Prologue: “The one who searches” 
1: “The one who declares the start” 
2: “The one chosen to be the Lion”
3: “The one who wavers” 
Final chapter: “The one who returns from the waters of chaos”
“Galaxian Encyclopedia”
Epilogue: “The one who commands to search”
With the completion of the Aswan Dam, the entrance to an ancient Egyptian tomb where a dark power had been sealed is revealed. Japanese archaeologist Miko Hasegawa investigates the ruins with the help of Sagittarius Aiolos and his little brother Aiolia. There they confront the Egyptian god Apophis and his army, who had been revived by the power of a strange blue water flowing from the god’s tomb, and unknowingly break the seal that had been holding back Pontos since mythological times.

1: “The Great Prologue”
2: “The golden boy”
3: “The one who regrets” 
4: “The one who severs light”
5: “Those who assemble” 
The Pope of Sanctuary tries to kill a baby who is the reincarnation of the goddess Athena, however, he is stopped by the Gold Saint of Sagittarius, Aiolos. As the Pope places the blame for the assassination attempt on him, Aiolos is deemed a traitor. He takes the baby Athena and escapes Sanctuary, but is eventually killed by the Capricorn Gold Saint Shura. Seven years later, Aiolos’s younger brother, Leo Gold Saint Aiolia, is sent out on several missions by the Pope to prove his loyalty to the Sanctuary. In one of his missions, Aiolia meets a girl called Lithos and adopts her as his sister when her father dies. Soon afterwards, a mysterious individual attacks Sanctuary and the Gold Saints gather with the Pope to discuss what to do.

Gaiden 1: “The sacred war”
6: “The one black as ebony” 
7: “The one who controls the winds” 
8: “The one who breaks armors”
9: “The one who makes Cloths” 
As punishment for arriving late to the meeting with the Gold Saints and causing trouble with one of the others, Aiolia is ordered by the Pope to stop the invader. The enemy reveals himself to be Ebony Hyperion, one of the twelve Titans, who seeks the weapon of his King, the God of Time Kronos, to free him from Zeus’s prison. Aiolia faces Hyperion in battle, but is easily defeated. As Lithos puts herself in danger to try to save him, however, he rises to fight once again. This time, Hyperion retreats after Aiolia breaks his divine body armor. Aiolia’s own armor, the Leo Gold Cloth, is heavily damaged and he goes with the Taurus Gold Saint, Aldebaran, to Jamir to ask Aries Gold Saint Mu to repair it.

Gaiden 2: “Saga’s story” 
10: “The one of Aries” 
11: “The one who summons the underworld” 
12: “The liberator” 
13: “The just one”
After Mu refuses to repair the Leo Gold Cloth, he and Aiolia are attacked by the Titan Dimension Iapetos, who wants to test Aiolia’s powers. Mu and Iapetos face each other in battle, but they are interrupted before a winner can be determined by the appearance of Kronos’s soul. The Titan King orders Iapetos to leave and challenges Aiolia to a future fight. Before falling unconscious, Mu uses his blood to repair Aiolia’s Cloth, as he now recognizes him as a good Saint. Meanwhile, Shura discovers that the Pope is the Gemini Gold Saint, Saga. The two engage in a fight that ends with Shura falling prey to Saga’s mind-controlling technique.

Gaiden 3: “Premonition” 
14: “The giant ones” 
15: “The one with the golden fangs”
16: “The evil one” 
17: “The guide to the realm of the dead”
Gaiden 4: “Aiolos”
Hyperion sends the Giants, creatures loyal to Kronos, to attack the Sanctuary. One of them attacks the lower-ranked Saints and Aiolia comes to stop him. With his Gold Cloth repaired, Aiolia easily defeats his opponent. Meanwhile, another Giant attacks the Twelve Temples of Sanctuary and is confronted by Cancer Gold Saint Deathmask. Deathmask kills the Giant without much effort, ending the invasion of Sanctuary.

Gaiden 5: “Golden wings” 
18: “Those who act in concert” 
19: “The ancient one” 
20: “The one who inherits” 
21: “The one who stipulates destiny”
Gaiden 6: “The one who does not believe in destiny” 
Aiolia is assigned to go with his servants Lithos and Galan to find an evil spirit in the island of Crete. While searching the ruins of the ancient labyrinth, Aiolia and his servants are attacked by the spirit of King Minos, who is feeding on the souls of small children. Aiolia easily defeats Minos, saving the abducted children. In another mission, Aiolia goes to Chuang-Yan to defeat a Gorgon that had previously killed a Silver Saint. There, he meets the Silver Saint’s student, the Lynx Bronze Saint, and allows the boy to avenge his master and kill the Gorgon himself. Back at Sanctuary, Aiolia is given a third mission: to protect Virgo Gold Saint Shaka in India while he performs a ritual to destroy the evil spirits that the Titans’ presence unleashed on Earth. The Titan Dark Lightning Koios attempts to attack Shaka, but Aiolia fights him instead.

Gaiden 7: “My own sanctuary”
22: “The one who defeats destiny”
23: “The one who supports me” 
24: “The one who enters the territory of the gods”
25: “The one engraved in myth” 
Aiolia is overpowered by Koios and is forced to perform a technique that his brother and master Aiolos had forbidden. With this technique, the Photon Burst, Aiolia almost kills Koios. He is only saved by Hyperion’s intervention. As Shaka returns to the Sanctuary, Scorpio Gold Saint Milo is sent by the Pope to protect Aiolia while he recovers from the wounds acquired in battle. At this point, the ancient god Pontos, an ally of the Titans, revives the Trojan hero Hector and sends him to attack Aiolia, but Milo confronts him instead.

Gaiden 8: “Shining cut” 
26: “Those who are reborn”
27: “Those whose emblem shines”
28: “The one who cuts stars” 
29: “The one who received the sacred sword” 
Milo defeats Hector, but Pontos reveals that he was only trying to buy enough time to revive the rest of the Titans. All of the Titans, with the exception of Kronos, are thus revived and their home, the Time Labyrinth, is restored. The Titan Galaxy Kreios invades Sanctuary to free the Titan King and is confronted by Shura. During their fight, Shura is seriously injured, but, with Aiolia’s help, manages to destroy Kreios’s sword, which causes the god to retreat.

Gaiden 9: “Those of the deep” 
30: “The one who stands in the way” 
31: “The sealed one” 
32: “The one who uses lightning” 
33: “The one without wings” 
Kronos’s soul attacks Sanctuary to recover his divine weapon and free himself from Zeus’s seal. With almost all of the Gold Saints ordered to stay in their respective temples, Saga reveals that he has two personalities, one good and another evil. Although Saga’s good personality emerges to confront Kronos and nearly overpowers him, his evil side soon regains control of his body, allowing the Titan King to escape. Aiolia arrives then and fights Kronos at the Twelve Temples. Kronos attempts to absorb Aiolia’s lighting attacks to restore his body, as they possess the same type of energy as Zeus’s seal. He succeeds, but becomes vulnerable to Aiolia’s Photon Burst in the process. The female Titans then step in to protect their King.

Gaiden 10: “The one who goes fast” 
34: “The one who convicts” 
35: “The one who possesses great strength”
36: “The one who creates flow” 
37: “The one who makes it flow” 
It is revealed that Kronos has lost his memory and his real body after suffering Aiolia’s Photon Burst. The Titanesses attack Aiolia and Shura with a Hydra and return to the Time Labyrinth with their king. There, Kronos uses a giant hourglass to return the Earth to the time when he was King. Meanwhile, Aldebaran saves Shura and Aiolia and destroys the Hydra. The Titan Current Okeanos attacks Sanctuary to take back Kreios’s sword, but is met with Aiolia and Aquarius Gold Saint Camus. Camus fights Okeanos, but is unable to injure him.

38: “The one who chooses the gods” 
39: “The one who steals spirits” 
40: “The one of the iron of death”
41: “The perfumed one” 
42: “The one who creates the path of victory” 
Camus is unable to defeat Okeanos, succeeding only in weakening his weapons. Okeanos retreats, but Iapetos appears then to kidnap Lithos and make Aiolia enter the Time Labyrinth. Aiolia enters the Titans’ territory and is confronted by Hyperion. After a short fight, Hyperion sends his soldiers to attack Aiolia, but they are all killed by the Pisces Gold Saint, Aphrodite, who had been sent by Saga. Aphrodite faces a Giant, allowing Aiolia to continue and look for Lithos.

Gaiden 11: “The one who stands at the limit” 
43: “The one chosen by the gods” 
44: “The one who creates whirlwinds” 
45: “The one who pays with sacrifice” 
46: “The one who believes in the future”
47: “The one who succeeds the Cosmo” 
While Aphrodite defeats the Giant, Aiolia advances through the Time Labyrinth until he is confronted by Pontos. Pontos offers to share his power with Aiolia so that he can become powerful enough to kill the Titans, but the Leo Saint refuses. Pontos then attacks Aiolia, mutilating his right arm. With help from Galan, Aiolia recovers his arm and continues fighting Pontos. Aiolia soon becomes tired, but the Libra Gold Saint creates an illusion of himself to protect Aiolia from Pontos’s attacks. Mu then uses his powers to teleport Shura, Camus, Milo, Aldebaran and Shaka to the Time Labyrinth to assist Aiolia. With several Gold Saints in the Labyrinth, Pontos leaves, expecting the Titans to be killed by the Saints.

Gaiden 12: “The one who moves around time”
48: “The one who carries the universe” 
49: “The one who does not possess a heart”
50: “The one who knows his true form”
51: “The one who saves everything” 
Titans Iapetos and Themis transport Aiolia to a dimension containing a planet created with their Cosmo to fight him using all their might. As they overpower Aiolia, Shaka joins the fight and helps the Leo Saint. After a struggle between Shaka and Iapetos, Aiolia attacks Iapetos, his right arm charged with Galan’s Cosmo. To help her husband, Themis allows Iapetos to kill her so that he may use her as his weapon. Shocked by the events, Iapetos goes berserk and ferociously attacks Shaka and Aiolia. The Gold Saints then join forces to make Iapetos regain consciousness.

Gaiden 13: “The one who stops the tears of blood” 
52: “The one who keeps being a god” 
53: “The one who breaks bonds” 
54: “Those who fight until death” 
55: “The one who extracts souls” 
Aiolia manages to defeat Iapetos using all of his power. The Titan regains his senses, but decides to die in his planet to stay with the remains of his wife. Before dying, Iapetos gives his divine blood to Aiolia to heal him. Aiolia and Shaka return to the other Gold Saints, but they are soon confronted by Kreios. Shura stays behind to fight Kreios, who is using all of his power this time. Meanwhile, Titaness Rhea creates a giant salamander to attack the Gold Saints, causing Camus to face it.

Gaiden 14: “Those who cross swords”
56: “The one who inherits the technique” 
57: “The one who understands everything” 
58: “The one who is dead as a warrior” 
59: “The one who gives something important”
Shura manages to perform his Excalibur technique twice at the same time, cutting Kreios’s right arm. Pontos then starts draining Kreios’s energy to revive his true mistress, Gaia, but Kreios decides to give his power to Shura instead. Meanwhile, Koios has a rematch with Aiolia and this time he is able to use all his power. Koios creates a giant black star that increases his speed and absorbs all of Aiolia’s regular lightning attacks, including the Photon Burst. Aiolia is overpowered, but before he is defeated, he once again tries to perform the Photon Burst.

Gaiden 15: “The one who surpasses limits” 
60: “The one who stands up alone” 
61: “The one who transmits feelings” 
62: “The one who is called by the evil water” 
63: “The one who burns in black flames” 
Aiolia succeeds in awakening his seventh sense and defeats Koios, who reveals to the Gold Saints that Pontos and Mnemosyne are manipulating the Titans. Meanwhile, Camus stops the Salamander and realizes that something must have happened to its summoner. Sensing Koios’s Dunamis in the final moments of his life, Hyperion confronts the traitorous Mnemosyne. She unlocks his memories and, along with Pontos, reveals to him that he had been sealed with the Egyptian god Apophis and that Pontos had saved him with his divine blood. He also learns that many of the Titans had been traitors in the past Titanomachy. Hyperion then sets out to challenge the Gold Saints. Elsewhere in the Time Labyrinth, Lithos finds an amnesiac Kronos and convinces him to try to escape with her.

Gaiden 16: “The one who stands in the black smoke”
64: “The one who carries infinity” 
65: “The one who carries destruction” 
66: “The one gifted with the sound of the gods” 
67: “The one who stays until the end” 
68: “The one who does not return the spirit” 
The battle between Aiolia and Hyperion continues. Both unleash their fiercest attacks and one of Aiolia’s arms is turned to cinders by the flames at Hyperion’s command. In the end, Aiolia manages to restore that arm with the Titan’s own regenerative power and kills Hyperion. Meanwhile, Lithos and Kronos run across a strange statue during their escape. It is the Titaness Rhea who has been mysteriously petrified. As they reach a dead-end afterwards, an unknown man who calls himself their hope appears. He creates a path of levitating stones that will lead them down from the castle.

Gaiden 17: “Those who have a conversation” 
69: “The one who obeys the dark water” 
70: “The one of the black flames” 
71: “The one who never parts” 
72: “The one who bestows light” 
73: “The one who takes back darkness” 
With Hyperion defeated, Pontos appears before the Gold Saints. He revives the fallen Titan thanks to their shared Dunamis and commands him to continue to fight. Hyperion, however, manages to break free of Pontos’s control and deals himself a mortal blow that injures Pontos as well. He then ends the battle with Aiolia and dies asking the Leo Saint to protect his King and his people. At this moment, rocks start falling from the sky and Lithos and Aiolia are reunited. Kronos also joins them. Black hands surge up from Tartarus to take the amnesiac Titan King, but the Gold Saints join forces to save him. Just as they declare the war to be over, Mnemosyne liberates Kronos’s memories, following the instructions of Pontos and of the mysterious man who had previously helped Lithos escape. The Titan King regains his memories and dons his armor, the Megas Drepanon, to fight the Gold Saints.

Gaiden 18: “The one who falls from heaven”
74: “The one who reaps lives” 
75: “The one who is tied by bonds” 
76: “The one who stands in the mist” 
77: “The one who has the power of his companions”
78: “Those who stand to protect the god” 
79: “The one who asks for help to snatch the light” 
Bound by his promise to Hyperion to protect the King of the Titans, Aiolia engages Kronos in battle with the help of the other Gold Saints. Kronos’s power has reverted the flow of time on Earth, which will eventually result in its destruction, and Miko Hasegawa, Lizard Misty and Lynx Retsu investigate the strange phenomena that are occurring in Egypt. In the Time Labyrinth, the Titan King unleashes his guardian stars, the last three Giants. He accuses the Saints of believing in the false peace promoted by Zeus and Athena and offers Lithos a chance to join his side. She refuses and he restates his intentions to destroy the world and wage war on Zeus.

Gaiden 19: “The one who does not recognize the impossible” 
80: “Those who become unbreakable shield and cutting sword” 
81: “Those who never waver” 
82: “Those who stand before a legend” 
83: “The one who holds a true blade” 
The Gold Saints split up into teams of two to face the Giants: Aldebaran and Shura defeat Nefritis Hoplisma; Shaka defeats Elektron Teru while Aiolia saves his strength for Kronos; Milo and Camus eliminate Margarites Drakon. Seeing the fall of his guards, the Titan King shatters the giant hourglass that controls time, the Adamas Psammos, and changes his armor into a new, stronger form. Empowered by the words of support of his friends, Aiolia resumes his battle against Kronos.

Gaiden 20: “The one who brandishes his fist”
84: “The one of the hidden potential”
85: “The one who protects the gates” 
86: “The one who opposes a god” 
Final chapter: “The golden boy” 
Overwhelmed by Kronos’s might and speed, Aiolia begins to despair, until he finally discovers a way to attack Kronos. He asks his fellow Gold Saints to leave the Labyrinth with the Titans’ human followers, and, remembering his promise to Hyperion, offers Kronos a choice: to either return to Earth with him or to die alongside him. The Titan King chooses the latter and they each unleash their ultimate attacks. Both fall, but Kronos soon recognises Aiolia’s determination and regrets his decision. He makes a deal with Hades, who had witnessed the battle, offering his power in exchange for Aiolia’s life. With Kronos dead, mankind is saved. On Earth, Deathmask orders the Titans’ human followers to don the Black Cloths. Aiolia awakens before his brother’s grave, where he is reunited with Lithos and Galan. Elsewhere, Pontos is disappointed that his plan to gain Kronos’s power has failed, but swears that the peace the Saints have won is only temporary.