve Seiya from the comatose state he was put in after by Hades’ curse. Artemis reveals that the only way to do so is to travel back in time, Athena seeks then the help of the god of time, Chronos. During the trek to Chronos, Shun and Athena are separated, the Saint is engaged by the guardians of Artemis, the Satellites, sent by Callisto to kill Athena. Shun is helped by his brother Phoenix Ikki to defeat them and their commander Lascomoune. Eventually, Athena meets Chronos, who sends her along with Shun back in time, to the Holy War in the 18th century, fulfilling Shijima’s prediction.

Part 20: Athena’s Birth (女神降誕 Atena Kōtan?)
Part 21: The Pope’s Dagger (教皇の短剣 Kyōkō no Tanken?)
Part 22: To Athena’s Side (女神のもとへ Atena no Moto e?)
Part 23: The Enemy Is Inside the Sanctuary (敵は聖域にあり Teki wa Sankuchuari ni Ari?)
Part 24: Crystal Wall (クリスタルウォール Kurisutaru Wōru?)
Part 25: Tears of Blood (血涙 Ketsurui?)
Part 26: The guidance of Athena (女神の道標 Atena no Dōhyō?)

In the 18th century, the situation of the Holy War becomes only direr as Athena reincarnates as an infant. The Pope tries to murder her, but is thwarted by Virgo Shijima. Shijima is gravely wounded by Pisces Cardinale, who has sworn fealty to Hades and flees to protect Athena. The Underworld Commander Garuda Suikyō is dispatched to Sanctuary to take the Athena’s life. Followed by a cadre of Specters, Suikyō reaches the Sanctuary and engages Aries Shion in battle. Meanwhile, in the 20th century, Phoenix Ikki finds Athena’s garland, a lead to her whereabouts, and travels back in time. Arriving to the past, Ikki meets an overpowered Shion and engages Suikyō in battle.

Part 27: Deadly combat in the Temple of the White Ram (白羊宮の死闘 Hakuyōkyū no Shitō?)
Part 28: Suishō (水清 Suishō?)
Part 29: Ice Spears (氷槍 Hisō?)
Part 30: One-winged Fallen angel (片翼の堕天使 Katayoku no Datenshi?)
Part 31: Gemini’s Labyrinth (双児宮の迷宮 Jemini no Meikyū?)
Part 32: Premonition to a deadly battle (死闘への予感 Shitō e no Yokan?)
Part 33: Deadly battle in the Temple of the Twins (双児宮の死闘 Jemini no Shitō?)

In the 18th century, Sanctuary trembles as the war rages on and warriors of both armies engage in deadly combat. Sparing Shion and Ikki over suffering the effects of the latter’s attack, Garuda Suikyō reaches the Taurus Temple, defeating its guardian, Ox. Meanwhile, in the 20th century, the fallen Angel Tōma invades Sanctuary to slay Seiya, but fails due to the intervention of Cygnus Hyōga and Eagle Marin. Tōma senses a mutual but unclear connection to Marin as he retreats. Simultaneously, in the past, Tenma and Shun venture into the Gemini Temple, where a deadly encounter between Gemini Abel, Cain and Suikyō takes place. As they rush to their encounter with Athena, Tenma and Shun almost reach the Cancer Temple.

Part 34: Gemini Abel (双子座のアベル Jemini no Aberu?)
Part 35: Cain & Abel (光と影 Kain to Aberu?)
Part 36: Deathtoll, the coffin maker (棺桶屋のデストール Kan’okeya no Desutōru?)
Part 37: Omertà (沈黙の棺 Omeruta?)
Part 38: The sacrifice of the Demon Emperor’s Fist (魔皇拳の生贄 Maōken no Ikenie?)
Part 39: The warmth of that day (あの日のぬくもり Ano Hi no Nukumori?)
Part 40: Advancing (歩み Ayumi?)

Tenma and Shun continue their traversing of Sanctuary, managing to trespass the Gemini Temple and make it as far as to the Cancer Temple. The Specter Garuda Suikyō, seems to be under the effects of the Demon Emperor’s Delusion Fist, also proceeds. Tenma and Shun, then Suikyō fight against the Cancer Gold Saint, the ambivalent Deathtoll, the coffin maker. Beyond the deathly portal of Praesepe, Tenma manages to defeat Deathtoll by sealing him in the coffin Omertà, saving his life as well as Shun and his mentor’s. Surviving the battle, Suikyō returns to Sanctuary, encouraging his apprentice to battle on, and resuming his way, heads to the next Temple.

Part 41: Until that Day (いつかの日のために… Itsuka no Hi no Tame ni…?)
Part 42: Resuscitation (起死回星 Kishi Kaisei, lit. “resuscitating star”?)
Part 43: Leo Kaiser (獅子座のカイザー Reo no Kaizā?)
Part 44: Fist of Light (光の拳 Hikari no Ken?)
Part 45: The Mischief of the Gods (神の悪戯 Kami no Itazura?)
Part 46: The Labyrinth of the Gods (神々の迷宮 Kamigami no Rabirinsu?)
Part 47: The Compassion of the Warrior (戦士の情け Senshi no Nasake?)

The young Bronze Saints recover from their battle against Deathtoll and proceed to the following Temple, where they find Tenma’s mentor Suikyō utterly defeated by its fierce guardian, Leo Kaiser and his pet Goldie. Meanwhile, in the Temple of the Twins a fierce battle between Gemini Cain and Phoenix Ikki ensues, until the young Bronze Saint proves to Cain their goals and allegiance are the same. Shun and Tenma also endure a hard trial to prove their loyalty to Athena to Leo Kaiser, and Deathtoll returns from Praesepe, revealing his true allegiance. As the battle for Earth continues in the past, Gemini Cain and Gemini Abel prepare to reveal the mystery of their birth.

Part 48: Burning Friendship (炎の友情 Honō no Yūjō?)
Part 49: The Gate of Death (死門 Shimon?)
Part 50: The Great Light (大いなる光 Ōi Naru Hikari?)
Part 51: Dragon and Swan (龍と白鳥 Ryū to Hakuchō?)
Part 52: Dragon and Tiger, Mentor and Disciple (龍虎師弟 Ryūko Shitei?)
Part 53: Successor (継ぐ者 Tsugu Mono?)
Part 54: Demonic Temple (魔宮 Makyū?)

In the 20th century, after stopping Angel Tōma from killing Seiya, Cygnus Hyōga proceeds to rally Dragon Shiryū to rush to Athena’s aid. The reluctant Shiryū’s loyalty as a Saint is rekindled only after a brief encounter with the Angel. Both Saints proceed to Mount Olympus and reach Athena’s garland, which sends them back in time. Meanwhile, in the 18th century, Suikyō is challenged by Virgo Shijima, and after breaking through his defenses, is revitalized by his Crateris Cloth, then reveals to Athena the mystery of the cursed Ophiuchus Gold Saint; and Shiryū meets the younger self of his revered mentor, Libra Dohko. In the present, Ophiuchus Shaina is suddenly taken over by a mysterious entity, which Eagle Marin fears to be the thirteenth Gold Saint, cursed since the ages of myth.

Part 55: The Thirteenth Gold Saint (十三番目の黄金聖闘士 Jū San Ban Me no Gōrudo?)
Part 56: My Friend (わが友 Wa ga Tomo?)
Part 57: The Treasures of Heavens (天舞宝輪 Tenbu Hōrin?)
Part 58: Oṃ (阿吽 Aun?)
Part 59: Recklessness (蛮勇 Ban’yū?)
Part 60: Divine Cosmo (神の小宇宙 Kami no Kosumo?)
Part 61: Farewell poem for a friend (友を送る詩 Tomo o Okuru Uta?)

In 1747, the mystery of the origin of the cursed Ophiuchus Gold Saint is revealed by Virgo Shijima,although his identity remains unrevealed. Dragon Shiryū earns the trust of his mentor Libra Dohko after a harsh trial, and proceeds to the next temple after the arrival of Garuda Suikyō, who then engages the Libra Gold Saint in an emotional and desperate battle, while reminiscing about the days of their youth. As Andromeda Shun and Pegasus Tenma arrive to the Temple of the Maiden, they become witnesses of an unprecedented clash between two Virgo Gold Saints of different eras, as the soul of the deceased Virgo Shaka manifests to come to Shun’s aid. As Shijima convalesces after his battle, he is shocked to learn of the existence of another goddess who comes to his encounter, and the battle between Dohko and Suikyō comes to a sorrowful but inevitable ending.

Part 62: The Banner of Rebellion (叛旗 Hanki?)
Part 63: Deadly Battle in Yomi (黄泉の死闘 Yomi no Shitō?)
Part 64: Shabadabadaa (娑婆陀芭陀亜 Shabadabada’a?)
Part 65: Funeral procession (葬列 Sōretsu?)
Part 66: Cancer’s tragedy (蟹座無残 Kyansā Muzan?)
Part 67: Peach Bomber (桃爆 Momobaku?)
Part 68: Emissaries (御使い Mitsukai?)

Suikyo has been defeated, and Griffon Vermeer is sent to continue with the attack on Athena’s Sanctuary. Cancer Deathtoll and Phoenix Ikki are able to fend them of, but leaves Deathtoll in a special condition. Meanwhile Dohko became aware of Suikyo’s true mission and decides to take Athena’s head. Snakes start appearing around the Sanctuary, and one of them talks to Aries Shion about the coming arrival of the 13th Gold Saint of Ophiuchus.

Part 69: Leo’s acknowledgement (獅子座の証 Reo no Akashi?) : published on December 3, 2015
Part 70: Samael’s venom (サマエルの毒 Samaeru no Doku?) : published on December 10, 2015
Part 71: Mystria (ミストリア Misutoria?) : published on December 24, 2015
Part 72: Freezing vs Freezing (凍気対凍気 Tōki Tai Tōki?) : published on January 7, 2016
Part 73: Successor to Aquarius (水瓶座を継ぐ者 Akueriasu o Tsugu Mono?)