A Greek legend says that in one famous acropolis there was once a conflict between the goddess Athena and Poseidon, the god of the seas, over who will claim possession of the land Attica.
The people choose Athena after she had made an olive grow on bare rock. In her honour Athenians constructed an enormous temple of marble, originally painted in vivid colours, on a 800 meters wide rock. The Acropolis or ‘a high city’ rises 70 meters over the capital of Greece.
Though its splendour faded with the passage of time and the erosion, the temple still continues to be admired and acknowledged as one of the greatest of the world’s heritages.
It’s evening.
“It’s not as cold as before, don’t you think?” Shun’s hair swirled in the wind like fine strands of flax under the open sky in the amphitheatre . He commented quietly, turning to contemplate the Acropolis.
It’s summer. The sun is setting over Athens.
At this time of year it begins getting dark around eight o’clock, when an indigo tone starts spilling out slowly over the city. Intense golden lights are lit in Acropolis, illuminating the pillars of the Parthenon, the bar-reliefs and all the details that time had altered.
“Mister Nicole, thank you for having accompanied me…”
“It’s nothing,” answers Nicole smiling. “It’s always nice to go to the theatre.”
Nicole is seated next to Shun. He’s a pleasant, elegant man, though his black clothes seem a bit too hot to be worn on Aegean Sea during summer. With his brown hair and calm look, he is the kind of person easily marked as an ‘intellectual’.
“In fact, I invited Seiya too… but he told me he’d die of sheer boredom.”
“Taking one as him to see a classic play in a theatre would be like throwing a ticket out of the window.”
Shun smiles and his young face shines in the light the stones reflect. Even if he’s still young, he doesn’t have that childish aura around him like many boys his age do.
The two of them are seated together in the highest row of the amphitheatre.
“What do you know about Odeon?” asks Nicole.
“Not much. It was built in 161 BC and it’s a theatre that holds up to 6000 spectators with impressive acoustics.”
“You can even hear a single coin hitting the stage,” explains Nicole. “It’s also known as Odeon of Herodes Atticus to honour a roman politician who provided means for its construction. It’s been rebuilt after the World War II and now artists visit it from all over the world.”
“Seems like the Greeks’ regard for the theatre hasn’t changed during the centuries.”
“Here, going to the theatre is not the same as going to see a game of football. Classical plays, like the one today, are generally presented in open theatres – the risk of it being cancelled because of the rain is small. In Greece there are about three hundred sunny days in a year. Plays can begin only after the lights are lit when the sun sets. This is why they begin so late.”
“This plays lasts five hours…”
“The night is long!” Nicole says smiling. “All the Greeks, including the children, go to bed very late.”

In the pause between the first and the second act of the Oresteian Trilogy written by Aeschylus. Nicole where wondering what Shun, being a Japanese boy, thinks of the Greek theatre.
“It’s very interesting,” answers Shun.
“Really? Aeschylus’ plays are without a doubt marvellous but after some time they can get boring.”
Aeschylus lived in the fifth century AC and was one of the greatest tragedians. His plays are still performed, be it in their original form or like different modern interpretations.
The Oresteia is set soon after the Trojan War, the one where Odysseus, Hector and Helen played a vital role. The conflict began when Eris, the goddess of strife, threw amidst the goddesses of Olympus a golden apple for ‘the most beautiful one’. In the end even the most beautiful woman on Earth, Helen of Troy, was involved.
The title of the first act of the trilogy is ‘Agamemnon’. Here, Agamemnon, the supreme commander of Greeks and the ruler of Mycenae, offers his daughter Iphigenia as a sacrifice. The queen Clytemnestra becomes furious and invents a plan to kill Agamemnon with the help of her lover Aegisthus.
“Seiya would have fallen asleep just to hear this explanation,” Shun commented.
“Next time we should invite him to see a comedy, a popular comedy. Of the kind that children like.” Nicole had heard a lot about Seiya and he imagines him as a childish boy always ready for a joke.
After the pause, the second part started: ‘Choephoroe’.
Nine years have passed from the death of Agamemnon. His son Orestes, who had been sent as a boy to a nearby country, swore in Delphic oracle to avenge the death of his father.
The representation style is the same as in a classic theatre, actors are wearing masks and the scene effects are the same as in antiquity.
Orestes secretly enters his country to kill Aegisthus with the help of his sister, Electra, and in the end meets the real murderer of his father: his mother Clytemnestra.
She begs for her life. Orestes hesitates for an instant yet does not let slip the chance to avenge his father, like the Oracle told him.
“I gave life to a serpent!” exclaims Clytemnestra desperately.
“You have killed the one you never should have. Because of this you will be condemned to suffering that never should exist.” Orestes strikes Clytemnestra with his sword, confirming that she was not killed by her son but by herself.
The queen Clytemnestra falls dead, spraying the stage with blood. Matricide. All the eyes of the theatre are locked on the masked Orestes still clutching the sword with which he killed his mother. Word of this tremendous act will reach even Erinyes, the three goddesses of vengence, who will drive Orestes mad in the third act.
But there is something wrong with this presentation. Nicole jerks to a stand, shocked.
In a classic Greek theatre a murder cannot be openly shown to the public. It’s taboo. The scene should be implied in a narration or it should happen beyond the sight of the public. For example, a victim’s scream could be heard, but to present a crime with all its details is not allowed. Nicole knows that to break this rule in a classic play is an unimaginable thing to do in a Greek theatre and especially in Odeon. And things are becoming even stranger.
“There are two of them?” whispers Nicole incredulously.
Now there are two Orestes on the stage, both with the same mask. For how long the other has been there? Where did he come from?
The actor who played the role of Orestes is still in shock from having witnessed a murder. He has barely enough time to cry something when his double points his sword at him and, with one precise strike, cuts his head off together with his mask.
This is not acting. This is not a play anymore, is not theatre tragedy. The public that up to now enjoyed the spectacle realizes what has just happened and returns back to reality in a matter of seconds.
The false Orestes jumps from the stage, running towards the spectators and swinging his bloodied sword. Shun perceives that this mortal cosmos is directed to him. In fact the masked man is advancing fast towards the highest point of the amphitheatre.
Sparks dance along the sword’s edge in front of Shun’s eyes who is defending himself from the deadly strike with a chain that no-one present knows where it came from. Another thing that is a mystery to everyone is how a boy so thin can support all of his attacker’s force and weight.
“Who are you?” asks the false Orestes in a custom that leaves in plain sight his strong and muscular arms.
Barely detectable smell that reaches Shun’s nostrils is that of a famished beast. Shun pulls his chains a little tighter and contrary to normal logic shatters the bronze sword in front of a disbelieving audience.
The assassin doesn’t seem to be intimidated by this and starts a hand-to-hand combat. Shun is the only one who manages to follow his ultra-fast movements. Suddenly the assassin turns to the Greek Nicole, lifts him from his feet and throws him with inhuman force into a stone wall, only to then disappear in the crowd. After a second or two, not even Shun is able to tell where the attacker could be in the middle of all the confusion and general chaos.
“Where did he go?”
Shun stays alert, still in a battle stance with his chains, trying to protect Nicole. No sign can be seen of the masked Orestes who had already vanished in the darkness of the summer night in Athens.
The Will of the Gods, released in the Universe the moment of its creation, it fought against the sparks of life the Universe unlocked in its second phase and took refuge in the Stars.
Uranus, the Sky, was refuge for the Stars.
Pontus, the Ocean, was the cradle of life.
To the sound and gentle rhythm of the Time the World developed and on it people were born, they died and had their destinies determined by the Stars.
And the Stars followed their cycle for life and life followed the cycle of Stars.
Before people themselves could realize it, the ones who combined their bodieswith the “Will of the Gods” appeared. They were vessels of their Immortal Souls, they where Prophets or Gods themselves who acquired an earthly existence.
When these reincarnations of the Gods rose, they decided they were to lead the World as they saw fit, confronting and attacking one another. This was the time when warriors chosen from the constellations appeared to protect the Gods.
And there was Athena with her Saints too.
The mortal combat of the Gods for the control over the World extended into a time period too long for a human mind to comprehend.
On the battlefield, Athena was always surrounded by young warriors who came from every part of the Earth to protect her. They were youths gifted with Courage and Strength. Their fists cut through air, their kicks shattered the ground. This Saints of Hope stood up every time that Evil began to spread over Earth.
Their names, however, were lost in Time and even the Greek Mythology ignores them. They were legendary, they are forgotten… the Saints of Athena.

1. chapter: The Saints of Athena
‘Mythology’ is the systemisation of a culture and its different explanations of the birth of humanity. It’s by definition so vast that not even the most passionate epic poet could tell all the tales and it would be absolutely impossible to join them all in one book. Because of the unceasing evolution in Mythology there are different, sometimes contradicting theories and all time spent discussing or trying to unify various versions would turn into nothing more than entertaining pastime.

In the antiquity the Greeks were called Hellenes as a reference to their homeland. Even now Greece is called ‘Hellenic Republic’ every time her delegation of athletes walks in the opening march of the Olympic Games.
The name that we use has Latin roots and was initially used by strangers. In fact, the word ‘Greece’ exists only in the Italian language (Grecia) and was later translated in other languages to form new idioms like ‘Greece’ in English. This kind of confusion is more common than what we’ve imagined. The Japanese, for example, call their land ‘Nipon’ or ‘Nihon’ but not Japan (or other versions of this depending on the language) as the country is known to the rest of the world.
Mythology tells us that the World as we know it today began when Zeus called a flood to destroy humanity. He was the strongest of all the Greek gods and saw humans as a cruel, mediocre race.
Only one pair managed to escape this catastrophe: Deucalion, son of the wise titan Prometheus, he who gave the humans fire which up to then was reserved for the immortals, and Pyrrha, daughter of Pandora, the first woman who received many gifts from the gods. Their firstborn was given the name Hellen and became the legendary father of the Greek people.

The Sanctuary
The residence of the goddess Athena is not far from Athens, the greatest city in Greece, however, it cannot be found on any map known to man. It’s a sacred mountain, completely isolated from the rest of the universe, separated from our world with stars and thick layers of clouds.
Not even the most advanced and precise spy satellites would be able to find this palace, completely covered with the Higher Will of Gods and protected by divine shields that make any kind of outside intervention impossible.
This is the sanctuary and its existence surpasses all human logic and comprehension. Searching for it is the same as wanting to find a God, and to doubt its existence is just as dangerous as doubt the existence of the Creator.

Night is falling.
“Why are the stars so restless?” murmurs Yulij, rearranging her silvery hair slightly.
Her question remained unanswered. She’s alone in an astronomic observatory, a round place under the open sky on top of a mountain. The night sky resembles a planetarium, clear and full of stars as if the terrible urban pollution of Athens wouldn’t exist. On the floor under her feet there’s a delicate mosaic of a map divided on twelve parts showing the four cardinal directions.
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer…
“It’s as if the stars were falling from the Milky Way…”
Yulij is in a place of star observation. Her clothes resemble those the ancient Greeks wore: a white dress over which a scarlet tunic is worn, pinned with a brooch on her right shoulder. On her face is a mask but different from those seen in theatres and on festivals. It’s a mask of silence made only to hide any expression of human emotion.
“…again!” another star falls towards the East.
All humans are born, dies and are reincarnated based on the star patterns. A way of better understanding our world is to observe them. Not once does Yulij turn her rapt stare from the sky.
“Master Nicole could be here as well but he went to the theatre with that cute boy…”
High up on the sky a triangle could be seen. Its brilliant corners are formed by Deneb, Vega and Altair, the brightest stars in the constellations of Cygnus, Lyra and Aquila. There is a blank space on the star-map just bellow the constellation of Virgo which is trying to hide in the horizon. It is in this blank space that Yulij sees many falling stars forming a cauldron of flames.
“It’s necessary to warn Athena!” Yuuri is a cleric-assistant in the Sanctuary and this is her mission. Yuuri calls the goddess by saying her name in a loud voice.
Athena exists in a body of flesh and blood like her Saints. She’s the protector of Love and Peace on Earth and she dwells in this sacred region.
Suddenly Yulij senses a murderous entity approaching. A shiver runs down her spine as real as the feeling of a knife pressing against her neck. An enemy; and she herself is its target.
*But how? I wasn’t even aware of…* she thinks confused.
“You are a warrior cleric,” says the attacker.
“Yes, I’m Yulij of Sextant!” paralysed, she has no other choice than to talk with the stranger behind her back. “Are you aware that you have broken in the Sanctuary of Athena?”
The attacker doesn’t respond and Yulij feels even more uncertain, knowing that she asked a stupid question. No-one enters the sacred region ‘by chance’. It would be impossible to pass its spiritual barriers ‘without wanting it’.
“Who sent you?”
“Any woman that becomes a Saint has to put on a mask, hiding her femininity completely. This is a rule…”
Yuuri is more confused with every moment. A suffocated sound and her mask falls to the ground, breaking in half.
“…and this is your face.”
Yulij instinctively raised her hands to protect her face. Her opponent used this opportunity reaching with one strike at her uncovered abdomen, lifting her body and throwing it with such force against the ground that Yulij falls unconscious.
The attacker observes the mosaic on the floor with disdain and laughs with mockery.
“Ha!” the cry produces a wave of energy that is like an impact of a meteor, destroying the floor of the observatory so that the zodiacal map is disintegrated into a cloud of dust.

A kick wakes a man up from a nap so that he lands ten stairs bellow his previous position.
“Wake up, you!”
“Au, that hurt! And I had such a nice…” he then pauses. His tone of voice changes completely when he realizes who woke him.
“Ai, ai, ai…!”
“How many times do I have to kick you awake? You seem like a bunch of monkeys!” exclaims without formality a lean Japanese boy.
“Go… good evening, master Seiya!” responds the man on the stairs, shaking awake his colleagues that are still sleeping. The three of them are wearing a leather armour, the uniform of the defenders of the Sanctuary.
If he were going to school, Seiya would be in the middle school. His lihte, not even five feet five tall body doesn’t resemble in any way the mighty, muscular professional fighters. His hair form waves giving a dynamic impression and his penetrating stare carries something more than the usual energy of the young. With his clothes and the leather protection he seems ready for a bizarre feast.
“Guys! You are the night guard; you must guard the Sanctuary without sleeping!”
“Cl-clear, master! Of course!”
“So why were you sleeping?!” continues the boy. “You are incautious! Only because there was peace lately doesn’t mean that an enemy cannot appear!”
Seiya speaks with authority, like a commander instructing his team.
“And it’s because of this and other things that you will always remain ordinary soldiers!” he concludes, turning away from the group and leaving behind soldiers scared from head to toe. “I know well that this summer night is perfect for a nap!”
Seiya too is on duty, but his surveillance is a solitary one. He was really unlucky to be chosen for a night guard with this heat. In fact, it would be a lot better if he accepted Shun’s invitation. Surely he would have a good time walking through Athens. “But watching a theatre play so old? What does Andromeda find so fun about this?”
The scolding soon forgotten, Seiya yawns and calms down. The sky is full of stars.

This has always been the Sanctuary of Athena.
The Twelve Houses of the sky’s arch form a steep pathway around the rocky mountain. They are called the Houses of Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. This torturous walk leads to the Pope’s rooms and to the Temple of Athena, the most sacred of all.
Odeon stands at the feet of the mountain, side by side with other common buildings like houses or the Meridian of the Zodiac. Like in Delphi, famous for its oracle, the city raises around the sacred monument. In this same space co live different architectural styles, some separated by millennia of history. The ancient ruins proves that this place has been continually used for many eras. This is the seat of the Saints who defend the Earth.
From the oldest tales and myths on Athena, is that she was victorious in every battle against the divine fury. All the stories tell us that the goddess of battle was never defeated in her fight to protect peace. And never has the Sanctuary fallen in front of the forces of evil.

Suddenly Seiya stops in his tracks.
“What is this feeling?” An unpleasant premonition. He turns his face towards the observatory on top of the mountain.
The cries catch Seiya off guard.
“What…” Alarmed he climbs the stairs as fast as he can, jumping across four or five of them at a time. A penetrating smell of blood stops his breath for a moment. The smell is so strong it seems like it’s coming from his own mouth.
“One more rat!” says a voice coming from the shadows while the porr victims responsible for the earlier horrible cries are thrown in Pegasus’ direction.
“But these are…”
The first one has all his bones crushed. Apparently they broke under an enormous force. The second is full of tiny puncture holes, every centimetre of his body is full of needles. The last body is deformed, its skin was stripped off like skin is pilled off a pomegranate.
These are the three guards that were sleeping not long ago. Dead. Soldiers of Athena murdered in her Sanctuary!
“Who is there?” cries Pegasus Seiya in the direction of his enemies who stayed hidden in shadows up to now. Only now he manages to discern two of the attackers who dared stain the sacred region with blood.
“Agrios, the Brute Force!” presents itself the booming voice of the more than six inches and a half high giant, so tall that he covers the stars.
“Thaos, the Fast Thunderbolt!” says the other, still tall but shorter that the first.
“Darn! I’m Pallas, the Stupid Spirit!” the third voice is deafening and the most terrorizing. Seiya becomes paralysed in front of the last creature silhouetted against the sky. It’s a demon.
Pallas has unnaturally long arms and curved shoulders like those of a leper from European stories. The distorted torso is so bowed in front that his small, skeletal face is on the same height as Seiya’s belt so that the creature is forced to look upwards. The monster seems to emit a terrifying attraction of the same bizarre kind the humans are fascinated by, the same kind that attracts them to Chimera.
“What’s this cloth?” stammers Seiya.
“It’s the Adamas armour! Damnit! The armor of the great Earth protecting the Gigantes!” responds Pallas, menacingly opening his arms as long as those of a spider.
It’s a diamond armor that can also be called ‘Crystal Armor’. The armour is composed from layers of crystals of hypnotizing brilliance. Seiya sees that other two attackers are wearing the same armour.
“Gigantes?” asks the baffled boy. “Who are the Gigantes?”
Seiya’s ignorance provokes in Agrios a choleric reaction.
“Athena! And the Saints! How dare they forget the name of the Gigantes?!”
“Control yourself, Agrios.”
“But Thaos…!”
“It seems inevitable in a way,” continues the second giant. “We, the Gigantes, were imprisoned by Athena in Gigantomachy in the ancient past. Imagine the eras that passed while we wandered around our mortal prison in the void between the Earth Gaia and Tartar. It’s enough to just look at the sky. Even the North Star has changed its position from our departure. Countless astral bodies had their flames extinguished and were lost in the firmament…”
“Damn! Stop playing the poet, Thaos!” interrupts Pallas while pointing his claws at Seiya.
The monster’s fingers are absurdly long, a lot larger that those of a normal person, and every movement produces a shrill metal sound by gritting one finger against the other. The diamond armor shines in a terrifying dark red light that is making his hand look like a poisonous spider.
“You used your claws against them!” protests the boy.
“You know, the skin of a small brat is easy to rip!” responds the creature, emitting a maniacal cry. “Damn it! PUPPET CLAW!”
Seiya barely manages to evade Pallas’ attack but still scrapes his nose and cuts some of his hair.
Without any chance to recover he is almost immediately reached by Agrios who lances himself at him like a gigantic beast and throws him in the air.
“Ohhhhhh!” Seiya’s body falls to the ground with a great force. “What an incredible force, this Agrios! And to think he only brushed me…”
“I see you have stood the attack well! You seem stronger than these corpses on the ground.”
“Shut your mouth, you boaster!” responds Seiya while raising from the ground with a dispraising look. “You’re not comparing me to ordinary soldiers, are you?”
“You’re only a smartass!”
“Seiya!” Their argument is broken by a new voice rising in the night.
“Kiki! Is this you?”

A boy with short, curly hair observes the invaders with a frightened stare. He must be five years younger than Seiya. His eyebrows were shaved off, maybe with some ceremonial purpose, and on their place there is a curious, peculiar drawing.
“I came because I have sensed suspecting presence! Who are these?” His face seems to combine the originality of many peoples and it can be considered as much oriental as western. In Japanese, Kiki means ‘Honoured Demon’. Incredibly, the boy rises to the air without any support after having appeared from nothing in the air.
“Teleportation? Damn it! This dwarf is paranormal?”
“Not worth mentioning, Seiya. Use my telekinesis!” cries Kiki before his friend could say anything. In that instant some kind of case crosses the sky, surging in a sphere of light above Seiya’s head. Its brilliance makes the Gigantes cover their eyes. It’s a chest made of bronze, decorated with images of a winged horse in bass-relief. From its half open lid beams a strong light.
The attackers observe dumbfounded the apparition of an enormous statue of a winged horse, covered by a flaming cosmos of white and blue rays. A real heritage from the age of myths… A proof of the existence of the Saints. The strongest source of power on Earth.
With these words the statue gets a life of its own and neighs, answering Seiya’s call. Then it divides intro various parts that cover the boy’s body.
Head. Shoulders. Chest. Arms. Belt. Legs.
“Aah!” Agrios’ gigantic body is thrown against the mountain with such force that it almost cracks the rock. He coughs and holds his abdomen with his arms, trying not to throw up.
“It’s not possible! An invisible strike?”
“Have I not warned you, boaster?”
Not even the best fighter or martial artist, be it of karate, boxing or Muan Thai, would be able to beat me in a single assault with an adversary three times my weight.
But Seiya is different. In him reigns the will to fight for Athena. When his fist cut through the air, passing near to Agrios’ head, his movement produced a shock wave, signalling that his attack had been faster than sound.
And this proves that he’s a warrior chosen by the constellations adorning the sky.
“Ah, is it so? Is it so, brat?” Agrios rises furious, excelling forcefully. In spite of the earlier fall he is still intact. In fact, his muscles seem to have expanded and his body to have grown even more.
“You’re a Saint!”
“Seiya! My name’s Seiya, of the constellation of Pegasus.”
This is a youth of legendary power that comes from the statue of Pegasus which came from the bronze chest and divided into different parts to form impenetrable protective armour.
The wings fold expertly like a fan, covering his shoulders. The head takes form of a helmet and his body becomes a chest plate. What was before the animal’s neck places itself over Seiya’s right hand and its tail becomes a belt. Forelegs and hind legs change their form to protect his legs from toes to thigh. The stardust dispels, shimmering in the air.
The celestial armour of Seiya is ready. It’s a sacred cloth, given only to the ones chosen by Athena.
“It’s wise for you to know,” cries the boy, “that I’m VERY brave!”
The blue-white cloth of Pegasus provokes in Seiya an explosion of energy.
“What? His punches had just multiplied?” asks the beast while rays of light beam from every direciton.
Suddenly a suffocated sound interupts Seiya’s supersonic punch. It is stoped by Adamas of Thaos, the Fast Thunderbolt, who up to know has just observed the fight.
“Chill a little, Agrios!” says the second giant, stepping in front of Seiya. “You can’t understand the limitations of this attack! The multiplied punches are nothing! To me it seems as every strike moves like a snail.”
“How can he be so fast…?” Seiya is surprised and confused. Thoas was able to evade his wave of punches and could even catch his fist.
“It’s true that one should not underestimate the power of a Saint wearing his sacred Cloth!” continues Thoas, clutching the boy’s fist tighter. “I’ll show you something, brat!”
“Damn it! Analyse the situation,” provokes Pallas. “Do you think a Saint stands any chance against the three of us?”
“lala!” Seiya is surrounded.
The three Gigantes begin to emit an invisible pressure, causing even Kiki to loose his concentration and fall to the ground.
“Ai! What is this telepathy?” Without getting any answer he watches perplexed the arrival of another invader that seems to carry on his shoulder an unconscious Yulij of Sextans.
“Miss Yulij?!” Kiki recognizes the girl because of her silvery hair and the scarlet tunic of the officials of the Sanctuary, but she is unconscious and doesn’t respond to her name.
Seiya can’t understand why he wasn’t aware sooner of the presence of a fourth invader. It’s difficult to believe. Only someone who possesses a superior power could come close to a Saint without being discovered.
The new invader disappears soon after, swiftly and silently, taking Yulij with him.
“He disappeared! How?” Seiya doesn’t know what to think of this.
“Okay then. Agrios, Pallas, our diversion ends here,” Thoas tells his companions. “Have you forgotten our original objective?”
“Darn… You’re right.”
Agrios and Pallas again cover themselves in shadows and disappear in night.
Thoas remains for another moment or two.
“Seiya of Pegasus! We will let you leave if you carry our name to Athena!” he explains. “Tell her to come to Sicily if she wants the girl back. We, the Gigantes, will be there! We, the descendants of the Ancient Gods, born from the Mother Earth, imprisoned in the depths of the phantom void!”
After this the image of the last attacker merges with the darkness, disappearing completely.
“What the… Who are you…?” Seiya’s voice echoes futilely. There are no more signs of the invaders.
The boy seems to wake up from a nightmare. If it wasn’t for the guards’ corpses and the hostile smell left by the creatures, he could swear nothing of this has happened.
“Gigantes… From the depths of the phantom void…?”

The room of the Pope can be found near the entrance to the Athena’s Temple, beyond the Twelve Houses of the Zodiac. The Pope is the supreme leader of the Saints, the most important servant of Athena.
“Miss Yulij has been abducted?” Shun returned to the Sanctuary after the confusion in the theatre of the Acropolis, presenting himself immediately with the Andromeda Cloth. The sacred armour reflects rose colours, which would sooner call to mind a women’s dress then a warrior’s armour.
“lala! I was there and I couldn’t do anything!” Seiya clenches his fists, irritated to have allowed the enemies to escape. He too wears his celestial armour, which is essentially a battle uniform. The fact that the Saints are wearing their Cloths means that his is a war reunion. “Master Nicole, are you hurt?”
“I’m alright. I was just a little shocked, I didn’t expect the attack.”
Just like Seiya and Shun, Nicole too is Athena’s Saint.
The Pope’s room is encircled by Doric columns and adorned with curtains. In the middle there is a slightly raised platform covered with a carpet with the Pope’s throne on top. But there is no one sited on it.
The Pope’s position is empty. Nicole, the head official, is in charge of the Sanctuary’s administration.

Do you, the readers, know how many constellations there are on the sky? According to the astronomers there are 88.
Yet this is not an absolute number, scientifically speaking, just as there’s not a prevalent opinion about the constellations’ descriptions. In fact, the number 88 was adopted by the International Astronomical Union on its general Assembly in 1930 and is based on the model of classic astronomer Ptolemy. This ‘official’ counting contains what the ancient civilizations already knew and combines it with more recent discoveries, especially those dealing with austral constellations.
In any case, there’s no sense in using this data in telling the tale of the Cloths, a tradition rooted in the Age of the Gods.
A person becomes a Saint when he or she is chosen as the representant of a certain constellation. These warriors always fight mortal battles to protect our world from evil. When their forces are not enough the call upon the Divine Grace using their sacred armours. Because of this every Saint has his/her patron constellation, be it boreal, austral or zodiacal (theoretically, they’d be 24, 48 and 12 of every type respectively).
There are three Saint ranks. Gold, Silver and Bronze.
The Gold Saints rank the highest and are represented by the twelve Houses of the Zodiac (the astrological constellations are at the same time their signs, like Aries, Taurus and Gemini). The Silver Saints come next and after them the Bronze Saints. Bellow them are ordinary soldiers.
The Pope is responsible for the command of all of them, yet is still a Gold Saints, usually chosen by his predecessor. The Clerics can be Silver or Bronze Saints. Their responsibilities include foretelling the stars’ movements, monitoring signs of evil’s activities, registering history and transmitting the mystic secrets to the next generations.
Some believe that there are 24 Silver Saints and 48 Bronze Saints, however, with the exception of the Gold Saints, it can’t be said for certain how many warriors there are of each type. Apparently not even the Pope s knew the exact number of existing Cloths.
Not even the Sanctuary’s History, where the data is relatively new, can offer an exact response. According to a recent story, the highest possible number of sacred warriors would be 78. In some other register this number is 88. Today it’s said that the astronomers used some indirect calculation of these notes to establish the ‘official’ number of constellations though there are no proofs. What is more, there theories are contradicting: for example, we know that not long ago there was a Cerberus Saints although this constellation’s not on the ‘official’ list of the astronomers. The only thing in which all the theories agree is that never have all the Cloths been used at the same time.
On top of that we mustn’t forget the universe is not static. The celestial map is constant change: many stars burn and explode as Novas and not even the North Star remains immobile in millions or billions of years.
Every person is born and dies under destiny of the stars. The firmament and the world on which we live reflect each other. If the world changes, then so do the stars and their pattern on the sky and consequently the constellations which determine the sacred armours. So the essence of the Saints’ Cloths is changeable and they know it well.
Despite all this, the number 88 returned the original thesis about how many constellations and Saints there are. Yet in our time, in the period when our story is developed, not even half of Athena’s warriors on Earth exist.

“What Seiya is telling us could be related to the person who attacked me at the theatre and the invaders who abducted Yulij,” explains Nicole, contracting his face muscles that still hurt him a bit.
“But you are a Silver Saint, how could you be out in such a disadvantaged position?”
“Seiya, I don’t know what to say!” Nicole is still confused and embarrassed. “I’m really sorry for this and for what happened to Yulij.”
Yulij is a Bronze Cleric-Saint of proximally the same rank and power as Shun, despite her being a woman. As Seiya has shown when he attacked Agrios, the divine essence of the Saints’ fighting styles has no relation to the brute force or the muscle capacity.
“What is happening? What is the objective of our enemies?”
“At least nothing has happened to our Athena. Luckily!”
“How can you say a word like ‘luckily’ in a situation such as this, Nicole?” a gentle voice floods the room with affection and kindness.
The curtains part, revealing a figure of a young woman. It’s the goddess of war and wisdom. The eternal virgin.
Zeus, the god of skies; Poseidon, the master of seas; Hades, the ruler of the underworld. Athena, the protector of the Earth with the power comparable to that of the three supreme deities.
“Athena.” Nicole kneels in reverence that could usually be seen only a long time ago.
“We cannot talk about anything ‘good’ when the life of one of my dear Saints is in danger,” continues Athena, maintaining a straight posture.
The goddess’ feminine figure is of singular beauty. She shows the same age as Seiya and Shun, she has long brown hair that reaches her hips and wears an elegant white dress. Excluding her extraordinary beauty, she appears just like a common girl.
“Those were rushed words. Please, excuse me, Athena,” says Nicole, bowing even more.
“Don’t take it to heart. Please, raise your head.” The goddess extends with a certain authority a hand to Nicole, a man who appears much older than her and as we know this is not far from the truth.
“The Gigantes…”
“Yes, I already know…” Even her voice entrancing voice transmits a something divine, manifesting the goddess’s will in every spoken word.
“Who are these so-called Gigantes?”
“They are giants from the Greek legends, Seiya,” responds Nicole.
“Ah… legends…”
“Some day you must come with me to the library to learn the story of the creation of the sky and the earth.”
“Aaa… I don’t think I will come,” says Seiya, touching his face with a half embarrassed gesture.
“The word ‘giants’ itself derives from Gigantes,” explains Nicole with his incredible patience.
“Giants, as those from the good night stories? Okay, those who came here were big, but to say they were giants would be exaggerated.”
“Let me tell the story of the Gigantes,” continues Nicole like he were a professor. “It begins in the ancient Age of the Gods, soon after the birth of the Saints and their first fight, in the battle against Poseidon’s army who fought for the land of Attica.”
In the room only Nicole’s voice is heard while the others listen raptly.
“It was in this era that the Gigantes declared war against the Saints to dominate the Earth. These ancient evil deities were different from those Olympic, like Poseidon or Hades. They called themselves ‘Children of the Great Earth’ and were protected by the Adamas armours, material even more resistant than Orichalcum. They were beings gifted with superior force and the fight between them and the Saints reached epic proportions. Our victory had a high price and we obtained it only thanks to Athena’s presence of the battlefield itself. Almost no Saint survived.”
“I can’t imagine a battle so difficult.”
“Despite being victorious, Athena couldn’t destroy those evil beings that were divine just as her, immortal. She had no other choice so she exiled them to the depths beyond the Tartar until their diabolic essence again invades the Earth. This is the story of the Gigantomachy.”
“It’s the name of the war against the Gigantes in mythology,” responds Nicole solemnly. “According to the Greek historian Apollodorus, during the Gigantomachy Athena threw Mount Etna which is in Sicily on the Gigantes to imprison them.”
“Eh, did you say Sicily?” questions Seiya. “Athena… The Sanctuary’s invaders, those Gigantes we’re talking about, said they were taking Yulij to Sicily.”
“But I don’t understand…” the Goddess’ voice is aggravated with pain and fear of what might happen to Yulij. “Why did they not attack me directly?”
“We’re all worried for Yulij’s safety but first we must find out why the Gigantes have returned just now, they who were imprisoned from the times no one remembers.”
“We go to Sicily!” orders Athena with confidence in a solemn voice.
“Goddess, you want to go personally?! I will never allow such a thing!”
“Nicole…” her voice emits compassion. “I’m happy to see you’re worried about me yet I cannot abandon my Saints. What kind of mother would abandon her children?”
The picture of a girl referring to the Saints as her children is very poetic and shows unwavering determination to protect them. A goddess ready to fight for those she loves.
“And I’ll follow her…!” Seiya’s high tone interrupts the solemn moment. “All in all I don’t understand what these Gigantes want but I can’t stay sited here while I know perfectly well where they can be found! I’m going there!”
“Me too!” Shun agrees.
In the end, worrying for Athena’s safety, Nicole decides to take charge of the situation, using his authority of the temporary Pope.
“So the two of you will go!” and with this the mission is officially given to Seiya and Shun which accept it with enthusiasm. “The first step is to investigate the enemy forces,” adds Nicole. “Only then will we let Athena make the decision.”
“Everything is already arranged, miss,” concludes Nicole, ignoring the tentative goddess’ protest.
“I’m coooomiiiiing!” a shrill voice comes from the outside. Kiki joins the others in the Popes’ room.
“Great work, Kiki.”
“Master Nicole, so you like to abuse people?” provokes the boy in his animated tone. “Okay, Sicily is 800 kilometres from here, but it’s difficult to get twice across the Ionian Sea and the Italy peninsula!”
“You’ve already been to Sicily and returned, Kiki?”
“Of course!” Kiki winks at Seiya.
“You seem to be in perfect shape!” comments Nicole smiling. “You have enough energy even to complain…”
“Teleportation causes a great spiritual strain, especially when I’m coming and going without rest as today.”
“I asked Kiki to find us a guide,” explains Nicole.
“And I tell you that teleporting a person tires you twice over!” Kiki doesn’t stop talking, sitting himself on the floor. “NO, it tires you four times over.”
“A guide?” Seiya is now thoroughly confused.
“You need somebody to show you the way,” this response is given by a new voice. “Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean. You wouldn’t want to get lost down there, would you, Seiya?”
The newly arrived boy talks with irony in his voice, clasping Seiya’s shoulder, showing intimacy. Yet the Pegasus Saint doesn’t seem to have any idea of who this might be. The ‘stranger’ is about a third of an inch higher than him and seems two or three years older. He has a tattoo on his arm and wears torn clothes that could as well belong to a street urchin. His hair, long and with strands of silver, are combed back, making his expression seem like that of a wolf.
“Who are you?”
“Ah, ah, don’t make such a face! You’re just the same as when you were a brat, you already want to start fighting, you hothead,” he jokes with Seiya in a friendly, slightly nostalgic voice.
“When I was a brat… ? Eh, you must be Mei!”
This discovery makes Seiya, Shun and Athena take a short walk down the memory lane. The presence of a childhood friend recalls old memories that transform and light their faces. The goddess’s reincarnation, so imposing just a few seconds ago, seems to change to the girl of a few years back.
“Is it really you, Mei?”
“You haven’t changed the least, Seiya. And you, Shun, god, were you a cry-baby! And…” The youngster with the silvery hair becomes more serious when he turns to face Athena. “It’s a great pleasure to meet you again, Miss Saori.”
2. chapter: Sicily

“I can’t believe that you’re alive, Mei!” exclaims Seiya while he returns to his plane sit after getting something to drink.
They’re in the middle of the flight. This plane has no windows or sofas. The seats are made from canopy, loosely fastened to the two corners of the cabin. There’s not much space: if Seiya would be seated in front of his friends, their knees would be hitting. Speaking of furnishing, it seems more like a military vehicle that a passenger plane.
“There’s nothing to be surprised of. Are you and Shun not alive? I had more chances of surviving than you.”
“You More chances? Aiii!” cries Seiya when Mei pushes with a certain force a fist into his face.
“Be reasonable, Seiya! Has any of you defeated me in a combat?”
“That was when I was seven! You’re two years older and at that age it makes a lot of difference.”
“Ah! But you are still a brat!”
Shun can’t help but smile at Seiya’s embarrassed face. The two Saints are wearing their Cloths while the Pegasus and Andromeda boxes are being in the storage compartment at the back of the plane. It’s a tiltrator with the capacity of carrying ten passengers. Its wings have propellers and on its side there’s a ‘Graude Foundation’ inscription. In less than an hour the plane will land in Sicily.
“If I challenged you now, I’m sure I’d lose. Even to Shun who was always crying… Now you are Saints. I didn’t make it.”
“You didn’t?”
“I survived but I didn’t get the Cloth,” continues Mei. “I’m nothing more than an ordinary soldier. A dwarf star…” He glances at Shun then goes on in a surprisingly serious tone. “How many…” he asks. “How many have survived?”
“Counting you, eleven,” responds Shun in a dark mood.
“So only ten…”

At this point it’s necessary to interrupt our story with a short flashback.
The battles between Athena and other Gods for the dominion over Earth are called ‘Holy Wars’. The last war of this kind was about ten years ago when the new reincarnation of Athena descended to the Sanctuary. The goddess was only a newborn and already she had to face an attack.
The shadow of Evil claimed the Sacred Region when Saga of Gemini, one of the Gold Saints, was claimed by perverted thoughts and wanted to become the master of Earth. Obsessed with this ambition, Saga secretly assassinated the Pope of that time and then advanced to the defenceless Athena.
Fortunately, the Gold Saint of Sagittarius saved the goddess before she could become victim to the blade Saga wielded. Athena was entrusted to a man called Mitsumasa Kido who took her to Japan, gave her the name of Saori Kido and announced her his granddaughter.
Mitsumasa Kido, owner of the Graude Foundation, was one of the richest, most influential people on the world. After taking Athena under his protection, Kido offered his hundred sons his many mistresses gave birth to, asking in return that they be made Saints of the goddess and return with the holy Cloths. He had never recognized any of them as his son, treating them as orphans and after sending them to different parts of the world, he left them to their own devices.
The training methods in the martial arts of Athena surpass every absurd. Ta fail in trying to join the strongest fighters of Earth is to die. The trainees were subjected to forests full of wild animals, merciless deserts, mountains where it was agony to breath, frigid lands where the cold can kill a person in less than five minutes, volcanic islands of infernal heat and toxic gasses.
Almost all of Mitsumasa Kido’s sons died in this process, sent to hell by their own father. Only ten of them managed to complete this extreme training and chosen by the Constellations they miraculously returned with the sacred Cloths. Seiya and Shun were among the survivors.
Here’s not enough space to describe details of the conflict in the Sanctuary named ‘Saga’s Revolt’. An interested reader can find more information about it in a library that surely holds registers of there series of battles. Thirteen years passed from when the hero Aiolos met the elderly Kido, then continued with Athena’s (Saori Kido) Awakening and climaxed with Saga’s defeat when the goddess finally managed to return to the Sacred Region.
Among the most dramatic events of this period is when the ten surviving orphans found out that the granddaughter of the old Kido, which many came to hate, was in fact the goddess Athena. The goal of their father who offered them as sacrifices to make Saints of them was to protect the goddess.
Once Saori was recognized as the true Athena, Seiya and his companions managed to put their unhappy childhood behind them and, most importantly, they managed to defeat Saga and with this freed the Sanctuary from his power.
We mustn’t forget that it was thanks to the uncountable sacrifices, looses and Athena’s enormous love that the peace on Earth was preserved.

“Seya, you were sent to Greece, weren’t you? And you, Shun were sent to the… Andromeda’s Island, true?”
“And you went to Sicily.”
“Yes. But Graude Foundation called me back after my training. What did they tell you that happened to me?”
“I saw that they made a death certification with your name. Who wants to become a Saint must get a Cloth no matter the price. To escape, die or live as an anonymous soldier are the alternatives.”
“Yes, I understand,” Mei’s eyes seem to be lost in a void. “My master died in Saga’s revolt and there was no one to train me.” He pauses and breaths deeply. “In the end I remained on Sicily, serving as some kind of spy for Sanctuary. What they call a ‘field agent’.”
“The most important thing is that you’re alive, Mei. This makes me really happy.”
Empathy shared by the three boys is even deeper because of the characteristics acquired to survive their training. Even if their mothers are different, they are all brothers.
“You know of our father?” asks Shun cautiously.
“I’ve always known it. Even when I was one of the orphans of the Grado Foundation,” continues Mei with a tentative smile. “But that Miss Athena was the reincarnation of the goddess Athena, this was a surprise!” finishes with smirk.
“Yeah, we could hardly believe it!”
“Seiya, show some more respect,” says Shun with a more serious tone.
“Come on, Shun! I’m not joking; you remember just as well what a spoiled, arrogant, capricious girl she was!”
It’s true that today, Saori Kido is the perfect imagine of the great goddess Athena, a symbol of love and complete trust, yet it was not always so. When she was a child all her attention was dedicated to physical beauty which gave an impression of incredible haughtiness. The Awakening of Athena’s Will came only after her physical development. Before that Saori (who got all of Mitsumasa Kido’s love) was an object of jealousy and grudges by Seiya and other orphans.
“Weren’t you, Seiya the protagonist of that horsy-story?”
“You’re mistaken, it was Jabu! Not even if he whipped me would I feign to be a horse!”
“Jabu… I remember a boy with that name…” Mei is melancholic, eyes lowered to hands resting on his knees. Only after a long pause does he gather the courage to ask a more difficult question. “Who are the other eight who survived?”
“You don’t know?”
“I’ve never left Sicily; I know almost nothing about the Sanctuary’s Saints. I didn’t even know about you being alive until I saw you not long ago.”
In fact not many know who the Saints are. It’s a sort of military secret just as much information about the Sacred Region is. Usually soldiers of lower rank as Mei know only a low number of Saints.
Shun tells the names of the survivors one by one.
“Shiryu, Hyoga, Ikki.”
“Your brother?” asks Mei remembering that Ikki is Shun’s brother with the same mother and father although the two don’t resemble each other nor in physical aspect nor in character but are the exact opposite: while Shun is delicate and sometimes even resembles a girl, Ikki is the perfect opposite, a blunt and tough man, a great admirer of the martial arts.
Mei gets more emotional hearing the list of the remaining Saint. Little by little he remembers their faces.
“… and Jabu. All together ten.” It is Seiya that concludes the counting.
“What is his star?”
“Ah, ah.” Mei can’t contain a laugh.
“Is it not just perfect?” agrees Seiya.
“But certainly! The unicorn is an animal that only allows girls to ride him, is it not? And he was always following Saori around so that he was almost running and jumping about like a horsy.”
“And he still does it. He didn’t change a bit.”
“Nor did you two,” finishes Mei. “You managed to become Saints but you didn’t change, not even one bit!”
“The same goes for you, Mei,” confirms Shun.
“Jabu is in Algeria,” tells Seiya, “Shiryu is at the Five Old Peaks in China and Hyoga is in the East Siberia. The majority of other Saints do their duties in the same place where they trained.”
“We just didn’t manage to find out where my brother Ikki is.”
“Well, he liked to play the solitary wolf already when he was a child…”
In that moment the high placed speaker announces that they have just entered the Sicilian air space. The flight from Greece was short enough not to evoke homesickness.
Seiya and Shun ran to get their Cloths while Nicole who didn’t participate in the conversation because he was piloting the plane announces sharply: “I’m about to open the back door and lower the plane. You’ll have to jump.”
“You didn’t mean that, right?” jokes Seiya.
But things are serious.
“This is an old plane and consumes lots of fuel with each landing and take-off,” explains Nicole. “I’m afraid there’s not enough to return to the Sanctuary.”
“You’re thinking only of yourself, right Nicole? What guarantee do you have of our safety?” replies Seiya.
Maybe some readers would be surprised that a Saint like Nicole, of the constellation of Ara, is able to pilot a machine of advanced technology as Tiltrotor. Yet while the Saints of Athena are completely isolated from the ordinary world, this doesn’t mean that they ignore it. Their mission is not to protect an imaginary, fairy-tale-like universe but the planet on which we live. Saint change too just as the sky and the Earth do, evolving together.
To follow the order to jump from the plane, Seiya and Shun near the door which is open and is allowing great gusts of air in. There are about ten meters from the ground so the use of the parachutes is not necessary.
“Ready?” asks Mei, his voice almost inaudible in the midst of the cutting air. “Here I come!” and he jumps.
“May Athena protect them,” says Nicole when Seiya and Shun follow Mei, diving to the dark sea of Sicily.

If we think of the Italian Peninsula, shaped as a boot, the island of Sicily can be found some kilometres from the boot’s tip with the Strait of Messina. It’s a privileged place in the Mediterranean Sea, from its most western point it’s possible to see the African continent.
It’s the greatest island in that zone, about as big as Sergipe in Brazil. It’s triangularly shaped which earned it the name of Trinacria (island of three points). It has mild climate and fertile soil and this together with its strategic position on the European map often made it an object of different disputes and wars throughout history.
In the Antiquity Greece colonies prospered here. Decades later it was known as ‘Rome’s Granary’. After it there were barbaric invasions and it fell under the dominion of the Byzantine Empire. In the Middle Ages the Arabs who came from Africa conquered it, in the XI century the Normans, descendants of the northern Vikings, allied themselves with the Islamic forces to establish the Kingdom of Sicily that even came to reign over the south Italy.
The Sicilian throne passed through many families and monarchic traditions: Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, the French dynasty from Anjou, Spaniards from Aragon and the Habsburgs. In the XIX century Sicily joined with Naples, creating what became known as ‘The Reign of Two Sicilies’. Finally, in 1861, Sicily was joined to Italy, the country that today it is still a part off, even though its culture and history are completely independent.
Inhabited by people with different origins and speaking different languages, Sicily is a colourful and often as complex as a mosaic. Its name itself has already had various variations like Siqueria, when it was a Greek colony, or Siquillia, when the Romans reigned it. Similarly, the town Syracuse in the southeast of the island is famous for being the land of Archimedes, received different names during the course of history like Surakusai, Siragosa, Siracuza.
The Sicilian architecture is one of its strong points, a harmonic combination of Mediterranean and middle age (Byzantine, Islamic and gothic) culture and baroque style, which developed in the modern era. At the same time some places still preserve various remains of the Ancient Greece. All over the island the ruins of monuments built to honour the Olympian gods are scattered like the temples found in the vale of Agrigento together with many great theatres and arenas.
A great number of Greek myths is set in Sicily like the already mentioned Gigantomachy. For example, one legend tells us that Odysseus, one of the greatest heroes of the epic Greek poems, evaded a difficult battle with a sea monster right here, in the Strait of Messina.

“What do you think about when you hear talking about Sicily?” asks Mei. The three friends have found refuge on a small, dark island from where Met is observing the ancient theatre of Taormina. They arrived here swimming after the dangerous dive: what would be a suicide for a normal person was nothing compared to the training they had to endure to become Saints.
Seiya think for a moment then answers.
“Because of the Godfather, am I right?” jokes Mei. “The truth is that here this is taboo! Yet Sicily is much safer than the mainland, did you know that?”
Taormina is located on the eastern coast of the island, with the population of about ten thousand inhabitants. It is located on the slopes of Mount Tauro, 400 meters high with a beautiful sea view. Its natural beauty made it part of many films and the region is a world-famous tourist centre.
The urban area of Taormina is ancient and, as is custom in the European towns, narrow streets where cars cannot drive prevail. Most are paved with stones and have many small steps. The stations are practically non-existent. From the street number 114 near the sea part vehicles that carry the tourists to visit the town.
“There is a valid phrase referring to Sicily,” tells Mei. “ ‘In the lands of olives and Olympian gods, fools and geniuses are born but never true criminals.’ This is something my late master used to tell me.”
“Look… Mei, we’re not here to play tourists,” breaths Shun.
“I know.”
The Saints have been sent to Sicily after the attack on the Sanctuary although they have no idea where the attackers could be found.
“Do you know where we could find these Gigantes?”
“Shun, if I wouldn’t know, then the Sacred Region wouldn’t call me. Not a simple ordinary soldier like me.” Mei points in the direction of the theatre. Through the arches the Ionian Sea can be seen together with Taormina, separated from the coast that is extending in the direction of south-west. Beyond this incredible scene looms a mountain that has an impression of having some intense personality.
“The Mount Etna,” whispers Shun.
This is the greatest living volcano in all of Europe, with the height of 3340 meters. Because of its many eruptions and large quantities of lava the mountain is not steep. From its top a dense grey smoke is rising.
“According to the Greek legends,” explains Mei, “the Gigantes Athena locked under Etna suffer so much as to spite flames and smoke.”
“Eh, it’s so dark,” interrupts Seiya. “Shouldn’t it be already dawn?”
The sun is little more than a vague circle on the sky and the entire island is covered by some sort of dusk. Despite being in the middle of summer there is almost no one in Taormina, which seems like a ghost town.
“Etna is in a phase of intense activity, I heard it on TV,” says Mei. “The ground trembles every hour, the airport is closing because of the volcanic ashes and a lava current has already come close to a town that has declared the emergency state. This explains why this summer Taormina is deserted while usually it is an active tourist centre.”
“The population was evicted from this area?”
“Exactly. Normally it’s possible to use a car to climb Etna but the military blocked the roads.”
“lala,” complains Seiya, shaking his head. “So we’ll have to walk.”
“First, a dive in the sea, now climbing a mountain. Your summer vacation is just perfect, Seiya!” jokes Mei.
“It’s even better… We can act without holding back, without worrying about the inhabitants or the tourists.”
“If the Gigantes are back, then the first thing we have to do is to check if Athena’s sigils were broken.”
“Just as Nicole ordered.”
“According to my master,” says Mei with his sight directed to the crater, “Athena’s sigils can be found in the depths of Etna.”
“Good! Are we going?” but before Shun and Mei could answer…
“Welcome, Athena’s henchmen!”
Alerted, the boys drop into battle position. Some shadows jump from different points of the open theatre.
“And I should congratulate you for having come so quickly to your appointment with death, Pegasus!”
“Agrios!” Seiya recognizes the Gigantes he fought at the Sanctuary. And he’s not alone.
“They sent only you three? The Saints must be short in number.”
“And on top of that they sent these brats! Did mommy send you to do the shopping? Damn it…”
On the stage there stands Agrios, the brute Force, Thoas the fast Thunderbolt and Pallas, the Stupid Spirit armed with the ‘Puppet Claw’. Their Adamas Cloths reflect the menacing light of the obscured sky.
“Shun! These are the Gigantes that invaded the Sanctuary yesterday!” but Seiya is interrupted again, this time by a new presence that solidifies in the centre of the stage.
“Who is this? Argh, what a horrible smell!” Seiya instinctively covers his mouth, feeling as if he was about to throw up. The smell is like his head was forced into a bag full of rotting meat and excrements.
“Wait…!” says Shun. “My chain is reacting to this new presence…”
The chain attached to the Andromeda Cloth vibrates as if hit by a lightning.
“It’s him! The one who attacked me at the theatre!”
Shadow of the fourth Gigantes suddenly appears in the middle of a whirl of black smoke. His strong voice echoes in the arena and makes everything tremble with its force.
“My name is Encelade, The War Cry!”

“I am Encelade, the supreme priest of the Gigantes!” with this, sound waves cut through the air, hitting the ruin and causing various concentric explosions.
The incredible force of his voice throws Seiya, Shun and Mei all the way to the last stairs of the amphitheatre.
“What kind of voice is this? My body’s trembling…”
“Is he the leader of Gigantes?”
In that moment Mei gets thrown again, this time against a wall and his body falls heavily to the ground.
“Where is this oppression coming from…” he asks himself spitting a mixture of saliva and blood.
Mei, having no Cloth to protect him, is particularly vulnerable unlike Shun and Seiya who wear the strongest armour on Earth made from super-metals that no one knows now like Orichalcum, Gamanion and Star Dust.
“Where is that Athena-wench?” Encelade has a staff engraved with images of monster from unknown lands. His face is hidden behind the mask that resembles an Orc, the human eating demon. His Adamas Cloth, richly adorned, is of a yellow colour, like a dark topaz, and is long as a robe of a priest. “That lala has sent bronze Saints to attack us! Obviously she doesn’t yet believe that we, the Gigantes, have returned!”
“Eh, you can insult anyone you want, but leave Athena out of it!” Seiya can feel his blood boiling.
“Ha! An ordinary whore playing Earth’s protector! And you’re even worse, you’re her dogs! The primordial God that we honour doesn’t even recognize her class!” Encelade is obviously trying to irritate the Saint with the insults. “Athena imprisoned us in the depths of the Void… Inexcusable! Now we want revenge!” the monster continues his game of provocations: “We’ll tear her clothes and humiliate her as a mortal’s wench!”
“How dare you…” even Shun’s eyes, usually calm and serene, are filled with strong animosity.
“So the Gigantes have really returned…” says Mei, rising and wiping blood from his face. “This means Athena’s seal was broken!”
“Hoe could they break the seal of the ancient Gigantomachy?”
“What did you do to Miss Yulij?” Seiya asks glaring at the Gigantes’ supreme priest.
“That little kid?”
“Damn it! Average, average, average, average, average! The so-called protectors of Earth are nothing more than cowards worrying for a hostage? Don’t make me laugh!” Pallas the Stupid Spirit jumps in.
“She’s alive. That kid is in an underground tavern.” Encelade points to Mount Etna with his staff. “If you want to save her you’d better be quick. Being only a Bronze Saint, she’s going to die soon because she’s breathing in the toxic volcanic gasses. Of course, that would be the cause of her death if there wasn’t an eruption coming.”
Mei sees that it cannot go on like this. They have to start looking for Yulij immediately: “Seiya, Shun! Follow me!”
It’s difficult to turn their backs to Encelade after the provocations but this is a battle for another time. The boys run versus the Mount Etna, avoiding the urban area of Taormina, so swiftly that their shadows barely show on the ground. Even without powers like teleportation, the agility of the Saints and the distance they can jump are immensely superior to that of a common human.
The city is quickly left behind, making place for hills with orchards surrounded with low walls of stones and bushes.
“Don’t be in such a hurry, boys.” The three are surprised to discover the Gigantes are following them closely.
“But how?!” Shun asks himself while Thoas the Fast Thunderbolt comes after him. Pallas on the other hand attached himself to Mei.
“We haven’t finished our explanation yet… If you want to save that girl…”
“You don’t have to say it. We have to kill you, right?”
“You sure know how to speak, brat!” Agrios the Brute Force lifts with one strike an enormous piece of earth, creating a big crater.
“Now, your adversary is obviously going to be me, Pegasus!”
Seiya doesn’t wait to finish the conversation but jumps at the Gigantes. If he really needs to fight now, then it must be done quickly so he can save Miss Yuuri.
The Adamas Cloth emits a dusk-blue light. The heavy armour with spikes over its entire surface clearly points out the aggressive nature of the creature. Under the helmet crowned with horns Agrios gifts Pegasus with a malign smile. “Do come then.”
“PEGASUS RYUSEI KEN!” the Saint cry as blinding rays of light appear. It’s his most powerful attack. No adversary can withstand more than hundred punches per seconds, all with the power of Pegasus falling over his body like rain of falling stars.
“Is this all?” asks Agrios, not fazed by Pegasus’s attack. It’s more and more obvious that Gigantes possess a power equal to Saints’.
The armor of Agrios Adamas is untouched. Seiya bitterly swallows the realization that his attack had no effect. No matter how strong a body can be it can’t withstand an attack from a Saint, the essence of destruction, capable of splitting the atoms. The only way to block such an attack is to posses a power equal or superior to that of Saints. We’re talking about the interior power here called Cosmo.
“I already felt it at the Sanctuary,” stutters Seiya lifting his arms in a defensive position, “but the Cosmo of this one is even greater and more aggressive than I imagined.”
In that moment Agrios bows, breathing deeply. He presses one hand to the ground, kneeling. Seiya watches terrorized as internal explosions of power make the Gigantes’ muscles bigger than ever.
“Now see the difference in power between the Saints… and the Gigantes!” exclaims Agrios then cries: “ROCK PRESSION!”
The Gigantes runs to Seiya, kicking the terrain to give power to his impetuous attack. It hits the Saint in full who only manages a suffocated spasm.

After his return from Sicily to the Sanctuary Nicole of Ara meets Saori Kido, or better Athena, standing in the same position as she was when he parted.
“I’m grateful for your hard work,” says the goddess. “How are Seiya and the others?”
“I took them safely to the island,” answers Nicole. “They are checking the integrity of Athena’s seal inside the Mount Etna.”
“It seems the volcano is erupting and causing a lot of damage.”
“It is so, goddess.”
“Is it not too dangerous? I heard the population was evicted because of the lava and volcanic gasses.”
“The Saints of Athena fear no danger or difficulty. On top of that the Graude Foundation and the Italian army are working together. The region has been isolated in a ten kilometres radius, I’m sure there won’t be any secondary disturbances.”
“You have my gratitude, Nicole. Your acting has been swift and precise.”
“It’s the job of the temporary Pope,” he thanks, bowing before the girl. “We’ll ask Kiki to bring us further news on what’s happening in Sicily.”
“I’m sorry,” says Athena is a slightly sad voice. “I already gave other orders to Kiki.” After a brief pause she continues: ”If the Gigantes have really returned, then we have terrible enemies. It’s true that Seiya and Shun are strong Saints with many battles behind them, yet this can become a very dangerous situation…”
“I understand,” interrupts Nicole, “but I’d prefer to be consulted next time.”
“I found that I’m too sentimental,” says the goddess. “don’t want anyone to get hurt… and because of this the blood of many Saints is always spilled.”
Saori Kido may seem too emotional for a divinity but it is this the ‘Will’ of Athena.
“It’s just because you’re like this that we, the Saints, follow and protect you,” responds Nicole with deepest sincerity and loyalty.
“May the stars protect them,” prays Athena with her vast Cosmo, wishing for her adored Saints a swift and save return.

It’s not easy to explain the nature of Cosmo or what the Seventh Sense is. Words are a typical way of humans’ way of expressing themselves, while we’re talking about something completely alien to today’s humanity.
A common person essentially possesses five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. A sixth sense exists and is commonly known as intuition or the ability to feel premonitions, though only those considered as supernatural have developed this perception.
In a long-ago past all were gifted with the Seventh Sense. This was the age of the myths when there weren’t yet precise lines drawn between the gods and the humans. Although the Seventh Sense is still present today, in a pale form compared to once, in the source of life on Earth itself, the development is making humans loose this marvellous ability.
The Seventh Sense is the source of Athena’s Saints’ incredible power.
With its help the Saints master the ability to split atoms, being able to manipulate, burn and make explode the energy that is the source of life and this is why they’re so strong. Because of this incredible ability born from Cosmo, an incredible force with no peer.
On Mount Etna the plants become rarer and rarer as we progress towards the volcano’s crater. Here the earthquakes are frequent.
The black slopes are covered with ashes, gravel, little stones and rivers of solid lava.
“Now we play guards and thieves, Bronze boy.” Thoas the Fast Thunderbolt steps in front of Shun, blocking his way.
His Cloth’s Adamas is of dark malachite with inserted stones that resemble green eyes. The armour is strangely beautiful and elegant, different that the aggressive forms made of horns and spikes adorning the armour of other Gigantes. Thoas’ expression too is different from those of other Gigantes. With this long dark hair and pale skin he gives a serene expression. His eyes are framed by marked, dark eyebrows and could even be considered tranquiled. It can be said with certainty, and this goes for all Gigantes, that they don’t resemble not even a bit the giants in the pictures inspired by Greek mythology, commonly drawn as horrible demons with white hair.
“He must possess an extraordinary Cosmo,” Shun thinks, scared. The Saints rely more on their Seventh Sense than on eyes, ears, nose, skin or intuition. It’s through their Cosmo that their other sense can be used fully. “Will Seiya and Mei be alright?”
“Worried for your companions?” Thoas easily reads Shun’s thoughts, using mainly the Seventh Sense. “Such tranquillity, you, to think of others…” continues the Gigantes. “It would be better to think of your own life first.”
“Why are you provoking this conflict? Are you the ones responsible for Etna’s eruption?”
“And if we were?”
”Many people live here. War’s victims are always those who can’t defend themselves Why do you want to kill so many innocents? Do you want to conquest Earth?”
Thoas responds with another question: “Boy, are you talking about the Holy War?”
“To forget is the worst sin, Saint of Athena. You seem ready to confront us without knowing the motive.” The Gigantes laughs maliciously and begins with his torturous explanation. “Before the Gigantomachy, before we were exiled to the depths beyond the Tartar, there was Athena on Earth, Poseidon in the Seas and Hades ruled over the dead. The strongest among them was Zeus in the Skies while the rest of the gods of Olympus ruled the three worlds. Poseidon and Hades declared war on Athena uncountable times with the objective to dominate the Earth. You, the Saints, fought these enemies, calling these wars the Holy Wars.”
“The Saints have always fought against evil and corrupted wills to protect love and peace on Earth.” Shun doesn’t understand where does Thoas want to direct the conversation.
“Without a doubt, Athena is the warrior-protector of the Earth, this everyone admits. Now I ask you… what do Athena and the Saints protect?”
“All the people of Earth,” answers Shun.
“True. The people of Earth, humans.” He pauses briefly. “Fight me and kill me, boy.”
“And I will fight to kill you. We will strip flesh from one another’s bones. To survive drinking your enemy’s blood is enough. There’s no need for constructive reasons or fancy words to excuse oneself.”
“Anyway, remember that it’ll be us, the Gigantes, to win this battle,” after which Thaos launched Shun’s body into the air. The Saint falls to the ground, rolling over gravel and volcanic ashes, skidding along the slope.
“What happened?” Shun is more confused by the second. He simply wasn’t aware of Thoas’ attacking movements.
“Now you die!” Thoas hits the Saint’s neck before he could rise. In that moment a shrill metallic sound reverberates through the air and sparks fly. Thoas backs away, protecting the injury that Shun’s chain, now rotating around the Saint in a cyclone-like frenetic spiral, dealt. “This chain is an excellent defence, boy.”

A reader that knows the map of the celestial constellations must know that Andromeda, which shares a star with the Pegasus constellation on the sky map, is represented by a woman with chained hands.
The Greek legends tell us that the Ethiopian Queen Cassiopeia provoked Poseidon’s ire and he began tormenting her kingdom with seaquakes and floods. The king Cepheus at this point asked an oracle to help him find a way to calm down the powerful god of seas and the oracle told him he had to offer to the great Poseidon the princess Andromeda as a sacrifice. So Cepheus ordered the princess to be chained to the sea reef. Andromeda was saved by the hero Perseus who freed her riding his horse Pegasus. All the characters mentioned in this story were raised to the stars and transformed into constellations.

“My name is Shun… Shun of Andromeda. And not ‘boy’.”
“Ah, this explains the chain. The most fragile flowers are covered in thorns to defend themselves. Your Cloth managed to save your life.”
“I’m bound to inform you that Andromeda’s chain is not only a defence.” Shun’s interior Cosmo extends with each word. “It can travel through any dimension to attack the enemy, no matter how many light-years away he is.”
It was just this chain that blocked the heavy sword of the masked Orestes in the Acropolis. It activated when its master expands his Cosmo, breaking the barriers of space to defend him. The Saints’ Cloths are more than every-day amours made from super-metals. They are veiled by a divine mystery and possess their own life and will.
“NEBULA CHAIN!” Once thrown, the chain crawls over the volcanic ground, lifting the ashes and forming a brilliant whirl. “This is my Nebula of Andromeda,” explains Shun.
A picture of a galaxy formed in the shadows cast by the mountain amplifies its extension with a power coming from an unknown dimension.
“True, we cannot underestimate a Saint with his sacred Cloth.” Despite Shun’s demonstration of power, Thoas retain his mysteriously calm tone of voice and doesn’t move into a combat position. “It’s better this way. It’s necessary for it to be this way! Otherwise I’d had no reason to bring you to Etna… young and handsome Andromeda, show your Cosmo to Thoas the Fast Thunderbolt.”
“Must we really fight?” Like always Shun tries to find a way that doesn’t include battles.
“You kill me or I kill you.”
The Cosmos explode. Shun’s and Thoas’ Cosmos pulse fiercely ready for the battle, as does Andromeda’s chain.

After regaining her senses, Yulij of Sextans has no idea where she is. She feels confused, her head hurts a lot and she breaths with an enormous difficulty. It is as if her lungs were on fire.
“…is it gas?” Her voice is hoarse.
In fact, the interior of the cave is full of volcanic gasses with a strong sulphur odour. When she tries to raise her hands to cover had mouth, Yulij realizes her hands are chained to a rock.
Usually she’d have no problems with breaking this iron chains but her body is stiff because of the gases. Yulij looks at her surroundings, turning gradually. She doesn’t know where she is, though it certainly is some kind of cave. Even if she cannot see any torch or light source, she can see clearly deep into the cave. “Why is it not dark here?” the girl asks herself.
“Because this is the Holy Ground of the Gigantes.” The voice makes Yulij tremble with fear like if she was a common woman. She looks in the direction from where the voice came: a demon. No, a mask. Someone wearing a diabolic mask like that of an Orc. It is Encelade the War Cry with his long armor of golden shining topaz. He is observing his prisoner carefully.
“Who are you? Where are we?” Yulij forces herself to appear calm and collected, yet is thoroughly confused. Being a cleric warrior she shouldn’t be afraid of a mere mask; she can recognize and identify with precision the incredible power of her enemy.
“The same way Athena has her Sanctuary we have this grounds, protect by the will of the God of Gigantes.”
“Gigantes…?” Yulij talks with great difficulty and isn’t even sure if her pronunciation is comprehensible. Her lips are numb. Sorting through her knowledge as a cleric-assistant, she remembers that Gigantes are evil beings from an unknown place, exiled by Athena in the far-ago Gigantomachy. It’s a story of an ancient war of which there is almost no records, not even in the Sanctuary.
Again, Yulij looks around, not understanding where the soft light might come from. Is it the rock itself to shine like a luminous wall or is the air full of bright particles? In any case it is not a source of light that a human mind could comprehend. She is certainly in a sacred region but the Will which dominates it is completely different from Athena’s.
“Why am I here?” she asks coughing.
She can’t understand how the giant before her can be immune to the gas’s effects. She remembers that the mask of the cleric-warrior can neutralize toxic gasses so the Orc mask could have the same effect. Only then does Yulij realize that her mask fell in the battle in the Sanctuary. Her face is exposed without protection. For a cleric warrior being without her mask is like being naked.
“The Saints have excellent dogmas,” says Encelade, showing his ability to read Yulij’s thoughts. “The cleric-warriors wear masks to hide their femininity,” he continues, rising his staff to the girl’s chin, forcing her to look up and making her almost drown with humiliation and embarrassment. “You are a prisoner, a decoy, a bite. This will be the Saints’ grave.”
Although weakened, Yulij can’t hold back a laugh: “I’m your prisoner? What makes you think a simple Bronze cleric has such a value?”
“I didn’t say anything about your value. Yet Athena seems to think otherwise. It’s said that her spirit contorts with pain every time her protectors are injured. The fact that she sent her Saints to Etna to rescue you proves it.”
“What?!” Yulij can’t understand why Nicole would put other protectors of Athena in danger. While his attitude when dealing with Athena’s safety is calm and easy-going, he’s absolutely severe and insensible when it comes to Saints’ and Clerics’ personal needs. “This can mean two things,” she concludes. “That this situation is actually serious and that Athena has, once again, followed her kind heart.”
“Yes, your goddess’s kind heart will lead to the Saints’ deaths by the hand of the Gigantes warriors! Hahaha!” Encelade laughs horribly.
“You cannot be a Gigantes, one of the monsters that worshipped the corrupted gods of the past…” before she could finish, Yulij is hit in face with an end of the staff, bruising the inside of her mouth.
“How dare you call my god corrupted?” he says grabbing the cleric by her silvery hair. “Mind your behaviour, Athena’s slave! We’re standing before a divine presence.”
A heartbeat. Yulij manages to hear a heart beating rhythmically. Her Seventh Sense tells her that beyond this cave, in the lost voids between Gaia and Tartarus germinates a Cosmo of a power never imagined before. In an underground temple feeds an evil of unknown proportions.
“When he rises again over the Earth, we’ll have no reason to fear Athena!” Encelade seems satisfied that the cleric felt the divine presence.
“An evil god from the past…?” these are Yulij’s last words. The staff hits her with a suffocated sound. The cleric falls unconscious with her face and hair stained with blood.



Of earthquakes they are making to shake the island in frightful way, like if they were expressing accumulated hatred from the Giants under the Etna. Seiya is buried from the ash as soon as emitted that they cover the depositors of the volcano. E’ be hurled against one wall of the mountain for the impact with the body of Agrios the Brutal Force. The blood that gushes out from your head is absorbed sapidamente from the spongy ground.
“Com’ is incredible the power of the Giants.” the Knight, noticing of a leak thinks on its armor of Pegasus, to the height of the chest. “Therefore the history in which the nearly all Knights they were defeats is not one menzogna, not…”
Seiya knows that only someone in a position to burning just the Cosmos, someone that padroneggi one technical combative in grando breaking off atoms, can be able of scalfire its sacred armor, more resistant than any metal of the universe.
“I only see where six fallen, Pegasus.” Agrios, with its blue Adamas, is approached the boy, walking slowly on the ash. “If you had not blinked against the mountain, you would be crossing the Mediterranean until Africa.”
“But that esagerazione!” Seiya says, raising itself. Its face is full of soot.
“However you succeed to say foolish actions after to have received my Rock Press? They are made an impression.”
Seiya and Agrios are faced over a slippery slope, to ten meters one from the other. While no technique of fight or martial art can be delivered to this distance, for the Knights, than they move to supersonic speeds, this is the minimal space.
“useless E’!” sorride Agrios, while the two are intercrossed in air, roteando between the shock waves. “For me, this is like the puncture of one mosquito.”
In fact, also being attacked from hundred of meteors, the Giant does not have some reaction the entire time, remaining practically immovable.
“Com’ is possible!” a Adamas thinks perplexed Seiya “For how much can be resistant, does not exist null that cannot be destroyed with…”
“You cannot win to me.” he says the giant, interrupting the thoughts of the Knight. “He adapts you to the defeat, Pegasus. E’ the end!”
Once again, Agrios touches the ground with one of its hands, bending itself in order to increase the impulse. For this frightening giant, servants not to play of astuteness. Enough launch on its opponent with its hardest armor and the sovrumano weight of its body.
The ground seems to explode with being left over of Agrios, being raised an enormous ash column. Seiya does not succeed in schivarlo and and the giant seizes its feet as in a game of football American, hurling the Knight to the ground with all the weight of its body, to one soprendente speed.
“Ahh!” Seiya sputa involuntarily a blood jet, forming one species red nebbiolina in the air. Its nape piccia against the ground with a heartbeat sordo.
On nape alcanza el suelo with a tonfo sordo.
Agrios contemplates for the some second effectiveness of its blow, leaving slowly the immovable body of Seiya, with a satisfied expression in order to have completed the mission.
“It will be that I have broken all to it the boneses” it is asked, watching with Seiya depreciation, that practically it is buried in the ash, much more malridotto than when it has been launch from from the giant little it makes. The body of the young person has absorbed all the destructive energy of the armor and the impressive corporea mass of Agrios.
“I could kill it if you wanted it.” it continues, raising with a single manoil body of Seiya, already covered of the ashes that are accumulateed incessantly. “But it would not have sense to carry the Knights until the Etna. Without to mention that, if you killed it, I would have to listen to the heavy ones sermoni of Thoas and Master Encelade. Then, me you make a favor ” its voice assumes a malicious tone. “It only remains alive for an other little. After to have finished our assignment, I end to kill to you, ok ”
A light bundle is expanded fastly in the air. Agrios is overflow of surprise for soccer-meterora of Seiya, than up to now it seemed moribondo. The two enemies return in position, to a sure distance between they, while a strong wind raises ashes from the ground.
“he raves himself! You are saying things without sense… “provokes the Knight.
“Moccioso!” Agrios shakes of anger, still staggering a po’ because of the blow. “tried You the six!” its elmo of Adamas has fallen, revealing a face from the lineamenti alters and marks to you, that they contrast with its rough ways.
“you have lost the head with to the elmo, eh” Seiya continues “has just lost the patience with you!”
“E’ this the Cosmos of Pegasus” the digante seems to become account for before the time of the enormous power of the Knight.
“Not morirò in these places.” Seiya says “I raises every time that I fall. And to the fine ones I will defeat to you!”
“I have already said to You not to raise the nose too much!” a third time, Agrios places the hand on the ground, screaming, while its trasbordanti eyes of hatred aim Seiya fixedly: “It burns, my Cosmos… It burns! ROCK PRESS!”
And of new the ground it seems to explode. The two collidono in air with a heavy sound, that it places aim to the onslaught. An enormous amount of blood dyes the covered ash ground. Agrios has a deep cut on the head and geme of pain with its gutturale voice.
“a Knight never does not receive the same blow for two times.” Seiya says, intercellando with ginocchio an attempt of attack of the giant.
“Then you have avoided the Rock Press”
“my Cosmos has indicated like making to me.”
Seiya blocks for the shoulders the staggering body of Agrios. Its Cosmos provokes a gigantic outbreak, projecting the boy in a jump, nearly a flight in the sky, dragging with himself the Giant in a burning flow of blood.
“it is not possible… My enormous body? A simple Knight…!”
Wrapped from the winged aura of Pegasus, Seiya he turns in direction of the earth, making so that the enemy falls of head on the land.
“PEGASUS ROLLING CRASH!” with this, a colossal star falls from the sky. The impact makes to vibrate to the earth with a comparabile force to the crash of an asteroid, opening an enormous crater in the mountain. The shape of Seiya emerges from one gigantic ash cloud.
The Knight staggers leggermente and the ginocchio is touched. “E’ be in order little”, says between himself and himself. Seiya is in one be of excitation much large one that does not know if it is laughing or falling to behind for the fear. Aware E’ of the fact that would not have gained the battle if it had not risked its same life. To possess the ability to dominate the essence of the destruction means that every battle of a Knight against an adversary to its height is a visit to the reign of the dead women.
Seiya does not feel more the Cosmos than Agrios, much aggressive one and brutal until little time it makes.
“Dov’ Is Shun? And Mei… “still muovendosi with difficulty, part to the search of the Cosmos of its companions.

The stellar chain vibrates in the penumbra, forming one galaxy to spiral.
“This is my Nebula of Andromeda.” it repeats Shun, wrapped from one invalicabile barrier. “Hour you cannot in no way to approach to you me, neanche of a step.” it says addressing to Thoas the Fast Lightning bolt. The arm of moves of own life, raising with force ashes from the ground.
“not to say it to me.” the emergency of the giant remains imbattibile.
“If you expect to cross the chain, it remembers that you could risk the life.” Shun informs. However, Thoas nozzle still a blow express like one nozzle electrical worker. “Proteggimi, circular chain!”
The metal wheel in the air forming turbulent waves, rejecting with succeeding the folgore. Thoas withdraws, after two tried blocks to you to you from the chain.
“In this case, then…” the giant moves around to Shun to one speed many times advanced to that one of the sound, encircling the Knight with innumerevoli instantaneous images of if same. E’ impossible to follow with the eyes this supersonic movement, and in no Shun moment does not succeed to identify the true position of Thoas.
But the chain of Andromeda is immune to illusions of this type. When the giant tries launch a blow in direction of the Knight, it localizes just its position and it hits it with an outbreak that ago to raise in air all the accumulated vulcanica ash. For the jolt, the elmo of the Adamas di Thoas it falls to earth.
“You I had said that you cannot be approached me.” Shun di Andromeda is remained unharmed on the battlefield, encircled from ashes. Its “troop”, the chain, one is maintained in formation, creating star cloud.
“Then…” Thoas raises the hands to the face as soon as revealed. “You have reason to being much sure one of you. Your chain has one impressive ability.” it continues, arranging long black hats. “it does not offer truly no rubble, it serves like eyes, orecchie… and in more, it goes beyond to the five or six senses, must perceive the enemy through what you, sacred Knights, calls the Cosmos.”
“the illusions do not work against the chain.” it completes Shun. “In the measure in which the my Cosmos it increases, the chain becomes more and more able to react to any blow, for how much express is.
“I understand.” the voice of Thoas remains of a mysterious calm. “the Nebula of Andromeda is an arm that integral is defended attack that.”
“We finish this battle without sense.” Shun says, like always following its pacifist instinct. “I do not want to hurt nobody, not even if draft of an enemy.”
The giant does not believe to its orecchie:
“You cannot speak seriously. If you are making fun of yourself of me, you decidedly have a personality perversa behind that face from Miss..”
But Shun confirmation its position:
“To hurt and to kill without some reason… I do not succeed to make it!” its words are nearly a weakness declaration, something of unthinkable for a Knight who has the war like profession.
“Without reason? Humm “Thoas reflects for a moment. “Therefore, if there were the reasons, you would kill the enemy. Then you do not succeed to fight without some stimulus? Serves you a spintarella, is therefore? Your self-affirmation is based on the words of other persons ”
“… Ehm…”
“ignoring You six and mediocre one. I have nausea of all this.” its tone of voice becomes hard and dry repentinamente. “I have already said: Knights and Giants do not have need of reasons of honor or elevated missions in order to face itself until death. Servants not to say null, the fight is independent from the justice name.”
“Then we must fight in order to fight, without reason some? Like the demons or Rakshasa ”
“You too much expect a po’ to justify your actions, Andromeda. They are not interested yours complains and to your foolish actions. Full yours litania of compassion it has to me just broken.”
Shun perceives that the spirit of Thoas has strengthened itself. Like a Japanese sword that acquires splendor and beauty in the hands of a fabbro, the Cosmos of the giant becomes more and more sharp and limpid. The fabbro that factory the sword not has fear to produce instruments of dead women, neither tantomeno nutre intentions omicide while it perfects one katana. In its turn, the wars with combats between crews and shield, deprive of passions, completely unprovided of feelings.
“This is the fruit of the umiliazione to which they have been exposed.” Thoas says, with just the Cosmos in expansion, hitting insapettatamente Shun.
One wound, then two. A rigolo of blood fuoriesce hardly of the arms of Shun, but the hemorrhage is becoming serious, in the measure in which new cuts they appear on all the its body.
“C-com’ is possible? Why the invalicabile barrier of the chain does not react!”
“not to be a lot sopreso, boy.” Thoas aims the finger for Shun, making to fuoriuscire an acute flare and a flow of blood.
The Knight is attacked from shock waves, fine like pricks, launch from the hand of Thoas like projects them. The giant, the its most powerful arm and its attacks cross the body of Shun without need to touch it.
“You have said that the Chain of Andromeda defends to you from the enemy attacks based on the elevation of your Cosmos…” explains the monster, with satisfaction. “Then enough to take advantage me of the advanced Cosmos to yours, launch an attack to one advanced speed to the instinct of defense of the chain.”
Shun notices that the blood is not coagulating and is gushing out continuously from the wounds. Even a minimal cut, very small like the hole of a needle, bleeds in frightful way.
“E’ the STIGMA.” the Giant continues, following the thoughts of the Knight. “common wound is not one. A cut provoked from me richiude never.”
“But like…?!”
“it is not difficult for those who completely dominate to the flow of blood and vital energy of a human being. This technique was developed originally affinchè could offer to our every God drop of blood from the sacrifices made in its name.”
One of the simple soldiers assassinated to the Great Tempio the previous night has been killed from this attack, fatal even for the Knights, that they are of meat and boneses and they die if forgiveness a third party of just the blood from the body.
“Boy, between little minuteren morirai in means to gentle pains ‘ and piacevoli’.” a pause, and the Giant speaks then for if same “Ehi, not me piacciono these words.”
Shun falls on the ginocchia, losing the hope. Thoas is approached and it says to it, with one apparently affable voice:
“We finish this battle without sense.” The giant is itself just deceiving. Its next step is interrupted from one debola reaction of the chain.
“a Six losing bad one. Your chain has lost all the force.”
“it does not appeal to to me to fight. Truly, I dislike it.” Shun raises the ace, fixing Thoas while its hands seize the ash from earth. “and as you have said, I live tormenting to me, alive indeciso on what I make.”
The Giant perceives the Cosmos of Andromeda to grow little quickly although the boy is nearly on the point of dead women, with blood in the veins.
“But I have learned to fight.” Continuous Shun, trying to maintain firmness in the voice in spite of the weakness that dominates its body. “I must fight, ignoring the suffering that this me cause. I lottery. They are not more a complaining child.” the Knight uses all its energies in order to assume one position from combat, placing its chain.
“Then, even condemned a.morte from the Stigma, you do not admit the defeat. For less, finchè the chain exists.”
“You go, ATTACK CHAIN!” (Sukuea Chain, triangular chain)
The arm advances towards the adversary tracing a distance to zig zag, accompanied from impulses electrical workers. Thoas reacts screaming.
‘ Thunder Wave’! Sparkes fly in air. The giant completely blocks to the chain with both the hands, ignoring the electricity emanated from this.
“N-non us creed! You have stopped the chain ” Shun does not succeed to believe to what it sees.
“Then the power of attack of the able chain is this… to arrive to the enemy being broken off the space” newly, Thoas addresses to the Knight of Andromeda with a incrollabile serenity “But, also being able to catch up enemy to light years of distance, the ‘ Veloce’ Lightning bolt will not be able to never catch up Thoas to this speed. With this attack, boy mine, you have wasted anchor little more those time that remained to you.”
Thoas churns the chain, making to stagger Shun, in spite of the applied force is minimal. The blood pressure of the boy is decreasing progressively, making yes that the caused emorragica flow from the stigma begins to diminish little. The extremities of its fingers are impallidendo and formicolando, without force.
“it would just appeal to to know…” the Giant to Me seems to amuse itself with the suffering of Shun. “To the end you six fort or weak person, Andromeda? In some moments it demonstrates to the embrittlement of one Miss., in others the worthy bravura of a Knight. Moreover your spirit is unstable, of a confusionale disorder and, sincerely, incomprensibile for me.” It makes a pause like if he hoped in one answer. “the force does not have more than to speak… then I kill it, breaking off the its chain, destroying therefore its last hope.”
Thoas intercrosses the arms, assuming for before turns one position from combat.
“Hour you receive the blow more powerful than Thoas…”
Shun still has the forces in order to scream:
“Proteggimi, DEFENSIVE CHAIN!” (On-kuru Chain, circular chain)
“AVENGER SHOT!” a light bundle breaks the star cloud. The impact of the fist of Thoas, one hundred times more powerful that the attack of its fingers, destroys the Nebula. With great desperation of Shun, the chain of Andromeda falls to the ground without to react.
“Hour a six young sparrow without the wings.” the giant jokes, posizionandosi while for a last blow, sure fatal, from the moment that Shun does not have more the chain in order to defend itself.
Some second ones before delivering the final attack, Thoas perceives something of strange to its feet. Without that if of were shrewed, the become grey surface of the mountain has acquired one tenuous cover white woman. One icy feeling.
“Cos’ is this, snow at the height of summer in Sicily” it is asked astonished.
The frozen one is covering the mountain. Cold air knows them from the ground. More and more large and numerous ices crystals if they accumulate from all the parts.
“This is not an illusion.” it explains a voice, before that sbuchi the imposing shape of a blond young person, that it wears an armor white woman. Its presence emanates a icy flare over the fire mountain, hour in means to one snow storm.
“Who six you”
“Hyoga!” it is Shun that answers to the question of the giant.
“You are well, Shun” it asks, without launch the minim glanced at to the fallen companion, in how much is watching Thoas fixedly. The Giant understands from the sacred armor of the young person that draft of an other Knight of Atena.
Although the Japanese name, Hyoga has the blue eyes, in how much he is son of one Russian, Natassia, and of a Japanese, Mitsumasa Kido. E’ an other of the sons not recognized from the old one, one of the one hundred average-siblings sendes to you in various parts of the world in order to become Knights. One of the ten survivors from that mortal training them.
“They are Hyoga of the Cygnus.”
Its sacred one vestigia is a ices armor, original of eternal ghiaci the Arctic ones. It has of the wings carved in bassorilievo in the region chest strap, and a elmo with it ornaments to shape of piume. The sinuoso portamento transmits to a lightness impression, reflecting the noble air of Knight. Hyoga seems to be exited from an ancient European novel. He is not more a child but she is not neanche an adolescent. It possesses a particular light, that very rarely it is met in the young people of its age, than it confers a nobility air. Its eyes of a limpid blue are that that more famous on its ace, that it seems to be distaccato from the intimità with the others, but that al same time expresses solitudine and melancholy.
“Then it is reached the cavalry give behind… I have inasmuch as dominions the Energy of the Cold, Cisno. Interesting.”
“I must just be conversare with you” Hyoga is not interested to giving some type of explanation to the giant.
“That unpleasant… Better therefore!” Thoas decides to leave directly to the attack. “You die with to Andromeda: AVENGER SHOT!”
The blow more powerful than Thoas seems to advance on Hyoga being broken off the snow curtain, but it ends far away from the Knight and it cuts only the air.
“ices Crystals…” Thoas the Fast Lightning bolt is titubante.
“This is my KOLISO, ice the circle of the Swan. You do not notice that your legs are frozen ”
The giant does not understand as this can quickly have succeeded a lot. The ice crystal circles more and more increase man to amount hand, freezing the legs of Thoas under the Adamas. Ice crystals of the most varied shapes appear as illusions in the innevato field, at the height of summer in Sicily.
“Goodbye, Giant.”

Cos’ is the energy… or “Ki” of the cold? The temperature is an unit of measure of the molecular agitation. How much the more the agitation of molecules in a substance is intense, greater it is its temperature, and intense, at least smaller the temperature. The relation between heat and ices is like between dynamics and statics. If the combative technique that destroys the atoms is dinanica, happening through the heat, that one that their movement interrupts is one technical of immobilization, that it acts through ices.

Hyoga of the Swan is one of the little knights who dominating the technique of ices. Its powerful blow makes yes that the Cosmos of Thoas, the Fast Lightning bolt, remains caught in the field of snow and vulcaniche ashes, submitted from a perpetual sleep.
The knight time towards Shun.
“not to move to you.” he says, launch a blow in direction of the Knight of Andromeda. Its finger index touches the armor of Shun to the height of the heart, making to immediately coagulate the hemorrhage provoked from the stigma.
“I have touched to You in the vital point of the Shin Ou Ten.” Hyoga explains. “These firm hemorrhages.”
“Like six arrived here? You were not returned in the Siberia Orients them ”
“E’ be Kiki. Atena has sent it to call to me. It wanted that you helped you.”
“Atena… Miss. Saori has made this for we.”
“Kiki is resting to the feet of the volcano, exausted after many teletrasporti.”
Without doubt, to go until in Siberia and from in Sicily in a time much short one must here have exausted the child.
“We hope not to have made to exceed to Kiki its limits.” also being decidedly weakened, Shun conserve its generosity and worry for the others.
“Where they are Seiya and Mei” the Knight asks for the Swan, being already to acquaintance of the ricomparsa of Mei and the terrible return of the Giants, informed from Kiki of all the situation.
“We are we separate to you during the combat against the Giants…” Shun is raised staggering, watching the chain in order to estimate its state. While its armor of Andromeda has not been destroyed, the chain is maintained through transdimensionali energies, being recomposed completely in the case in which some ring it was broken in battle.
“I am perceiving the Cosmos of Seiya, but it is much weak one.”
“We still gather. They are taken care for Mei. impossible E’ that someone without armor succeeds to defeat one of these Giants.”
“true E’…” agrees Shun strongly, supporting the hands on the forehead, taken from one vertigo.
“you have lost much blood. You do not have to move a lot in this state. E’ better than rests to rest.”
“Not, they are to all place.”
“It goes well.” Hyoga makes a smile. “That you say of being to all place it does not mean one granchè…”
Shun points out a smile and the two Knights resume the climb on the Etna, in direction of the Cosmos of Seiya.

“I perceive the light laggiù Cosmos.” Seiya watches towards the inside of an ancient crater, currently inactive, but that for centuries, or perhaps millenia, sputato fire and smoke. The Knight of Pegasus does not succeed to understand if the energy that it perceives is of Miss. Yuuri or the Giants.
“Ops!” Seiya staggers. Sudando a lot, a cold and unpleasant sweat. “I do not understand. My body seems heavier.”
The air to this altitude is a lot rarefied, but he is not sufficient to influence a Knight.
“Merda! They are without forces.” the boy feels like if its body it were full of holes from which its Cosmos to every step gets lost that ago. Seiya does not succeed in giving explanation for its condition. Even if the fight against Agrios has been hard, does not think that it has caused serious consequences much.
A false step and the surface of the mountain seems to franare. Seiya slips and falls nearly within to the crater, but it comes saved from one insperata hand friend.
“… Mei!”
The young person raises the body of Seiya for the arm.
“You are well” the Knight asks, sincerely taken care.
“They are I that you I ask! To see your state… “Mei says, finishing with one risata.
“Cos’ you have to laugh, fool” but Seiya has lost it wants to be pecked with the friend, limiting itself to hold the broncio for some second ones. “Dov’ is that such that uses the claws, Pallas” it asks, resuming the dialogue.
“I am escaped from he. You reflect well, that a six Knight you have had one sure difficultà to defeat a giant. Tasks that a simple soldier as me it has some chance ” Mei is successful to scappare from the Giant in how much knows every centimentro of the zone. Moreover, like spy of the Great Tempio, it has learned to hide the traces of its Cosmos, for depistare its pursuer.
In this moment, not a lot far away, appears Shun and Hyoga, while they go up the mountain in direction of Seiya and Mei. The quattri finally they gather, to side of the ancient crater.
“I did not know that you were here, Hyoga…” the expression of Seiya is truly sopresa.
“they have been sent from Atena in order to help you.”
“This armor of the Swan is well on you.”
“Mei.” Hyoga nozzle hardly a glance to the brother that reincontra after many years.
“Six come of race from the Siberia? Strange that six tired… “do not joke Mei, without to obtain answer. “Ahah! Six remained still unpleasant, you. Nobody is changed here of one virgola.”
The young person gives of shoulders mimando a face that ago to laugh Seiya and Shun for a po’.
“You two were here why you have perceived the Cosmos to come from this crater” Shun asks.
“Then also you have perceived it.”
Hyoga time, in Hush, in direction of the crater, indicating a fissure between two enormous cliffs, that they seem labbra dischiuse. The quartet heads towards the opening in the cliff, coming down carefully from the fragile and friabile surface to the inside of the crater.
Spy Shun from the fissure:
“E’ much deep one. It seems to arrive until the center of the Earth.”
“the Cosmos comes from the bottom of this cavern.”
After the words of Seiya, the friends come down from the opening in the cliff, using the chain of Andromeda like one rope. When they catch up the base of the cavern, they notice to be does not encircle to you from the dusk, as us he would be himself waits for to you, after to have completely left the light of the day behind of they.
“Cos’ is this? The walls of the cavern are shining ”
Seiya and Shun go, are followed from Hyoga and, to the end of the row, from Mei. The cove is wide to sufficienza in order to open the arms, and the four succeed to catch a glimpse some meters thanks of this fantastic and inexplicable light. Tonalities that go from the red gilded one clearly to the deep one project cyclical on the intensity stone walls, varying.
“It is pulsando…”
“Task of dì, Shun!” Seiya with a terrorizzata expression answers, like if the observation of the friend had attracted some ghost.
“I have the impression to be to the inside of a living being.” Shun continues. “the chain is in tension from all this time.”
A more and more unpleasant feeling invades the young people, as is left over in direction of the bottom of the cavern, from where the Cosmos comes.
“I have the brividi to the belly, cabbages!” Seiya is complained, just in the moment in which the temperature it becomes more and more high.
“That warm. Creed that we have already walked for a pair of kilometers.”
To this depth they are all sudando a lot.
“and the odore of gas is becoming stronger.”
This tunnel will be a distance until the uterus of the Earth? The Knights have been attract you to the income of hell? Although these macabri thoughts, the quartet continue with tenacity its way towards the bottom.

The altar emanates an evil of disowned origin. A serious sound, perhaps the wind, dominates the atmosphere.
“Agrios. And even Thoas.” Urlo di Guerra whispers Encelade, in the tempio totterraneo, while the chained young person watches with disdain. “the Knights of Atena… After the ancient Gigantomachia, intralceranno the way of the Giants an other time… ”
Yuuri is frastornata, with the face topple and dirty silver hats of blood.
“I do not have null to fear in comparison with the Knights.” the Giant stutters, like if it wanted to convince if same, while it insistently sticks with its stick the hostage, that he remains immovable. “However, Atena does not have to be underrated. Finchè exists the protecting guerriera goddess of the Earth, the annoying Knights will continue proliferare and to importunarci like flies in summer. We must resuscitarlo, hour! Ours loved Brother, our Dolphin, holder of a advanced will to that one of Atena, advanced to all of of Mount Olympus… we must redeem it from the lost depths of the Afterlife.”
“Miss. Yuuri!” Seiya does not succeed to withhold urlo it, to the encounter with the Sacerdotessa Guerriera chained to the stone.
“Finally, I was tired to wait for to you, dogs of Atena.” Encelade says, with its poderosa voice, while they appear behind Seiya also Shun, Hyoga and Mei.
“That place is this…” the Knights ask themselves, confuse to you.
The tunnel from where they have come opens repentinamente in an immense cavern, much large one from being able to construct an amphitheater. One large outbreak. The volcano seems to shake with one every frequency greater time. Stallattiti is broken off and fallen from the ceiling. The cavern seems can collapse from a moment to the other. The heat is intense and soffocante, heat of the magma. One feels in the air a constant sound and alarming. It will be the wind…? It seems a provoked acute outcry from a hurricane.
“an open space much large one under the Etna Mount! And that altar… seems a tempio.” the chain of Andromeda becomes stiff. To the center of the great opening there is an enormous stone altar. The frastagliata surface emanates the same tremolante light of the corridor from which the boys are joints, dominates you from the alarming impression to be to the inside of viscere gigantic.
“Miss. Yuuri… is well” Seiya question, with great worry. Chained to the cliff for the two arms and with the head refolded, it is impossible to understand if it is alive or dead woman.
“If it is remained here all this time, in means to all this gas concentration, the risk is large.” the face of Shun expresses one sure anxiety.
“and he” Hyoga asks, indicating the masked Giant that it is seizing its malignant stick in front of the altar.
“They are Encelade Urlo di Guerra.” it says R-he who was I add clergyman.
Fixed Hyoga the enemy with its look. With a movimeto unexpected, the Knight of the Swan nozzle in direction of the giant. Its body is surrounded of snow crystals.
“DIAMOND DUST!” the ices attack picks Encelade of surprise, but although that, the poderoso Giant succeeds to neutralize the frosted energy, launch itself in its turn in direction of Hyoga. The shock wave lever in air and hits Mei and the other Knights, that they were to tens of meters of distance, hurling them against the walls of the cavern.
The attack of Encelade is the same one that we had seen to Taormina. The impact caused from the blow, similar to an outbreak, is even greater within this closed atmosphere.
“Hahahaha!” the Giant makes its risata one macabra. “many Bronze Knights Can come how much want, but nobody will succeed to arrive so much close to adds clergyman of the Giants.”
“there is something of strange.”
“What is” Seiya time towards Hyoga.
“I feel the heavy body…”
“Also you”
“Creed that all we feel it therefore.” Shun says, with a tone a lot taken care.
“I thought that it was the consequence of the fight against Agrios, but…”
“He could also be, if single you and I felt therefore, since we have faced an intense battle against the Giants. But also Hyoga is affection, than nearly it has not been attacked, nevertheless it has the same feeling.
“E’ begun in the moment in which they are salted on the Etna” reveals Hyoga “And is gotten worse after that we are it enters to you in this cavern. The energy of the Diamond Dust did not have neanche the half of its power and they are not neanche successful to resume to me.”
“I thought to feel therefore because of the esalazioni of gases… but are not this. It seems that our own force is escaping from the body.”
“they are not fight damages.” Mei says, waving the head “is not the fatigue neither the poison in the air. E’ the Cosmos that is being sucked via. The force of the Knights, the origin of all the life shapes… It would be useless to fight, we would not have the minim chance.
“Sucked? It speaks like if someone same absorbing our Cosmos… ”
“Exactly.” the voice of Encelade confirmation the theory of Mei “From the moment in which you have put the feet on the Etna, your Cosmos has been absorbed little for time. This earth finds nel protecting field of Flegra, the flames basements that proteggono we, the Giants, allo same way in which the Great Tempio it is protect give it shield of Atena.” the creature has flood knowledge of the impact of its detections on the Knights. “In this place, those who does not wear the Adamas will not never recover the inflicted damages. Every time that burnt your Cosmos, the energy is sucked from the force field. This means that, finchè the protecting shield of Flegra exists, I never will not be defeated, does not give to the 88 Knights entirety!”
“it is not possible… You mean to say that our Cosmos has been sucked to every attack that we have launch ” the Knights of Atena are perplexed.
“Also the light that illuminates these caverns must come from these flames basements.” it concludes Seiya.
“We, as soon as risvegliati, we are not in sufficient number in order to attack with the force the Great Tempio protect from Atena…” continues Encelade. “But child has been enough to rapire one in order to succeed to steal them to all its energy… With the young person, they are only four, and of the lower hierarchy… Only the Bronzes will not be sufficient in order to satiate the hunger of the God, but… While, you die!” grida the Giant, raising the malignant stick and concentrating themselves in order to free its power of destruction.
“Attention, an other shock wave arrives!” the tension from the chain of Andromeda increases more and more.
“We must attack before that the situation gets worse.” Seiya says. “E’ our only one chance of Victoria. We must attack using the speed.”
The aura of the protecting constellations, Pegasus, Andromeda and Cigno, risplende on the three young people. The stars appear in air and burn within the great cavern, in the depths of the Earth.
“It burns, The Cosmos!” Seiya posiziona in order to fight itself, freeing one species of Big Bang. When the Cosmos is expanded to the maximum, to the attainment of the Seventh Sense, emanates a miraculous force, comparabile only to the primordiale energy of the universe.
“You take this, Encelade!”
Pegasus galoppa. The chain of Andromeda is transformed in luminous electricity and the Cisgno is raised in flight.
“useless E’.”
Shun and Hyoga observe confused the attack of Seiya. The armor of Pegasus is broken off and the blood begins to gush out from the flanks of the Knight. A fist is in order to arrive with the force of a knife that cuts the thin layer of fat person.
“Mei…” Seiya falls to the ground, to pronouncing the name of its average brother.
“useless E’.” it repeats the tenebrous voice.
“Cos’ you have made! Cos’ you have made, Mei!” grida deprived of hope Shun.
Even Hyoga, than never does not lose the calm, is remained to mouth opened from the scene. Mei was, assassinating Seiya, with its hand sunk in the body of Seiya until the root of the fingers. The young person extracts the knife with an abrupt movement, making to gush out the blood with a still greater intensity.
“This cosmos…” Shun shakes of fear.
One formidable power. The Knights understand that costui he cannot be, in no hypothesis, a simple soldier who is not successful to become Knight.
Mei passes the fingers on its face, blotting itself of blood.
“Little times I have felt the cosmos much gigantic one… This will is practically…!”
Shun and Hyoga go away from Mei in a second, maintaining the distance, incapable to resist give to that incredible energy close.
“This… This is not Mei!”
Hyoga posiziona for the combat, considering itself its average brother an enemy.
“We had need of being able for the resurrezione of the great God!” grida Encelade Urlo di Guerra “From the moment that its force is colossal, we had need of an energy equivalent to that present to the creation of the Universe. With the sacrifice of a Knight we only succeed to break off I seal forged from Atena! Only with the blood of a Knight! The present vital pulsation in the warm blood! The Cosmos!” Encelade raises the hands in sign of riverenza, with the striped face from tears of commotion under the demonic mask.
“Resurrezione? Of what it is a lot speaking costui ”
“it is speaking about the God, beautiful and young Andromeda.” Thoas the Fast Lightning bolt rises from the null one in the tempio underground. And it is not alone. Also Agrios the Brutal Force is hour in front of the altar and the skeletal face of Pallas the Stupid Spirit sbuca to the entrance of the great cavern. The four Giants encircle the Knights.
“the Knights of Atena have dared to even forget the same name about the God!”
“Perbacco! We make it to remember it!”
“it is not possible!” Hyoga exclaims “We has defeated these two!”
“Haha! Thoughts that are died for therefore little? Hour you slaughter!” Agrios wrinkles the sopracciglia.
“Then they have been illusions? As we have been capacities to believe in one false Victoria ” Shun is dumbfound.
“You thought to have won without not to have verified corpses? The Knights must more learn to be recorded… “the voice to you of Thoas trasborda sarcasmo. “All the Etna is under the shield of Flegra. We, dressed with the Adamas, are protect, from the moment that your attacks were all weakened like power, without exceptions.”
“the protection of R-he who veneriamo!” I add clergyman of the Giants time and begins itself to pray on the altar. “You come to we!” its outcry of battle makes to shake all the tempio underground. “You invochiamo, last son of the Giants, been born from the union of Gaia with Tartar! Getlteman of the twenty impetuous ones, father of all the incantesimi malignant. Adored brother. Hundreds witness of snakes, black languages, flaming eyes… declares your true name!” the clergyman is in one invasato species of transe, churning continamente its terrible stick. He repeats the epite ones, ago offered to you, pronounces orations: ceremony is carrying out one.
“OooooaaaaH!” Mei begins to gemere repentinamente. Under the eyes terrorizza you of the Knights, the young person tears its same skin, with a left, private attitude of all the reason. Shun and Hyoga are paralyze you from the tip of the feet to the root of hats. A divoratore demon of men emerges gives within Mei, gemendo and grugnindo. The Orco lecca still some drops of blood from Seiya, than still slides from the fingers, and, impossessandosi of the throat and the language of Mei, declare its true name:
“my name is Typhon.”

The tenebrous voice risuona in the depths of a forgotten abyss. Flaming eyes, black languages, hundreds snake witness, father of the incantesimi malignant, getlteman of all the twenty impetuous ones: “my name is Typhon.”
The Knights are dinnanzi to the last Giant, been born from the union of the Earth with the World of the Dead men.
“hidden the ineguagliabile giant that the stars and forms densest clouds.” I add clergyman continues with its ovazioni “Dominating of the earth, R-he who will kill the sacred Knights, R-he who will destroy to Atena… ours loved and last brother.”
“Who is I” the demon with a tone from rituale asks.
“the will that guides the Giants.” they answer the others in unisono.
“Who is I”
“You six God.”
The four Giants are prostrati in front of Mei, or R-he who would have to be Mei. An intense light casts in chaotic way for the great empty space. Only with enormous difficulty, Shun and Hyoga succeed to assist to the scene.
“my eyes make me badly… I have fear… ”
“we do not have to make it risvegliare, Shun! You must not have fear of this false God and malvagio. You cannot watch it with intimoriti eyes!” Hyoga speaks with esasperazione and firmness. “It remembers that we are protect from Atena and stars. You maintain your Cosmos. If you surrender to the fear, if lasci to dominate to you, your personality will be divorata.”
The “fear” is the essence of of i. To the origins, of they were born from the fear. They were afraid persons who veneravano them, offering they sacrifices in the attempt to attenuate the fear that felt.
A divine will in its more archaic shape, knot in its origin, is incarnated in the body of Mei:
“They are Typhon.”
“Yes.” Encelade answers.
“But that fragile and ugly meat! What of has been made of mine dazzling sexual body ” the indignation of the God nozzle a botto invisibile, seeding terror waves. In order little, Shun and Hyoga do not have a blow to the heart. In this moment, even the same Giants, extremely thesis, clearly are frightened.
“loved F-brother.” Encelade says shaking “With all the respect, is remembered of the ancient Gigantomachia. Yours dazzling sexual body has been torn from Atena and your will esiliata under hard cliffs of this island.” in no moment I add clergyman pronounces the name of the God.
Therefore they were venera you of to the primordi of the world. In the same way for which directly fixing the true sembianze of the God it would make to lose the own eyes, the action to pronounce its name would make to fall the language and therefore the use of the word.
“E’ be this, I understand.” Typhon placa its ira for a moment. “But where mine finds itself dazzling sexual body” it repeats “Loved siblings. Where they have hidden the dazzling sexual body of your young brother ”
Glan! One new shock wave, powerful to the point to be audible, reduces in pieces the stick of Encelade. Pure incoherence. The words of Typhon do not have some logic. To the contrary, the God is only sfongando its anger, action of pure egoismo, making one ventata without rumble. Therefore, even the Giants, before many oppressori, much sure of himself, avoid of questionare with Typhon. For they, God is pure fear. Something to be placato.
Encelade answers, seizing with the shaking hands the tip of the destroyed stick:
“Rispettosamente… Per.primo.cosa has been your will that it has saves to us to you from the depths of the Tartar, making use of this human being like transitory body and marionette. Creed, without doubt, than this fragile meat he is for you unsatisfactory.”
“Yes. I have understood.” Mei-Typhon observes its body carefully knot “Adds clergyman” also the God does not call the Giants for name. Those who will feel just the pronounced name from he, will be dissanguati from the impazziranno orecchie and.
“Of who it is this fragile and ugly body” Continuous Typhon its incoherent speech. “I feel power lack. Lack, lack, lack. Lack… lack… lack, lack.” it repeats with an insistent and eloquent tone. “I have ordered that it was offered to me in sacrifice the blood of the Knights in order to break off seals of Atena and to go back from the depths of the ghost abyss.”
“In fact, Getlteman. They are here.” Encelade indicates in direction of the Knights.
“Yes. I understand.” the malignant eyes with the veins to vortex shape fix the young people. “These are the sacrifices dedicate to you to me.”
The look of Typhon nearly kills Shun. Putting in one extreme situation for the fear, the chain of Andromeda rilascia an acute sound like the pizzico of stiff rope of one musical instrument until the limit, on the point to fall apart itself.
“I had already understood that it was a trap… but a sacrifice…” the words of Shun are covered from the chaos of the chain.
Hyoga greenhouse the labbra, previewing that that it is in order to happen.
“Blood of Knights! For this we have kidnapped Yuuri! For this we are withdrawn until the Etna. But… Why Mei ”
The Cosmos covers the body of the Knights through the blood current. In fact, the blood of a Knight is full of this energy, the source of all the life shapes. The test of that is the history risaputa that immense amount of blood of Knight in order while still alive to bring back an armor destroyed in combat is necessary one. Also this is one ceremony, a rituale in order to insert in vestigia one new vital energy, the Cosmos, through the blood of the Knight.
“Who immolates itself as offered” the malignant flame eyes they fix the Knights. Typhon, a Mei time, is approached Shun and Hyoga, little little.
“This power is equivalent to that one of Atena. E’ the Cosmos of a God!” Shun asks.
“Yes.” Hyoga answers. “But it is of one completely different nature.”
“Hyoga…” the voice of Shun is shaking.
“I know It. I know that we are in order to die here.” Hyoga stutters with a dry tone of voice, tightening the fist, still disposed to fight.
“Who immolates itself as offered” she repeats Typhon, like if she had forgotten that that as soon as she has said, violando with facility the chain of Andromeda and the barrier of cold energy, all the defense of the two Cavaliei. With an abrupt movement, the God raises the two hands, seizing the throat of the young people.
“Firm!” manifest one young with one scettro golden to image of Nike, the goddess of the Victoria, breaking off the walls of the great empty basement of the depths of the Etna. Typhon nozzle a glance to the young person that comes down from the air.
“the last one of the Giants, getlteman of all the twenty curses. I will not allow that you it still hits my Knights.”
“You, woman immondizia.” Typhon is forehead to forehead with the goddess that a lot hates.
In the moment in which the two divinity they pronounce their names, one with the other, explodes their present spirits in the words. Typhon and Atena become luminous and begin to spark. An energy equivalent to a collision between galaxies covers all with one dimming mass. The will of of the collidono to the inside of the cove. The six senses, when exposed to the divinity, are incapable and unusable. It remains are the Cosmos, the only thing that conserve the identity characterizes them of everyone of the present beings.
“Miss. Saori…!”
“Shun, Hyoga, been well”
Saori Kido, the goddess Atena, remains serene in means to the flare. Then it is knelt down silently putting down its comforting hand on Seiya. The hemorrhage is blocked miraculously.
“Well.” Atena sighs raised after is assessed that the Knight is alive.
“Absurd!” the voice of Encelade Urlo di Guerra shaking sound and weak person “As it has made Atena teletrasportarsi from the Great Tempio end here? This cannot never happen! The Etna Mount is protect from the shield of flames basements!”
“It has reason.” it agrees Agrios.
“Anyone is, if a Adamas does not wear, it could not cross the space and never catch up this tempio underground.” it completes Thoas.
“, but only if they were Knights.” Encelade is irritateed for the reasonings limits you of the other giants “This child, Atena, is one divinity, like our getlteman!”
In this moment, the Giant poderosi are dominate you from the power of Atena, than to the eyes of anyone sembrerrebbe a human being whichever.
“This fear… totally we are frightened from this mocciosa, although features of something completely different from what we feel for our God!”
“I have understood.” Typhon says. The God of the Giants, under the sembianze of Mei, is completely knot. Under hats, black hour of a deep one, the creature nozzle fire from its malignant look. “a fissure has opened in the flame barrier basements under my protection. Hour I have understood. Eì be the force of Atena.”
“Typhon…” Atena the tip against the scettro of Nike. “the vibrations of your Cosmos make to shake the ground and, with to the twenty incorrect ones, they have crossed the seas, travelling from the Sicily until the Great Tempio in Greece.”
“I understand. E’ be therefore also in the ancient Gigantomachia. You come to meet your destiny in the fields of dead women.”
“It removes to you from this body…” orders the goddess “Removes to you from Mei.”
“I understand. Atena is present in this was in its complete shape. And what is some of me? This is not that one marionette. I would be in disadvantage within this fragile human body moreover, is a terribly ugly body… ”
Dialogue possibility does not exist. Typhon is limited to say what it comes to it in mind, without to admit any negotiation. Ignoring the order of Atena, the God of the Giants calmly knows them on the scalini of the altar.
“I add clergyman.”
“S-yes, my Getlteman.” Encelade is knelt down.
“Where finds mine dazzling sexual body? Dov’ is is the offered ones ”
“Well, it is here, in front of you.” the giant indicates in direction of Yuuri, still chained and svenuta.
“I understand.” once again, Typhon places its hands in attack position.
“Firm!” and once again Atena grida in order to prevent the sacrifice.
“You expect to attack to me with this scettro of gold” Typhon asks, without to watch it.
The God of the Giants knows that Atena will not make it. Its will the permete not to hurt one of its protected ones. And this fragile body belongs to Mei.
“That that you have p the body of one of yours loved Knights.” the face of Typhon contorce in a funeral smile. If it were not for hats, that they are becomes to you from silver to black, would be just the face of Mei. “If me attacks with the scettro, the body of morirà Mei. If six indecisa, this child mails in morirà sacrifice. Any is the decision that you will take… Com’ is pathetic the will of Atena!” the arms of Mei, than hour they are of Typhon, are churned in air.
Then: blood.
“You offer blood to me!”
“But what!” Shun, Hyoga and Atena do not even believe to what they see.
The armors of Adamas are in fragments. The body knot of Mei, than hour it is Typhon, is bathed of blood.
“I feel lack.”

Agrios and Thoas have of the convulsions, in feet, after that their armors of Adamas have been crushed. Mei, than hour it is Typhon, has perforated with its irrobustiti fists the abdomen of the two Giants, having hit their visceri with vigor. Their maciullati organs are exposed and expelled from their center to cause to the internal pressure of the organism, in order to scatter itself finally to the ground. The two fall and the blood of their wounds comes sucked from the pavement of the tempio underground.
A botto ago to vibrate the enormous cavern. The barrier of Flegra pulsa with a new colossal flow of the Cosmoses.
“I feel lack.” prehead still Typhon, from the depths of the infernal abyss.
Encelade curve to the words of the God. Also sinking in the pool formed from the own organs, with the faces it disfigures to you from the pain, Agrios and Thoas prays Typhon.
“That the sacrifice is made. The little force that I possess hour is not sufficient in order to defeat Athena. You offer to me all what you can. You pull to me outside from the depths of the empty one. You offer yourselves to me.” Typhon inpone with the terror.
The Giants, the already condemned, gives to a last test of loyalty, burning their Cosmos in the moment finishes them of their screw, in offer to the God. The Cosmoses of Agrios the Brutal Force and Thoas the Fast Lightning bolt are divorati from Mei, hour Typhon.
“I add clergyman…” continues the impetuous God. “You offer your sexual body to me of my older brother. The fiammante Cosmos of my siblings will be able to break within this fragile body of being human.”
“As the getlteman wishes.” Encelade does not hesitate, completely dominated from the “fear”.
“You offer yourself to me!” Typhon nozzle a beam in direction of I add clergyman of the Giants. Encelade Urlo di Guerra totally grants with the spirit cancelled from the words of the God, becoming literally fantaccio with one a demonic mask: confused look, postura indecisa.
A wind overflow of catti omens provokes fear to you in the Knights. One folgore diparte from the fragile body of Mei, forming itself a flaming aura that is separated from the human figure. Typhon: semantic origin from “typhoon”: getlteman of all the twenty curses.
“Typhon.” voice says one.
The divine will of the Giants firm to half covered, before being transferred in the body of Encelade.
“Who pronounces my name”
“They are I.”
“Mei!” grida Atena.
Up to now a fantoccio of Typhon, Mei endures an obvious transformation. Its hats recover the silver color, the brillio torvo and flaming it leaves its look and the labbra they transmit the words of the will of which they would have to be.
“Mei” Atena is like a human, between the desperation and the joy to verify that Mei is just the same one that is here.
“You must make it. It breaks my body with this scettro and trafiggi with me the cursed God.” supplica Mei, fighting in order to maintain the control on its words.
“not to think it two times! This is the only moment in order to make it… Soon, before that Typhon you abandon of the all this body. You… the six true Atena, it is not therefore ” it is the Cosmos of Mei that supplica the protecting guerriera of the Earth, a voice broken from the pain, a life thread that can get lost anytime.
“I understand. When I have begun the process of transfer in the body of my brother, the human spirit of this body has been revealed, exceeding the limits of the domination sets up from my will.”
“I am not one marionette, Typhon! I am Mei, a Knight of Atena…
“However, it was thanks to your frivolous presence dinnanzi to me when still I was sealed, fragile human, than a minimal fragment of me he can rise today to the day.
“You close the mouth!” Mei seizes the own shoulders with the spotted hands of blood, trying to prevent that the will of Typhon completely scappi. The God, vibrating to the inside of the folgore, partially free, time towards Atena.
“you want to attack to Me with this scettro of gold”
“All the one which you make it is to diffuse terror like one driven crazy storm.” the voice of Atena returns to play alters like that one of one advanced goddess “Not six to one famelica demonic beast. What you could today want once revived to the day? A will perversa as yours it would be only satisfied destroying to all the Earth and after, in order to end, destroying if same!”
“Where the dwelling of the Giants is found, than me venerano and me proteggono” asks Typhon “Where will be able to be established in peace, Giant we? I want to say, we have only the prison in empty between Gaia and Tartaro, from which the light it cannot scappare? You, meretrice ordinary! That the protecting one of the Earth considers you!” the will of Typhon gets confused with that one of the Giants sacrifices to you, creating a chaos in its Cosmos.
A shadow sfreccia flying. Claws cut the meat.
“Perbacco!” Pallas the Stupid Spirit, than fin’ hour was remained hidden, tears with sudden start the flanks of Mei. The blood diffuses like one mud pool, sliding on the land. The body of the young person contorce with pain.
In the same moment, the will of tipsy, radiating Typhon, moving itself in the body of Encelade. The God obtains for himself the energy of the Giants, with to all fragments of the Cosmos accumulates from the shield of Flegra, creating therefore a light vortex to you. The demonic mask of Encelade falls from its face, crushing itself to the ground. Its sacerdotal garment is reduced in powder, dissolving itself in the air. To its place, tearing the skin from the inside to the outside, rises one new armor of Adamas, equipped of one lucentezza onyx never seen before.
The God is hour in a poderoso body. The getlteman of the Giants, divoratore of human sacrifices and master of twenty from the bad ones you omens, finally reveals itself. The new image of Typhon is completely asymmetric. The skillful side burns with infinite flames. On the left side, a wind blows without trajectory. The colors of the eyes, hats, the pella, the same shape of the Adamas, all one imaginary vertical line passing from the center of the body is diametrically opposite beginning from.
The new Typhon is sure beautiful. Its physical figure and its voice are beautiful, therefore as the flames that burn from the iride with the skillful eye. Lightnings white man-blueta are emitted from every poro of its skin the left side.
“Atena. You justify always your battles with the self-affirmation that are for ‘ giustizia’, hiding your slaughters with the justification of the ‘ wars sante’.” the God of the Giants knows that Atena and its Knights have always a moral conflict in front of the contradiction to fight with violence to the aim protect the love and the peace on the Earth.
“Taci.” Atena is felt importunata, but it maintains a postura knits. “and for case the Giants have some principle of ‘ giustizia’ to the height of my will”
“Six in error. The point is not this on which we must ourselves be confronted. Peggior the crime that exists is to relegate the facts to the forgetfulness. Atena, will not be that six forgotten even the reason to you for which we have fought? The battle between the Giants and the Humans. In the case in which you of pits forgotten, I want to refresh the memory to you. This is not one Saint War: it is one Gigantomachia, one fight against giants.” the words of Typhon catch up Atena like a beam, risvegliando its memory. “This is the primitiva battle, primordiale of the disputes. E’ the Fight for the Survival. Nobody can prevent it.” proclama the God of the Giants. “and you, Mei, fragile marionette, already six mine.”
Typhon opens the two arms widely. Mei does not succeed to move, seriously hurt from the claws of Pallas.
“You divorerò just here.” the voice of Typhon echoes alarming. But, in the levano moment in which the its fists of fire and wind infausto, Atena gold nozzle its scettro. Over the head of Mei, the cosmoses of the two divinity meet. The attacks are cancel to you, reducing itself to vicissitude to the minimal level.
From the empty space coffer adorned with stars of the firmament emerges one. It is not of gold, neither of silver and not even of bronze; it is simply black like the night.
Typhon tries to remember one ancient memory.
“Which between the 88 constellations it is symbolized from these reliefs” it is asked reflecting.
“You I say, Typhon.” Mei recovers the voice miraculously. “they are not one marionette. They are a Knight of Atena!”
With this, the coffer opens to half air, revealing one shining armor, that the light from the vicinities sucks within of himself all. The effige of the constellation of Mei it begins to take shape: one woman, of side. Its long hats wave with a short flashing that remembers the image of a shining painting. The figure all black one is decomposed, being recomposed therefore on the body knot of Mei.
Typhon finally succeeds to draw the memory of the name of the constellation, that it was remained sealed with to its will sin from the immemori times:
“Six you, Knight of the Chioma di Berenice.”
Mei flake an uncovered attack directed to mento of Typhon, launch behind with force the God of the Giants. Typhon sputa blood. Its powerful jaw is cracked in means.
“I… Knight of Atena… “realizes Mei little, using those that he remains it of its Cosmos. E’ a short moment of happiness, before falling in ahead, exausted, losing the senses.
“In fact, I admit that I have not recovered totally my forces.” mormora Typhon, touching itself the mento with a taken care air. Therefore nozzle its hand towards the ground, hitting with vigor the pavement, than is fallen apart in two. It washes zampilla exp


“I will tell the history to You of Mei.”
To the Great Tempio, Nicole exposes the facts to Shun, Hyoga, Seiya and Kiki.
“E’ be little before the ‘ Revolt of Saga’.”Mei begins” was in training in Sicily, when, at least for how much of it I know, its master I ordered a final test in order to conquer the qualification of Knight.”
“Ehi!” it interrupts Seiya “You mean to say that, in the period in which we are becomes to you Knights, also Mei was in the final stage of the training” the Knight of Pegasus has not still completely resumed itself from the wounds on the flanks.
“Mei has said that it had lost the right to become Knight when its master died in ‘ Revolt of Saga’…” says Shun.
“Creed that was mentendo.” Nicole answers, with sadness “Mei was a marionette of Typhon already in the first moments in which it has appeared in front of we. Apparently, it has begun to work like informer of the Great Tempio after the Revolt of Saga. To the age, it was one of the many simple soldiers and I did not know it personally. E’ only a lot recently, like coordinator of the secret agents, that I have known that was found in Sicily.
“But in what such test consisted”
“To succeed to obtain, with the own forces, the test of being Knight.”
“You mean the armor”
“It had one sacred vestigia sealed with to the Giants in those tempio underground in the Etna Mount.”
“Usti, from the age of the ancient Gigantomachia”
“Then the armor of the constellation chioma-that-that-the it is was without owner”
“E’ that that is written in the historical books of the Sanctuary. Like you sapete, least persons have the permission for redarre and consulting these books. Beyond Atena and the Great Clergyman, solo some Chierici. Currently, I and Yuuri are.”
The chierica Yuuri member of the women’s army auxiliary corps, saved with to Seiya from Atena, finds in the UTI (Unity Theraphy Intensive) of a hospital of the Foundation Degree. E’ alive, in spite of one cranial fracture, thanks to the protection of its constellation female saint.
“I did not know that this armor existed… How it made to know it the master of Mei?”Seiya asks.
“Therefore, the master of Mei…” firm Nicole for a moment, for the fear to continue “… was one of the Knights corrupts that formed an alliance to Saga of the Binoculars with the intention to eliminate Atena. Therefore, it is probable that he wanted that its disciple only became a Knight in order to help it in the fight against Atena.”
“Then he has sense.” he comprises Seiya “In that period, Saga occupied loads with Great Clergyman of the Great Tempio, that he explains as it was to acquaintance of this sealed armor.”
“Saga had need of force in order to face Atena.”it continues Nicole”From the moment that was dominated from will malvage, it had power silks uncontrollable. For this, violato one of the more hidden secrets of the Great Tempio, smashed the prohibition and it tried of rimpere I seal of the armor guarded in the underground Tempio.”
“Mei was to acquaintance this” Shun asks.
“Mei did not have the minimal idea of the intentions of its master or its relation with Saga. Sure it thought in good faith that it was be a matter of its final test in order to become Knight. But, after successful being to enter in the tempio underground, Mei has been dominated from the will of Typhon, enduring a species of partial cerebral washing…”Nicole makes an other pause” That that is happened later on is one my supposizione. Creed that Typhon has brought back while still alive the Giant guerrieri through Mei. In truth, the masked Oreste that I has attacked and Shun in the theatre of the Acropoli were Mei, than sbito after it must have invaded the Sanctuary for rapire Yuuri.”
“Then that one was Mei…”
Seiya and Shun clearly remember the shape of the “enemy” and its odore of wild animal.
“Nobody could have imagined that Typhon had tried to use the blood of the Knights like sacrifice.” Nicole explains “Or that same accumulateing the Cosmos through the force field, to the aim to store sufficient force in order to break off the siglillo of Atena.”
“Cos’ was that sacred one vestigia that Mei has worn” ask Hyoga, that it is remained zitto up to now. And, noticing that Nicole hesitates to answer: “Greater Chierico. Based on that you have said, that black one vestigia seems to be much special one.”
“On this argument… of it Atena will speak, or soon late.” Nicole with a mysterious tone declares.
“Ah, than coldness!” Seiya exclaims “Is already ten days that Typhon is scomparso in that eruption. The thing has been much terrible one that the Etna is even jumped in air. We are resolutions to escape from lì only why Atena has saves to us to you, and… ”
“the wounded do not have themselves to be churned, Seiya.”
Fortunately, the enormous outbreak does not have mietuto many victims, from the moment that the population already had been evacuated from the area, only catching up the crew of the Army that patrolled the region. The vulcaniche ash cloud has arrived until the stratosphere and even covers the sky of Greece.
“the million life persons is in danger.” Shun argues “If this tragedy is fruit of the power of Typhon, nobody knows that that it will be able to make in fututo.”
“Lend attention.” Nicole assumes a more serious expression that never “the battle against the Giants that is in order to begin has meant completely different from all others that you have already faced. First of all, who is the Giants? In these days that we have passed, I have tried to find the answer in the historical books. I have uncovered that, before that the Giants were esiliati in the depths of empty between the Earth and the World of the Dead men, Atena reigned already on the Earth, Poseidon on the seas and Hades on hell. Under the leadership of Zeus in skies, of they dominated the three worlds. Poseidon and Hades were engaged in innumerevoli wars against Atena, in order to conquer the Earth. We Knights have fought in many and many Saint Wars in order to defend the love and the peace on the Earth, being held it far from the will malvage and corrupts.
“Getlteman…” intromette Shun “One of the Giants has said the same thing exactly to me. He has questionato on that the Knights of Atena defend.”
“Which it was your answer, Shun”
“the innocent persons.”
“Exactly. The human beings.”
“But the Giants… are not human” Shun, Hyoga and Seiya are without words.
“In past, a powerful species existed on the Earth that, like the men, has conquered the fire and has eaten the fruit of the acquaintance. It was a poderosa civilization, therefore like of that veneravano.”
“They were the Giants”
“the humans and the Giants are razze hostile to the point that never cannot coexist. The test of this is that human we have always represented the giants in our myths like monstrous and diabolic figures.”
“For this the primitiva battle…”
“E’ the fight for the existence, the battle of every species for its permanence.” This emphasizes Nicole “will not be one Saint War. Nobody will be able to prevent it. That that is in order to begin is a fight that will not deserve of being told in the history. The combat more low and wretch who can exist, one mere fight of died for the life.”
In it knows it of the Great Clergyman, the Knights are burdens to you from a heavy one Hush.
“As it is Mei” Hyoga asks, in a low voice.
Nicole time from the bottom of Knows it of the Great Clergyman, raising the eyes in direction of the Sacred Tempio, than it is found beyond it stretches red and the stone wall.



Great Tempio.
We see two figures in the antechamber beyond to the Rooms of the Great Clergyman: one young child and a boy.
“You succeed to see to me, Mei”
“Saori…” the young person from silver hats is sdraiato on a bed and it is being waked up slowly. In feet in front of he there is one donzella of beauty without par: the young incarnation of the goddess Athena. “I… was sleeping” Mei asks, noticing to wear one tunica of woven thin.
The most recent guerriero than Athena does not have more the fever and the sweat, and on its body not there is no sign of the claws of the Typhon Giant. E’ survivor to the attack, but its face pale and without color confers it the aspect of one person much sick one.
“you have slept in order more than ten days.” it explains the goddess, like if same telling to I am shipwrecked when time had been far away from house.
Mei is remembered of the battle faced in Sicily against the Giants, mitologici colossus of the immemori times, but ago hard work to remember the details. Little after, it is remembered that it had been used like a marionette from the will of the neo-resuscitato God Typhon, and that, for this, it had lost nearly all its Cosmos.
“Ten days… all this…”
“But they are raised…” yearns for Atena “your breath was nearly imperceptible… I thought that never more you would not have waked up yourself.” the child opens its heart in soprendentemente defenseless way, be a matter of one goddess.
For some reason, he seems it are to us a complex concoction of feelings between Saori and Mei, something much more being involved than one simple relation between mrs. and servitore.
“I have one surprised for you” says Atena kindly “a person who is here in order to see to you.”
To it marks them of the goddess, approaches the bed one extremely cerimoniosa figure, a high man, from the head peeling, dressed with one black tuxedo.
“Tatsumi? Six you ” Mei in surprised tone asks.
“E’ a good that the signorino is alive!” the man exclaims, with its strict expression that is decomposed in a river of tears. “This its butler… does not have words in order to express its joy…!”
Draft of Tokumaru Tatsumi, managing dellla Foundation Degree and reliable butler of the Kido family.
“You mean to say then that you are continuing lend service near Miss. Saori” Mei asks. The young person still considers the image of Tatsumi like one species of governor or guard of the body of the girl, acquired impression during infancy from all the one hundred orphans re-united from the deceased Mitsumaza Kido in order to become Knights.
“Sissignore! As the Mitsumasa master would be happy if he could here be with we!”
“He has a sense…” continues Mei “Atena is also the heir of the Foundation Degree… But I find that nothing does not guess us one tuxedo within the Great Tempio!”
Tatsumi rilascia one risata without behavior and gives of shoulders. Its smile is sincere and its wide shoulders as those of a boxer.
“I did not imagine…!” I say Atena with one voice tremula.
“Glielo you have told, Tatsumi? But it was forbidden to speak of, from me and my father.”
“I know It, my getlteman!” Tatsumi inchina in front of the boy “But… was much time makes. The previous master is not more between we and, like he as well as he wished, Miss. Saori has been risvegliata like Atena. And… Mei young master, the signorino is alive! This its servant cannot be contained… ”
“All good, forgets.” Mei says, in the way more calm that can.
“I did not know it until hour. Mei, you the six heir of the grandfather… of the Kido family! Tatsumi has told you to me has dealt to me with affection, like a true sister, from the moment that I have been raised like one grandson from the Grandfather. In truth, the heir of the Foundation Degree I would not be due to be, and therefore… ”
“he does not say these things.” he interrupts Mei. “and please, Miss., not the storys to Seiya and the others.”
“You have of the resentments towards the grandfather? For the decisions taken from your father ”
“Miss., the decision was not of Mr. Mitsumasa!” Tatsumi is not contained, expectant to reveal the hidden truth in order much time.
“the decision was mine.” Mei explains “When I have uncovered that the orphans of the institution were all siblings that had in the veins the blood of the same father… I sopportato the fact that only I was receiving a special treatment, without null that it lacked to me, like heir of the Foundation Degree. For this, I have decided of free and spontaneous will to face the same destiny of my siblings.”
“Of free and spontaneous will…” it repeats Saori with pensieroso tone.
“Mitsumasa Kido is my father. And also father of Seiya, Shun, Hyoga… of all one hundred re-united orphans in order to become Knights. This tie of blood will accompany us for all the life.”
“the grandfather has suffered until the last moment of its existence in order having sended its sons towards a infernal life of sacrifices, affinchè became Knights. But all this was in order protect the Love and the Justice on the Earth.”
“I know It, Miss..” Mei raises the face “does not hold resentment or rancor towards my father. To the contrary, it they are pleasing in order to have left to me to face the same training of my siblings. In contrary case, I could not have watched them in the eyes in the see again them. I could not have spoken with they about our infancy. I would have been eternally perseguitato from a guilt sense.
“Please, not colpevolizzarti.”
“Moreover, I say the same one to you, Saori.” Mei decides that this is the last time that the Miss. will call it for name “does not have to reserve no special feeling for me. Hour you six Atena. And I am a Knight of Atena. This is the destiny of stars, than same I have chosen to follow.
“Signorino Mei” the voice of Tatsumi seems full of surprise “the getlteman wants to continue to hiding its orgini… its rights”
“I want It. When I was still a child, I made this promise and I was disposed to die for this. How I could smash it hour? Abandoning the Kido last name, they have become alone Mei. For this, Tatsumi, I want that you deal to me in the same way with which she deals to me to you when I entered in the orfanotrofio. You did not have to pretend, you had to beat to me as you made with my siblings. And enough to call to me signorino.” it concludes the boy, with a smile acid.

“Atena!” voice from the room interrupts one next. After to have asked the permission the goddess, it appears on the Nicole door, Silver Knight of Ara. “Mei! Six waked up to you!” the man exclaims. Its face seems that one of one Greek statue, of one intellectual and aggraziata beauty.
The boy comes down from the bed and, with the legs tremolanti for an unexpected weakness, he is knelt down in front of Chierico Head. Nicole, in its turn, time towards Atena.
“In quality of Great temporary Clergyman, therefore responsible of the Knights, ringrazio it in order to have saved the life of Mei.” it continues, turning leggermente in direction of Tatsumi “the Tatsumi member of parliament, ringrazio also he for being taken part in Sicily with to the army and the Italian government.” After Nicole it only turns word to the young Knight “Dimmi, Mei, you memories which are happened when you were under the control of Typhon”
“Yes, but the memories are all confused ones. They are not much sure one of the order of the events.”
“Nicole, be patient.” it defends Atena “Mei has as soon as resumed acquaintance.”
“I try to Us, but we have much need of information. The Earth is in one critical situation. Typhon is scomparso in the eruption of the Etna and in this same moment it is recovering the own forces.”
As it reorganizes the thoughts, Mei is felt aggravated from the actions that store clerk has when he was under the control of Typhon. Nicole with a blow to the theatre of the Acropoli had landed. And worse: in order Seiya in Sicily had little not killed.
“As it is Seiya” Mei asks, while it watches the own hands in state of shock. It can still feel on its hands the heat of the blood of the brother. The boy does not justify the own weakness. How he has been able to submit itself completely to the Wish of Typhon?
“Seiya is well, the young people recovers in a hurry.” Nicole answers, nearly amused, with a hand on the belly, where Mei had hit it. And then it says, with extremely solemn tone: “Atena recognizes Mei like its new Knight.”
The unexpected detection picks the surprise boy completely.
“I grant the Sacred Armor here to You, than it tries your mission of Knight…” continues Nicole just, beginning lì the ceremony for the nomination to Knight.
Mei turns the look to the Coffer where there is the Armor, placed in an angle of the room. E’ a black coffer, therefore dark that seems to suck the light around to himself. On a face child of shoulders is the figure of one, carved in bassorilievo.
“This is the armor of the Chioma di Berenice, Mei, your constellation.”
Kneeling down itself in front of the Great temporary Clergyman, Mei swears eternal loyalty to Atena officially, becoming therefore Knight of the constellation Chioma di Berenice, the new knight of Atena.
“In name of Atena, I, Nicole di Ara, name you Knight. You will have protect Atena and to defend the Justice on the Earth. The Sacred Armor will not have never to be used for interests or personal battles. If for case violerai the rule and you will become muddied sacred vestigia… the constellation, the armor, instead of proteggerti, will destroy to you.
“the armor will destroy to me” Mei seems confused “To the end, of what is made this armor black”
In fact, the armor of Mei does not belong to nobody of the three hierarchies: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Nicole decides that this is the moment in order to tell to Mei the history of the ancient battle against the giants.

“the dwelling of Typhoeus”. Only peoma a epico Greek maintains to our days the name of poderoso of the Giants. With the time: “Typhoeus” is an other shape in order to write “Typhon” or “Typhoon”. The God of the Giants is a cyclone that will not be satisfied finchè will not have destroyed and consumed all the Earth.
Rinato in the world land when it is broken I seal of Atena, the giant God of the storms hides in the point deeper than a group of intercommunicating caverns, an enormous one agglomerated. In front of he Adamas di Carnelian is a Giant with wears one.
“My Getlteman…” says the Giant.
But Typhon does not lend it attention. Its thoughts are far.
“Atena has succeeded to be reincarnated completely in this was…” says to if same. The skillful body its part are covered of flames, the inestinguibile fire of the great earth, while lightnings fill up the left part of the body therefore like terrible twenty of thunderstorms ghost one. From the asymmetric body they are born, like nails, the plates of its black Adamas di Onix. It is not exactly an armor, it is if not one armor, like a hardened part of the body. “Atena has succeeded to be reincarnated completely in this was.” it repeats “But, what can be said of me? Of this my body much fragile one ”
“Perbacco! The body of fragile Encelade…!” soprende Pallas the Stupid Spirit. In fact he is resistant and poderoso the physical body that has been offered to Typhon from its older brother, I add Encelade clergyman.
“he is not sufficient in order sopportare my true force.” Typhon answers, touching itself the mento. The bone cracked for the blows of Mei in the Etna mount completely has been recovered. “I have need of a worthy covering of my power.”
“With all respect, your flashing body has been completely destroyed, in its five limbs, from Atena.” to the words of Pallas, a bundle more intense than light gives off from flames and of the lightnings of the body of Typhon, illuminating all the inside of the cavern. The place, that it has an immense altar, is similar the tempio underground of the Etna mount. We find ourselves in the Saint Earth of the Giants.
“Cursed it is Atena and its Knights!” Typhon is dinnanzi to the altar, over which there is something that seems to be one statue from the great breasts, representative therefore one goddess. But a heart is pulsando to the inside of the figure, assuming that draft, in truth, of a woman alive, although the fact that the eyelids and the labbra are locked like if they were made of stone. Moreover: the imposing figure is pregnant. “E’ my femminea shape.” Typhon explains.
“Oh!” Pallas the Stupid Spirit seems to be ipnotizzato from the beauty of the femminea shape of its master, completely knot, its hidden contours provoking hardly from hats waves you that arrivani until the belt. Enough to watch with more attention in order to notice of the squame that they would have to be the legs of the creature: its inferior half has the shape of a snake.
“the Prison of the Suspended Time.” for before the time, Typhon turns the word to Pallas directly. “In the ancient Gigantomachia, shortly before being esiliato from Atena and its Knights in the Etna mount, I sealed the Giant survivors. It was not Atena to imprison my siblings in the profindità of the ghost space. It was my Will.
“Like” Pallas is confused. It had always believed of to have been imprisoned from Atena, with to Typhon.
“My beneamati older siblings, to the contrary of me, you are not immortali.” Typhon continues “If your physical body were destroyed, could not hear the call of the rebirth. For this, I have sealed is your meat that your spirit in the Prison of the Suspended Time.
“Therefore it is happened this, my getlteman? You, holding in fist the fantoccio that it has been Mei, initially have melted the chains that imprisoned Giant we, in the most various E regions… ”
“and by means of the sacrifice of blood of the Knights and two of my beneamati siblings, finally they are returned while still alive in the present world.”
“and this woman, getlteman” Pallas asks, swallowing.
“This Is Echidna.” the last one of the Giant women answers Typhon “. It encloses in himself my sexual body, the covering of my Will.”
“Ah, then been already preparing your reincarnation!” Pallas exclaims, finally comprising the plan of its master.
“Yes, the sexual body that Echidna receives in its ventre will enclose my Will.” And then, in somewhat flat tone: “Until then, I will be accommodated in this body orrendo.”
“Truly, than body orrendo!” a voice rises from the shadow, from where three figures emerge.
“My sons.” Typhon says, without not to watch those who is as soon as it arrives to you.
Pallas does not understand more nothing:
“Perbacco! Sons ”
“my sons, generate to you from Echidna in other ages, created in the crib of the Suspended Time. He seals are themselves routes.” Typhon does not call its sons with their true name: if it made it, they would lose blood from the orecchie and they would drive crazy. To the same way, if the sons mentioned the name of Typhon, the language would be amputated and would lose the use of the word.
Therefore the shapes introduce same they to Pallas:
“Orthros, maleficent Dog to two witness.”
“Chimaera, composita Creature.”
“Ladon, I dredge to hundreds witness.”
“Sons, you offer your spirit for my resurrezione.”
The three figures are knelt down in Hush in front of the Will of the God of the Giants.
1 – COMA


Peninsula of the Peloponneso, end south of the Balkans.
“Not there is nothing neanche here!” it says Seiya between himself, examinee the stone wall. The weak person recognizes light that illuminates the cavern light, where sure does not arrive beams of the sun. It is the same one that it has seen in the depths of the Etna Mount, where Typhon was imprisoned. “This place sure made part of Saint Lands of the Giants!” it concludes the Bronze Knight of Pegasus.
This cavern is decidedly more small than that one of the Etna. Not there are templi, soltamente of the ruins of a stone altar. “Strange…” the boy thinks. “I have the impression that someone has been here little time makes!”. Seiya seems to perceive the residual ones of the Cosmos, but not other is no marks them of enemies. To exception of the bats, the Knight is the only living creature lì present. He does not have other alternative that to let the cavern to the shoulders.
It is making night to Atene, the sacred place of the protecting guerriera of the Earth. Yuuri, of the Constellation of the Sextant, with I wear dressing and one tunica scarlet, is found in the astronomical observatory of the Great Tempio. To its flank, the Mei Knight.
“It seems a blood sea!” Mei comments, that shirt and of the black pants wears one, modern, in contrast with the apparel classic of the girl. “From when the sunset is dyed of red therefore a vermilion”


“the eruption of the Etna has been largest of the last centuries!” Yuuri explains. The vulcanica ash has formed a thick one cappa in the stratosphere, bloccando the solar light, for this the sky is vermilion. According to the forecasts of the investigators of the Great Foundation, in the next three or five years, the incidence of the solar one on the land surface will diminish of beyond of 10%. “climatic Instability, damages to agriculture, deficiency of alimony… the thing is serious!” Mei sighs.
“You are well” Yuuri question, with a taken care expression.
“I was in order to ask the same thing to you…”
“I am well.”
Yuuri had been seriously hurt when it had been kidnapped from the Giants, but seems is nearly completely remittance. Also its mask, than Mei it had broken when it was under the control of Typhon, is of new integral, covering its ace.
“you do not have problems to hold the mask over the bende”
“That I can make? This is a dogma!” the tradition says that all the women whom they want to become Knight must abandon the femminilità completely, always hiding the face.
The destroyed pavement of the observatory, where before there was a map of the zodiaco, is the testimony of the attack of Mei.
“You know which is the other dogma” Yuuri question, with a nearly estroso tone, before putting themselves in attack position, trying to sink a blow to the throat of Mei, with a shuto, or cut of hand. “For a Sacerdotessa Guerriero, being seen with the uncovered face is more humiliating that to be seen knot in public. If someone sees its face, the Sacerdotessa Guerriera will have to kill this person.”
“I know this rule.” sorride Mei, ignoring the poderosi fists of Yuuri against its neck. “Then you have killed the doctors? As they have made to operate you to the head without to watch to you ”
“the doctors are an other history…”
“Ehi, not is an alternative” Mei continues. “To love who it has seen your face”
“you are taking game of me.” Yuuri sighs. “That imprudent! Creeds that are not able to kill to you ”
“you do not have reason! Ill-fatedly I have not seen your face! Or better, not me the memory! My memories of when I was under the control of Typhon are confused! I know that I have broken your mask just here… but I do not succeed to remember the details.”
“That convenient amnesia.” Yuuri says, riponendo its fist, a po’ controvoglia. “If you had to love a irresponsabile man, I prefer to believe that it has not seen my face… Where one is never inasmuch as one sconclusionato like you is name Knight… The stars will be sure protesting. That type of apprenticeship you have had with your master ”
“Ah, of several types…” answers Mei, thinking. “Apprenticeship of life.”
“the destiny of your Constellation is very little gradevole that this.” the voice of Yuuri sound now rattristata. It raises the eyes to the sky. The color porpora of the sunset it is in order guadualmente to be submergeeed in the darknesses.
“It is difficult to scrutare stars, eh” Mei comments.
Of fact, the atmosphere seems to be covered from one dense fog.
“Typhon has covered the stellato sky with ashes. For this I do not succeed in scrutare directly the world or the future.” Yuuri is complained. “and your constellation, Mei, it is more difficult to scrutare regarding the others.” it continues, aiming a finger in the sky.
In the side the west of the sopravanzano firmament still the last constellations of the spring. Little over to the Vergine, between the stars Denebola and Arthur, the constellation of the Chioma di Berenice is found. It is a star grouping pales: for how much limpid one it can be the sky, to visualize in they long hats of a woman is a true exercise of imagination.
“It can not seem, but in it entire galaxies are found.” Yuuri explains.
“For this they call it the ‘ Window of the Galassie’, is not therefore”
“Therefore, she is therefore…” the girl is been strange from the astronomical acquaintances of Mei.
“They are distant galaxies.” Mei continues. “We can notice them why they are found to north of the Milky Way, in a sky space in which there are little stars.”
Yuuri changes speech:
“they are taken care for Seiya and the others that were on the traces of Typhon, all those who are in a position to moving themselves are been involved in this enterprise, in this moment are alone Knights hurt to the Great Tempio.”
“Typhon is not like of of Mount Olympus, that they want the dominion on the Earth.” it reflects Mei. “we really do not know what expects, and this is alarming.”
“I thought that the Giants wanted to dominate the planet…”
“It can be… But the Giants are like slaves taken from the fear of Typhon. A divine Will corrupt as its never will not be satisfied, less than does not destroy all, and, to the end, also himself same.”
“When six state a burattino of Typhon, you have perceived its Will” Yuuri question. “I know It that you prefer to forget it, but would appeal to to know it the same one to me.”
Mei hides the ace, like if same remembering an incubus.
“You come with me in library.” Yuuri continues, taking its hand. “I want to feel that that you have to say.”


In the northern margin of the Black Mar: one region of the Ucraina, anciently known like Scizia.
“it is not here neanche.” Hyoga says. A wall blocks its passage.
The armor of the Swan, white man-blue, and the blond hats of the boy shine light in the dusk, test that this was one of Saint Lands of the Giants. In the empty cavern we hardly see the rests of a stone altar.
“This odore… is the odore of Typhon.” Hyoga, speaking with if same continues, sfregandosi the narici. Its Cosmos picks up one anomalous feeling in the air. “It is like if were one trace stirred of one malignant Will… Perhaps just same Typhon is passed here. But because ”
The indications leave you were insufficient for whichever conjecture.


“I had one terrible fear to displease Typhon and being therefore exposed to its temper.” Mei tells.
“Like the Giants” Yuuri asks.
“Yes. I understand why the Giants render cult to Typhon. E’ sufficient absolute a psychological dominion… so that offers the own life in sacrifice.”
“You know cos’ is the Prison of the Suspended Time” Yuuri annotates with cure all the information supplied from Mei.
“It is a species of I seal temporal. Typhon sealed the Giant survivors from the ancient Gigantomachia in various parts of the world. To the contrary of he, that it is a God, and therefore immortale, the other Giants are not different from the humans, have one limited life terrena. To arrest the time has been the only way in order to make them to return with their physical body after many ere.”
“a secret gift of of i.” Yuuri sighs.
“After to have taken possession of my body…” Mei continues, “Typhon has broken seals thunderstorms and has brought back the Giants of new while still alive.”
“How many Giants are rinati”
“Me of memory only four: Agrios, Thoas, Pallas and Encelade.”
“But strange what in this is one…” comments Yuuri, pensierosa. “Second the registries of the Great Tempio, Typhon and all the Giants were seal to you from Athena!”
“It has sense that the goddess has imprisoned Typhon, that he is immortale. But it would not have had reason in leaving the alive Giants within seals. These historical books of the Great Tempio are reliable ” Mei question.
“They say that truth and truths are different concepts! It is the same thing with history and truth. The Revolt of Saga, as an example: it is a challenge to decide like this must be transcribed in the official history.”
“In a sure way, it would be corrected to say that the Knight of Gold of Gemini was possessed from malignant feelings and assassinated the Great Clergyman.” Mei suggests. “But to transmit this to the Knights of the future…”
“it is not much appropriating.” it completes Yuuri.
“Chierico Head says that Saga suffered from schizophrenia, it had two personality, one of the justice and one of the evil.”
“Saga in himself was not the badly absolute one.” it agrees Yuuri. “But it tried to betray Athena and it provoked an inner crisis that it caused the dead women of an enormous number of Knights.”
“In any way, Athena, the guerriera that defends the Earth, it must always appear in the history supported from inamovibile and immaculate justice for unquestionable victories.” Mei says, with irony.
“Creed you speak about dangerous things with the most large face from innocent!” Yuuri comments. “If master Nicole knew it, task that the title it of Knight would remove you…”
“Then he will remain between we, true” Mei says. “I do not want to strike the record of what little time has maintained to the title it of Knight in order!”
“I will make the favor You not to write that that you have said.” the tone of voice of continuous Yuuri to serious being. “That that the official history of Athena extension is the Sacred Wars and the historical truth of the victories. This will give courage to the Knights of the next generations to face the combats. Not there is necessity to conserve registries of Knights who suffered make bitter between the justice and the evil to you or that they tried compassion for the enemies.”
“Athena Is Justice.” it agrees Mei.
“Exactly. Who doubts of this will not never succeed to being a Knight truly, to defend that that is necessary.”
“your ace.” Mei changes speech. “To speak with a woman without expression make them is more alarming that to face Typhon.”
“your smile cannot be worse than to watch this tonto.” the girl answers, dadndo of shoulders.
“Because your name is Yuuri” it insists Mei. “It is a name from man, is not therefore”
“it is not my true name. The Knights must break off all the ties with the mondana society, and included in this there is also the possibility to abandon just the name of family. I do not know if the case of Seiya is this, Shun, Hyoga… but task that is the little Knights who use the name given from their fathers.”
“We are siblings, sons of a same father, but we were raises to you like orphans.” the voice of Mei returns serious. “Since the beginning, we did not have nothing to lose. Mei is alone Mei. Seiya is Seiya, Shun is Shun, Hyoga is Hyoga… ”
“Task that you are sons of stars.” filosofeggia Yuuri. “I use a name from man for spirit issue.”
“That to chiacchiere for a woman who becomes Sacerdotessa Guerriero and that he must abandon its femminilità!” Mei returns to its sarcastico tone. “Six so antiquated one!”
“and maleducato you six.”
“It leaves me indovinare: your true name is Yulia.”
“Beyond that maleducato, a six pure sempliciotto. To me you go to make these questions! Cos’ is this hat color? Enough a glance in order to see that he is artificial: the root is black!”
“These hats, if you want to know it…” says Mei, sorridendo “are a test of respect for my master.”
But Yuuri has already lost the patience with scherzose chiacchiere of Mei. Stacking quickly its things over the table, the girl raises itself and to scompare in the bottom of
“Yuuri” says Mei, emitting a sigh. And it whispers between himself: “In Japanese, this is a name much feminine one…”


“Little witnesses speak about the Gigantomachia in the historical registries of the Great Tempio. In the official books, not there is some line to follow.” Nicole to Athena explains, while this sits down on the throne of Knows it of the Great Clergyman.
“happened E’ therefore because the Gigantomachia was not one Saint War.”
“Yes, goddess. The fact is that we do not have concrete information that can indicate the shelter of Typhon.” For this reason, Nicole has collected tracks of relazionabili places to Typhon and its continuation, based on poemi epici and legends, and has sended the Knights in these places to the search of the God of the Giants. “Many times the legends bring back to the inside one hidden truth.”
“In this battle, the time will not be our allying.” Athena says.
“It has reason, goddess! Every minute that passes, Typhon recovers its real one more and more to be able, becoming a more and more powerful enemy. The priority is to localize it before how much.”
“But we are not leaving the Great Tempio without protection” it interrupts Tatsumi.
“For this we have called an other Knight: Kiki is as soon as returned from the Five Peaks.”
“Nicole!” Athena is surprised.
“It must fulfill to its obligation of Knight.” Nicole answers, firmly.

The Twelve Houses of the Zodiaco are the fencings gild you of the constellations, the dorsal thorn of the Great Tempio. The signs of Ram, Taurus, Gemini and therefore the successes you damage the name to the houses in the way that leads to the Tempio di Athena, just like to the Knights whom they defend to them.
“Therefore it has been here that Battaglia of the Twelve Houses has been carried out…” Mei has left from little the Library the inside of the Great Tempio, and now it knows them the scales of the Twelve Houses.
The space of the Houses is totally filling for the protection of stars. No paranormale power, for how much powerful one can be, would succeed in teletraspostarsi on the scales or the inside of the Houses. The only way possible to cover the way is through the steps that Mei is salting in this moment.
The Bronze Knights, like Seiya, Shun and Hyoga, siblings of Mei, fought here, against badly hidden to the inside of the Great Tempio, proteggendo Saori Kido, the goddess Athena. The details are record to you in the official history, but it is important to hold to the mind that the Battles of the Twelve Houses were fought between the Bronze Knights and the Knights of Gold during the so-called Revolt of Saga.
“Tragic… Knights who fight between of they!” Mei thinks, rattristando in remembering that many Knights lost their life in these comparisons. It had not participated to the fight because in that age already he was under the control of Typhon, in the Etna Mount.
The night is serene. Mei covers the House of the Binoculars, that it would have had be protect from Saga, arriving therefore to the quarter house, that one of Cancer.
“an other House without its caretaker.” Mei to if same says.
The place, that it would have to be diamond and white man like the Milky Way, introduces heavy and dark, as abandoned ruins. Mei is without words. Without warning, of the steps. The boy time to behind.
“Six you, Shiryu” question, recognizing immediately the Knight, although the two are not meet to you.
“Who is…? This cosmos… ”
“They are I, Mei.”
“Mei!” Shiryu really is surprised.
“six trained to You to the Five Peaks in China.” Mei continues. “Then the famous Armor of the Dragone, polished from waters of the cascade of Rozan is this.”
The constellation of Shiryu is that one of the Dragone. Its sacred armor is formed from plates of orialcon, agglutinated like squame. On the piece of the skillful arm there is a small circular shield, symbol of the own armor. Shiryu is a pretty type, from the coloured ace, with an appearance from a sure opposite point of view to that one truculenta of the Dragone. Its corporatura is fine and has long black hats until the height of the belt, remembering a Wakamusha gallant, as they were calls the young people to you samurai.
“they have been convened from the substitute of the Great Clergyman in order protect the Great Tempio.” Shiryu explains.
“your eyes…” say Mei, with shrewdness. “I did not know it… When it is happened ”
The eyes of Shiryu are the wounded, the Knight now are blind.
“it has been during the battle.” Shiryu answers. “When adempiemmo to our mission of Knight.”
It is well to explain that the loss of the sight is not something of debilitating for Shiryu. The Knights of Athena dominate the Seventh Sense, the ability to feel the Cosmos and the presence of other persons. Although it is practically impossible to explain it to words, the Seventh Sense exceeds the five traditional senses, even the sixth same sense. Shiryu does not have need of aid in order not to go up the scales.
“That you were making here, Mei” Shiryu question. “Without the sight, I can feel, although in limited way, the feelings of the persons. Me it seems that you are trying one deep sadness.”
“I was thinking my master.” Mei answers, breathing deeply and raising the eyes to the sky. “they have been trained in Sicily. My master was the Knight of Gold that guarded this House.”
“the Knight of Gold of Cancer.” he completes Shiryu, adopting endured a strict expression.
“Therefore I was conserving with he. My master has transformed itself in stars, knows it ” Mei laughs and ironizes, but the expression of Shiryu remains serious.


Anatolia: peninsula of the Asia Minor, encircled from the seas Aegean, Nero and the Mediterranean. Theatre of ancient Greek legends. Today the greater part of its territory belongs to Turkey.
“That mysterious place…” comments Shun between himself. The boy from hats color linen wears the Armor of Andromeda and its chains.
It is night. A species of stone forest covers the immense one goes them. They are hundred, migliaia of cliffs from the varied dimensions, arriving to tens of meters of height, many from the shape of giganteschi fungi. The landscape has been carved in migliaia of years from the vulcanica activity: a fantastic place therefore that does not seem real. Shun jumps from one stone to the other with lightness, accompanied from the shadow of the pale moon.
The Bronze Knight of Andromeda is fulfilling the orders of Nicole, the Substitute of the Great Clergyman: he is to the search of the dwelling of Typhon. The Arima Mount, than is found in this region, was cited in a poema epico and, like we know, the legends to times bring back one hidden truth.
It is one run against the time. To every Typhon minute he becomes more and more powerful and frightening. For this Nicole therefore it is engaged in this search, sending in missions of investigation Shun, Hyoga and even same Seiya, than one has not still completely recovered. In this moment, the effort includes varies Knights scattered to the angles of the world, like secret agents of the Great Tempio.
“If Typhon has the power to control the volcanos…” think Shun, observing the tenuous one smoked white woman who knows them of the Arima. Mount “… what you would happen to the Earth if it recovered its true force ”
Without doubt it would be the end of the humanity and whichever shape of life on the planet. After the anomalous eruption of the Etna, they had been marks them of vulcanica activity in various parts of the world. The scientists were in allerta for the risk of one new Were Glacial or for the extinction in living mass of the species, as he had happened to the dinosauri. Some fatalists more exalt to you already professavano the end of the world.
“Not! Until Athena and the Knights will not exist here! We will not never allow it!” Shun reaffirms its engagement, locking the fist.
In this moment the chains of Andromeda, equipped of an incredible sense of defense, spontaneously assume the shape of the Zowah Nebula, allertate from the presence of the disowned Cosmos.
“Who goes…” Shun question here, in direction of the stone forest. The boy perceives an aggressive instinct and totally exposed clearly, like that one of one tiger or of a lupo, without the minimal worry to hide. “Ah, six lì!” Shun nozzle the chain of the skillful arm, than forms an arc similar to boomerang and a capture someone that hides behind one stone column. “One of the Giants”
In the battle of Sicily, Agrios, the Brutal Force, Thoas, the Fast Lightning bolt, and I add clergyman Encelade, Urlo di Guerra, were offers in sacrifice to Typhon. And the Cosmos felt from Shun is not that one of Pallas, in theory the only follower of still alive Typhon. Perhaps exist other Giant survivors? Or perhaps Typhon has resuscitato other Giants after the eruption of the Etna?
Shun feels its skin to bristle itself, like if one sharp blade same grazing the surface of its body.
“They are two…! It waits for, are three!”
The figures round ring the boy like hunters to one preda. The life of Shun is in danger. The arranged attack of the three Giants suggests that Typhon is found lì: between all the Knights to the search of the malignant God, Shun has fished the winning ticket.
The shadows are always approached more. Mitologici monster leggendari or demons can be. With certainty they are enemy, the shapes emanate dark glares of the armors of Adamas. The circular chain on the left arm of Shun emits a buzz, reacting to the pressure of the aggressive Cosmoses. The Knight calls behind the triangular chain and he raises it in sky, making to spark chicchi of star powder.
“Athena!” grida Shun, while its sight completely is covered from the three figures of Adamas that are left over towards of he.


“Nicole, because you have called Shiryu” the limpid and vellutata voice of Athena addresses to the Substitute of the Great Clergyman.
“Goddess, dov’ is the problem in convening the Knights to the Great Tempio in this situation of emergency”
“You know of what you are speaking.”
“one refers to the fact that Shiryu is blind”
“Shiryu was returned to the Five Peaks and finally calm life to flank of Shunrei, the adoptive daughter of the Old Master was beginning one. It had been withdrawn from the combats, it was plowing and cultivating the earth, in the greater serenity… ”
“Athena, is alluding that Shiryu is not more a guerriero” Nicole question, with respect.
“Shiryu has a lot suffered in the battles! For guilt mine, because of my fiacchezza! They are I that I have removed it the sight. Cos’ other I must remove ” Athena extension its deeper feelings.
“But it has not restiuito the armor.” Nicole says after some minuteren of Hush. “I do not know no sincerer, volenteroso and loyal man. I hope sincerely that, in future, someone with the moralità, the wisdom and the bravura of Shiryu assume a role center them between the Knights in the commando of the Great Tempio.” the Substitute continues. “Respect and I admire the choice of whichever man who decides humbly of living in order to dedicate to one woman. But the destiny of the constellation of Shiryu not chip ax that. And moreover, same it would not allow that this happens. Shiryu will be the Knight of the Dragone finchè the destiny of the constellation will not be completed.”
“If that is true, the poor Shunrei will suffer a lot.” the voice of Athena rattristata. We cannot forget that it door within of himself the spirit of Saori Kido, and therefore suffers for human issues.
“It must that chip axes this destiny, goddess. The Your Lordship can have been responsible that Shiryu has lost the sight, but, even if had to lose its arms, legs, the woman that loves or its same private life… even if of all, Shiryu will continue with firmness in its conviction to die fighting for Athena. It must respect its feelings.”
“But Mei and Shiryu… Those two do not agree… ”
“the tight laces of the karma that they join one to the other are part anch’ they of the destiny. Finchè both will be Sacred Guerrieri, not will be way in order to escape from it. He is something that has need to exceed, and I have the certainty that both riusciranno to us. They are of the true Knights.”
In this moment, an identified object does not break off the space, making a strong noise and repentino.
“Ahi!” been strange from the impact, Tatsumi, than it was found in an angle of Knows it of the Great Clergyman, falls to the ground.
Nicole advances in direction of the throne of Athena with one advanced speed to that one of the sound, proteggendo the goddess with its body and its armor.
“It is the Chain of Andromeda…” Athena is raised and run to the center of knows it. Of fact, over to the carpet they centers finds the chain, indeed, only a piece of it. The artefact had crossed the space in order to emerge to the Great Tempio.
“Perhaps it is happened something to Shun…”
“it had been sended in Anatolia… near the Arima volcano.”
“Perhaps Typhon is found here”
The only certainty is that Shun is in danger.
A serious situation therefore that has not had other way in order to inform if that one not to make use of the ability to the chain to cross the dimensions.
Athena collects the chain sended from Shun, sussultando immediately.
“This… this Cosmos”
Also Nicole is in a position to perceiving the malignant energy that takes care Athena.

In that same moment, a star from the silver-plated tail enunciates from the covered sky of
ashes. Shiryu the Dragone feels that the terribly violent Cosmos invades
Great Tempio.
“Mei” the blind Knight says, turning itself behind. But the boy does not find itself lì. Without to wait for or to inform Shiryu, Mei returns from the distance of the Twelve Zodiacali Houses towards the library, where it is found of forehead to an alarming image.
One paper storm. Pages of books, now in fragments, are scattered in air and to the ground, in migliaia of pezzetti. Yuuri has fallen, immovable, to the ground, with the scarlet garment from Auxiliary Chierico of the Great Tempio. Who could image that would have recorded its dead women with just the blood in the History Book that it holds in hand?
“Diamine!” one risata gives behind the shelves of the library. The dead women, dressed darkly with a Adamas of dark carnelian, violato the protettrive barriers of the Great Tempio.
“Humph… The six marionette of my getlteman ” the monster answers. “the discarded container still alive” The Giant Stupid Spirit provokes to Mei, treading on the dead body of Yuuri.
“Hour, you…!”
“you Want to die also” Pallas question, raising the claws impregnates you of blood and ciocche of hats it silverplates you of Yuuri.
The battles of the Knights are faced to a step from the dead women. In order to reach to the essence of the destruction, in a position to even breaking off same atoms, to times the dispute is decided in a moment and cruel way. This can be the future of whichever Knight: seriously the wounded, without armor, attacked to surprise from an enemy whose power is comparable to that one of a Knight
of Athena – in this case, a powerful Giant. The Sacerdotessa Guerriero dead woman does not have more some chance: the protection of the star of Yuuri has been extinguished.
For Mei draft of the dead women of one similar irreplaceable, with which flank to flank for Athena had fought.
“This malignant Cosmos… is one of the Giants” Shiryu question, entering in the library.
“Diamine! An other moccioso of bronze!” snobba Pallas.
“not to come to me near, Shiryu.” Mei informs.
“If six taken care for my blindness, you can scordarlo! The Knight of the Dragone is not inferior to no other!”
“it is not this.” he beats again Mei. “This enemy is MINE! They have been I to break off its I seal.”
“Ah, as it must be frustrating…” continuous Pallas. “Perbacco! You were finally resolutions to save the child, and has been assassinated a lot easy. I have cut its gargarozzo with these claws, have torn its hats and its mask! That happiness!”
“They give one to you calmed, animal! I will not tolerate more this type than things in Saint Lands of the Great Tempio!” Shiryu is incapable to contain its ira.
“Perbacco! You will annotate the enterprises of the great Pallas on these books ” Pallas nozzle up the mask of Yuuri, that it hid behind of himself. The mask falls to the ground and it is cracked in means.
“your name will not exist in some place.” Mei protest.
“You have reason! All the insignificant Knights will be assassinated… not sopravviverà nobody in order to tell the history.”
“not to confuse the things.” the voice of Mei is loads with the weight of the destiny that it was tax. “This is the Gigantomachia… does not have sense to record this battle in the History.”
In this moment, it appears from null a coffer with a sacred one vestigia, the armor of the constellation of the Chioma di Berenice, that the same Shiryu Even attends the call of the Cosmos of Mei., private of the sense of the sight, can perceive black of the coffer with the image in relief of one the side woman.
The cover is opened and the coffer is revealed. In it not there is light, but shadows that seem to suck whichever brightness. A beautiful statue of a side woman rises, with long hats, test that the bearer of the coffer is a Sacred Guerriero, able to dominate the more powerful forces of the planet.
E’ before the time that Mei wears for free and spontaneous will the armor of its protecting constellation. Head, back, arms, flanks, ginocchia: the feminine figure of the statue is divided in several parts, modeling itself and fixing to the body of the boy. Vestigia protegge the elect Knight from the Constellation.
This is an armor of the lost times, that it is remained sealed in order much time. Before what that recalls the attention on it is the great black shield of the spallacci, that they remember the wings of a crow. Thanks to complex logons that allow any movement, the shield are melted to the two protections of the arms without pregiudicare mobility of the Knight.
The elmo it remembers al same time the protections used from the lottatori of boxe and I ornament feminine. The plates of the chest strap, the hip and the abdomen are light and fine, and on the legs the only protection is to ginocchiere. It is an armor from the gentle curves, that they conserve the feminine image that has originated it, although it is intensely black.
“Mei, your armor seems one cloudy dark, than conserve within of himself the matter that has given origin to stars.” Shiryu comments. It feels the outbreak of the Cosmos to the inside of Mei and the force of the black one vestigia that it accumulates within of himself the light: the origin of the life.
A sheet breaks to the air, emitting sparkes, invisibile, while it breaks off the speed of sound.
“Diamine…” the Giant Stupid Spirit is to open mouth. It feels that something has crossed its body, but does not succeed to identify what.
“you have not said that the fight between the Giants and the humans does not have need of reasons” it provokes Mei. “Then we do not have need of words.”
With surprise of Pallas, Mei remains in feet, piece of real estate, with the two rilassate arms, without to assume some position of attack or defense. The Giant decides to attack the appearing boy in its vulnerability, taking pushed from the ground of the library. The sheets of the destroyed historical book fly in air, and the distance between the two combatants diminishes endured. The strangely long arms of Pallas flettono like salice coppers, and its poderosi claws are left over in
direction of the throat of the adversary. But the mortal blow them ransom hardly the air.
“Diamine” once again, Pallas is confused. The monster concentrates its force in the fist and raises the claws, but something falls unexpectedly, like if badly launch ball were one. Hand was one, with claws: the hand of the Giant, than refuses to believe to the own eyes. “my arm… Mine bracciooooooooo!!”
An absurd amount of blood gushes out from the stumped wrist. Pallas feels the vertigos, intensely upsotten
“you have not perceived it, but your arm has been cut time ago…” says Mei.
“Q-when? C-as ” ask the Giant behind, jumping. “Diamine” Pallas jolts, heading towards the column. The left hand passes on the nape, slowly, perceiving hour that anch’ it is spotted of blood. The monster currency the space behind of himself with the claws of the hand that remains, feeling a sound acute, similar to that one of one rope of one musical instrument.
Only then it perceives of to have been caught from a cage of threads you ended to me, finer of the ropes of a pianoforte, irons in all the directions to you around he.
“They are threads of orialcon.” Mei explains.
“Diamine…? Com’ is that? All these threads are part of your armor ”
Amazingly, the alloy of the ancient one orialcon with gamanion and the stellar powder have assumed in that case the thickness of a hat thread, but maintaining its resistance.
“Everyone of these threads is one sharp sheet.” Mei continues. “not to move or your neck to you it will fly in air without that you you you notice some, therefore like your arm.”
With an light torsion of the wrist, Mei controls the cutting threads, than they extend along the mask of Adamas of the Giant. Caught in the cage of orialcon, Pallas cannot neanche be defended.
“Dimmi the name of my star.” it orders Mei, in the same moment in which the cutting threads are given off. Several lamps of the library are being extinguished, leaving that scompartimento fencing in the most complete dusk.
“You will be useful for the dusk and you will escape” ask the Giant.
“To escape” Mei explodes in one risata beffarda. “These threads are my eyes and mine orecchia! They are covered from my Cosmos.”
Only Pallas is confuseed in the darknesses. Therefore like Mei, Shiryu does not have some difficulty in spite of the loss of light.
“Gyah!” an other outcry of Pallas in the dusk, followed from the dry blow of that it falls to the ground. “Aaahiii!! Cavolooo! The other my hand!”
“Dimmi the name of my constellation!” it insists Mei.
“You the six… Knight… of the Chioma…” the Giant geme of pain.
“Mei, of the Chioma!” the Knight of Athena declares.
The vibrations of the threads of orialcon intonano one song: one Will omicida, dark and black, wrapped in one deep sadness.
“This is the order of dead women, Giant. LOST CHILDREN (Lost Children)!”
“Diamiiiiiin!” grida Pallas, deprived of hope, like if the throat with its voice wanted to be abraded.
“That it is made pieces.” Mei tears all the threads in once.
Pallas falls in the dusk, with the blocked voice from the blood that strains from its throat. Mei is prepared for the fatal blow, but Shiryu seizes its hand.
“Because” Mei question.
“If you had not prevented… to it you would have killed it.” Shiryu says. “Mei, that that I feel seeing to you is an murderous instinct that would not be satisfied not even if it cut the several enemy in the pieces.”
“Yuuri… is died therefore. It has been therefore that this individual has killed it.” Mei is justified.
“it does not import. This is an unacceptable action for a Knight. The vendetta it is not the Will of Athena. Beyond to this, we have need to make some questions this Giant.”
Pallas now is without the two arms, separated completely from the rest of the body. The Giant Stupid Spirit is churning like one attended hen in of being pulled down.
“Then, Giant, where your God finds itself, Typhon” Shiryu question.
“Diamine. Perbacco!”
“Of what you are laughing”
“When our getlteman will catch up its true one to be able, the same Athena will not be in a position to stopping it, at least the Knights.” Pallas speaks with difficulty, sputando blood bubbles. “To the end, of forehead to its true one to be able, even the same Zeus, largest between of of Mount Olympus, escaped!!”
“Which is the objective of Typhon? Its true force? If it wants to dominate the Earth, because it provokes eruptions that they can destroy it ”
“its thoughts are a lot beyond to the humans… are beyond even to we, the same Giants.”
“Because the Giants render cult and follow a God like this” Shiryu continues. “a God that dominates with the terror! A faith that does not offer peace to the spirit!”
“the terror is the source of our force!” Pallas answers. “the Knights, in their insignificanza, will be all dead men! Our getlteman has of the sons. The Giant Sons of the God are between we. The old Giants, like me, are not more necessary… Praise to you, Typhon… “is the last words of the monster. Its body sublima in that moment with to its armor of Adamas, disappearing completely from a moment to the other.
“Cos’ has been this” Shiryu swallows with secchezza.
“This is the fear of Typhon.” Mei explains. “To R-he who it pronounces the name of the God to which it renders cult, the language will be detached and will lose the word. C$r-he who listens to its name called from its God will lose blood from the orecchie and will drive crazy. This is the sideboard of the Giants.”
“You two! Been well ” the lights are ignited to the entrance of Nicole in the library. “Yuuri!” Chierico Head is orripilato of forehead to the tragedy. “And the Pallas Giant, the Stupid Spirit…” whispers.
“Pallas has killed pronouncing the name of Typhon.” Mei says. “It was the last one of the Giants whose it seals I had broken.”
The boy still is surprised of its abilities of Knight. It feels that the armor is beginning to manipulate it. He muoveva the body guided from the Armor. In its hands, the cutting threads are like part of its body.
“I have news of Typhon.” the voice of Nicole interrupts the thoughts of Mei.
“Getlteman, has uncovered something” the boy raises the ace in direction of Chierico Head, that he answers with pensierosa voice.



A humble cemetary exists to the Great Tempio. Lì rests the Knights of Athena, some famous ones, other less known. Many tumuli do not have not to contain buried bodies. It stones to death are simple stones with the name, the class and, in some cases, the constellation of the Knight. Some completely are covered of moss.
“an other companion that we have lost…” stutters Seiya, that she has received the news of the dead women of Yuuri to the return from its mission.
“We are resolutions to save it once…” says Hyoga, with the look lost in constructed direction of the tomba of recent.
From the immemori times of the ancient mitologiche legends, the numerous Knights as well as how much the stars of the sky fight for the Love and the Justice on the Earth, completing their destiny.
YUURI, Bronze, Sextant. Nothing in the registration indicates that this is tomba of one the woman.
“In every combat, I only ask one what…” the voice for Nicole I am full of sadness. “That I am not obliged to pronounce one goodbye phrase.” Chierico Head concludes the ceremony.
“He is here all” Mei tightens the labbra of forehead to the lapide of Yuuri. It feels that the homage has been too much short for nostalgia that feels.
“and what you wanted? A colossal funeral like those of the emperors of the Antiquity ” the tone of Nicole has a famous one of sarcasmo. “We would have for case to make one festivity in order to celebrate its trapasso and to cry for seven days and seven nights” it continues. “we do not have need of affectations. We do not have neanche need of tombe. The peace on the Earth is the greater test that every Knight has been here. Even if a day the persons scorderanno of we, the stars never scorderanno to us.”
The words of Nicole reverberate in the spirit of Mei and the destiny traced from its black armor. It is a guerriero of the Gigantomachia.


In He knows it of the Great Clergyman, Nicole extension to Seiya the piece of the triangular chain of the armor of Andromeda. The first reaction of the boy is to offer itself ready in order to save it.
“Shun was in Anatolia. Sure E’, Chierico Head ” also Hyoga of the Swan is taken care for its companion and brother.
“It was on the Arima Mount.” Chierico Head answers.
“the triangular chain is the attack chain.” Shiryu comments, touching the artefact with the hands. “Shun has sacrificed its same arm, rinunciando to the fight in order to perceive us of the danger.”
“Which enemy it could intimidate a Knight like Shun” someone is asked.
“It can be only be a matter of the Giants!!” grida Seiya, impaziente. “Yuuri has been assassinated from a Giant that has invaded the Great Tempio.”
“It calm To You, Seiya.” Athena, than up to now was seated on its throne, speaks for before the time, making yes that all the present ones are keeped silent in order to listen to the Divine Will to which they dedicate the life. “the life or the dead women of Shun depends on the destiny of its star. But we will make of our best for he.”
With surprise of Seiya, Hyoga and Shiryu, in that moment a new group of Knights enters in Knows it of the Great Clergyman.
“They are arrives to you.” Nicole confirmation, turning itself in direction of the door.
The new ones arrive to you are introduced:
“Nachi of the Lupo.”
“Ban of the Smaller Lion.”
“Ichi of the Idra.”
“Geki of the Orsa, to its disposition.”
“Jabu of the Unicorno. Concerning us to the Divine order, we are joints to the Great Tempio.”
With this, the Bronze Knights kneel down themselves of forehead to Athena.
“there are grate for to have come from therefore far away.” the goddess answers.
“we have come in order to strengthen the defense of the Great Tempio…” Jabu wears the armor of the Unicorno, with a horn hermit on the elmo. It is similar Seiya and the two have nearly the same age. The main difference is its complexion, more tanned, probably because it comes from Algeria, where has carried out its mission of Knight.
“Jabu, Nachi, Ban, Geki, Ichi.” Chierico Head says in possible the more formal tone. “your mission you already has been communicated: you must form a protecting circle around the Great Tempio and defend Athena.”
“Yes getlteman.” Jabu answers. “it would appeal to to Me also see again Mei, hour that we know that it is alive.”
“Mei” Seiya calls around, watching itself.
“Someone has seen Mei” Nicole question, with taken care air.
“To the funeral it was with we…”
“They are arrivatooooo!!”
Seiya is interrupted from the acute voice of a child, plus young person of all they, that it enters in Knows it of the Great Clergyman. E’ Kiki.
“completed Mission, Mr. Nicole!” the child says, making one awkward riverenza.
“Mission…” the expression of Chierico Head is of pure surprise.
“Like? The getlteman has not ordered me of teletrasportare Mei to the Arima Volcano ”
“I do not have never pronounced this order.” Nicole answers.
“Not? Seriously? It has been Mei to say it to me, for this I… ” Kiki is confused.
“You want to say that Mei has gone to save Shun alone” grida Shiryu.
“Creed that has been felt in guilt for what it has happened to Yuuri and Shun, beyond that for the return of Typhon.” Nicole recrimina in order hardly not to have been itself able to notice that Mei felt responsible of the events.
“Kiki! Portaci all to the Arima volcano!”
“A-Agli orders!”
“It waits for, Seiya.” it interrupts Nicole.
Arrogant, Athena approaches its Knights, with calm, taking the scettro that it represents Nike, the goddess of the Victoria. Dressed its along is svolazzando gentle.
“Nicole has the obligation to more study and to analyze to the facts a po’ than you.” it says the goddess. “If Typhon is found on the Arima Mount, this means that probably here protecting barrier exists already one.”
“the flames basements of Flegra!” Seiya remembers of the field of force of Typhon, that it sucks the Cosmos and that had them many compromises in the Etna.
“Nicole.” Athena moves the cerulei eyes towards the Substitute of the Great Clergyman.
Comprising the Will of Athena, the Knight of Ara leaves to the search of a small coffer, offering it to the goddess. Within one spadino shining like one is found gem. Athena watches with tenderness Seiya, Hyoga and Shiryu.
“You come here.”
The three Sacred Guerrieri answer to the call of Athena.
“That the blood protegga my knights -” the goddess approaches the blade the wrist. Sharpenned E’ therefore that enough an light touch in order to cause a cut. Without to hesitate, Athena leaves it to slide along its arm. The noble divine blood designs to a thread vermilion on the clear skin.
The three bronze armors, of the Pegaso, Cigno and Dragone, receive drops of blood of Athena, obtaining therefore the protection of its sovereign Will.
After to have offered the protection of its blood also to the armor of Ara, Athena gives back the dagger to Nicole. The Knight receives the arm rispettosamente, cleans up the blade with a cloth white man and he newly places it in the coffer.
“Until you will wear these armors consecrated with the blood of Athena, you will not suffer for the protecting barrier from flames basements from Typhon.” Chierico Head explains.
“Therefore now we can go!”
“Seiya… Hyoga, Shiryu. Accompanied me until the Arima volcano. Kiki, pardons me for your abuse, still in order once. Now every moment is important. It is the hour of an other teletrasporto.”
“I entrust You Shun, Mei and all the present ones.” Athena to Nicole says serenely, while Tatsumi tries to medicare, tamponando, the hemorrhage of the wrist of the goddess.
“It is clear, Athena. Without Mei, it will be much difficult one to seal Typhon.” before leaving it knows it it, Nicole makes a last riverenza.
“What you mean to say with ‘ without Mei'” Seiya question.
“I was speaking about the destiny of the constellation of Mei. You I will tell more late. Now it is not the moment.” it concludes Nicole.


To the awakening from an incubus in which it crawled to the ground like one lucertola, the Shun it is covered from brividi that the intorpidiscono until the tip of the fingers.
“This feeling… Is like if the Cosmos it were emptied of its spirit. The field of Fle… ”
“Knight of Andromeda.” the sour voice of Typhon interrupts the thoughts of Shun. “you are feeling fear”
Watching the boy fixedly, lì one finds the asymmetric flame God made and lightnings, the last one of the Giants, with shining its and dark armor of Adamas. Shun is its prisoner.
“Because I have the impression to know to you already” the monstrous God asks. “I feel to have already fought with you. Ah, is clear! They are the memories of mine loved Thoas brother.”
It will be perhaps that the memories of Thoas, the Fast Lightning bolt, have been moved within Typhon when it has divorato it in sacrifice? Shun has difficulty to porsi dinnanzi to the God of the Giants: the flames and the lightnings emanate to you from Typhon seem to set afire its hairnets. And it is every more and more powerful time. Shun does not know it, but Typhon as soon as has ended of divorare Pallas, the Stupid Spirit, still increasing more its power.
“I see that a six simple one not to be human, Andromeda.” the creature says. “the Six ricettacolo of one of of of Mount Olympus. I have not forgotten the sapore of your blood and the cosmos that I have absorbed, although was little, in the Etna Mount. I could not have wished a better sacrifice!”
Typhon incurca and touches the ace of Shun. A discharge electrical worker catches up the nervous centers of the body of the Knight, than it is contracted involuntarily in one spasmo violent.
“You divorerò!” Typhon inumidisce the labbra with its black language.
“They are a Knight of Athena.” Shun answers. “I will never surrender to your fear.”
“Not there is way in order to escape from the fear.” Typhon says, turning itself. “it would appeal to divorarti hour to Me, but I must wait for.”
The God of the Giants exits from the field of vision of Shun, revealing an altar. Over of it, wrapped all in a “Cocoon of the Time”, the image of one rests pregnant woman, human half, half snake. “the Prison of the Suspended Time”.
“Andromeda, you divorerò in occasion of the birth of my the new and true sexual body.”
“That woman is alive”
“Echidna. The last one of the Giant women.” it reveals Typhon. “a mitologico monster, designed for the fear of the fragile humans. It is my femminea shape. I tore its legs affinchè did not escape.”
In fact, Shun notices that the inferior half of Echidna, the snake part, is caught to the several pedestal from and large nail.
In that moment three figures not identified appear.
“Father.” they say the shadows.
“Sons mine… What is these small Cosmoses that irritate to me with their presence ”
“Apparently the Knights of Athena are return to you to invade these lands.” he answers the shadow of Ladon, Hundreds Drago to Witness.
“They are like bugs in summer. Uccideteli!” it orders the God of the Giants. “and finally, divorateli one by one!”
“Yes, father.” answering with absolute obedience, the sons of Typhon leave the tempio newly underground.
“They will be perhaps Seiya and the others” Shun thinks. “Then the chain of Andromeda has arrived to Athena”
“the ‘ Sospeso’ Time soon will be broken off.” it repeats Typhon, launch a malignant glance in direction of the woman on the altar. And turning itself then towards Shun: “You divorerò, Knight.”


In feet over a cliff that seems a hat to tip, Seiya examines the landscape around. It is one of the numerous stone forests of goes them of the Anatolia, one desolated, far region from the civilization. The Knight does not see no type of light, no sign of room. Behind of he there are Hyoga, Shiryu, Nicole and Kiki, than them end has teletrasportati from the Great Tempio lì.
“Chierico Head, which is the relation between this earth and Typhon” Shiryu question.
“poema a epico Greek tells one called history ‘ the Dwelling of Typhoeus’.”
“Typhoeus? It would be on Typhon ”
“In truth, it is on the spouse of Typhon. You have already felt the name of Echidna ” Nicole question to the Bronze Knights.
“Mother of monster.” Hyoga answers.
“Yes, much monster of Greek mythology is considers sons you of Typhon and Echidna: the Lion of Nemea, the velenoso Snake Idra, Cerbero the dog of Hell, the volture that divorò viscere of chained Prometeo… ”
“It waits for a moment! This monster is not constellations ” it inquires Seiya.
“Yes, it they are.” Nicole explains. “This legend is one of many history R-with regard to the figures that gave name to the constellations. This monster is fruits of the fear, of the fear of the persons. Some times the humans had tried to calm these terrorizzanti creatures raising them to the sky. To part this, creed that the destiny of stars does not only exist for the men, but also for the Giants.”
“the getlteman thinks therefore that also the Giants have their constellations and observe stars”
“Exactly, Shiryu.” Nicole raises the eyes to the nocturnal sky. “the firmament is the container of this universe, in which all Cosmoses and all the Divine Will are stirred.”
In that moment, the four Knights control their sacred ones vestigia. They admire the flare of the stars that they honored. They are under the protection of the blood of Athena. They contemplate their destiny.
“We go to save Shun.”
“And Mei.”
“and we go to win, for Athena.”
Nicole sees the three boys to place the hands one over the other, stipulating the pact to complete the mission.
“But… and I”
“You will wait for here, Kiki. When you perceive a danger, scappa immediately. Your force is necessary for Athena.”
“E’ therefore? Hummm, creed of yes… Without of me, it never does not succeed nothing, true ” happy for the praise of Nicole, Kiki tries a place where to be based and to wait for the companions, than they go away immediately to the reconnaissance in the stone forest.
The four run maintaining one fixed distance between of they.
That that must make is not being protagonists of a bravura and eroismo history that is told for millenia. All that that they will make will be for the Love and the Justice on the Earth. For their companions and Athena.
“Still I do not feel the barrier of Flegra.” grida Seiya to the others. The stone forest is not under the maledizione of Typhon, therefore, when they intercross the force field, they will have met also the God of the Giants.
All at once they feel a noise, one grugnito species of deafening. The four Knights stop themselves and they are put in combat position. The ground is opened.


The stone forest grida. The wind that ago covers cliffs to vibrate the air and threatens the invaders like a grinding ARPA. The ground yields. The surface landslide as an empty shell and the Knights is drag you towards the center of the Earth, getting lost one from the other in means to the shadows of cliffs and the powder that falls.
The crater is large in order to accommodate several amphitheaters enough and it is made more and more deep, until finally do not catch up the bottom. With this, the Earth returns of new silent.
“Uff” Hyoga coughs, pushing one gigantic cliff. “Where they are” The Knight understands to have lost the contact with the Cosmos of Shiryu, Seiya and the others.
The air is saturates of powder. E’ impossible to maintain the eyes open. In any case, Hyoga finds a lot under the surface: even if it could open the eyes, the dusk would be absolute.
While it fell, Hyoga was jumped istinctively towards one lateral cavity of the crater. If it had fallen until in bottom, would have been buried from the colossal cliff volume.
“an other trap of the Giants” the boy asks itself, now separated from the other Knights.
A folata alarming of wind covers the empty spaces of the Earth. Hyoga feels like if
a hundred of leccassero snakes all the its body.
“Then… six successful one to survive to the landslide”
Hyoga time in direction of the voice and, with great surprise, succeeds to open the eyes. The powder, therefore before dense, was completely disappeared.
It is found in a cavern with lights that oscillate between the vermilion and the brown, that it remembers
a lot the tempio underground of the Etna Mount. Hyoga is surprised for the existence of a space much wide one under the Arima volcano.
“This armor… is not one vestigia whichever.” the voice, serious continues like that one of one fair that ringhia.
“Ah, you of six shrewed one” Hyoga already succeeds to visualize the shape of the enemy: it is one of the Giants.
“Within the barrier of Flegra, prepared to the inside of this tempio they bury, your armor has rejected the fear.”
“Typhon is found here”
“It must be the protection of the blood of Athena.”
“Hyoga, of the Cygnus.”
“Orthros, the Maleficent Bicephalous Dog.”
Its Adamas has the lucentezza of a zaffiro-star of the color of the darknesses, a noble and rare stone, that it contains in its intense blue depths the sparkling beams of stars.
Hyoga recognizes the name of the monster of the Antiquity. The figure dinnanzi to he seems to be made of cliff massiccia. Although it has the same height of the other Giants, its thorax and its abdomen is of colossal proportions, transmitting a comparabile mass to that one of a polar bear, a mammal of average ton that is the greatest carnivorous animal of the planet.
The Giant has a collar of thorns and an armor of Adamas from the little common shape, that a brave and rugoso Mastiff dog remembers.
“Six son of Typhon and Echidna. The Giant that has invaded the Great Tempio has announced that they would have been new Giants, sons of the God… ”
“I am one of they.”
Its ace completely is covered from a elmo. The espaliers have recorded images that represent just the Maleficent Bicephalous Dog, with the shown teeth like if it were always ready in order to bite the enemies. Witness, enclosed seems to have three the elmo.
“Then six you my adversary.”
A snow crystal we danced in suspension, freezing the air. The light stuffed with wadding sounds of the crepitii from the cold of the atmosphere are the silent prelude of the guerriero, rising itself of the Cosmos of Hyoga.
“You divorerò.”
“That pessimo taste.” Hyoga answers, feeling a terrible malaise.


After to have been practically buried alive, Seiya opens the way destroying the cliffs that had fallen over of he, raising itself from earth like a dead man resuscitato. The young person cleans up the eyes and sputa energetically the mud that was accumulated within the mouth.
“I swear! I do not have some intention to die in a place like this.” it says to if same, in order to perhaps alleviate the tension.
Over of he, the escape partially is buried. Seiya does not succeed to characterize the bottom. In the cavern there is is a torbid brightness, that it occupies the air to the inside of the cavern and that reveals the contours of the cliff.
“equal E’ to the Etna Mount! Then also this is… ”
“the Sacred Earth of my father.”
Seiya executes an agile one giravolta and assumes the combat position, putting itself in guard with the arms.
“Who six you, that you appear therefore to the unexpected one? You have nearly made me to come a blow.” it provokes to Seiya, recognizing in the enemy the figure of a Giant. “Therefore that split in the land has been one your trap!”
“it was not our intention to resolve the combat in this way.” it says the monster. “If you were died because of the landslide simply, we could not have revenged accumulated hatred for along time from the Giants. I want to know your name!”
“Why? In order to write it in a History book ” the boy ironizes.
“the Giants do not have need to record the history. The existence of my father is the test that the sopravviveranno Giants.” With this, the enemy exits completely from the shadows and its monumental shape dominates the impregnated cavern of the Will of Typhon.
To Seiya the forehead breath jams to that it sees. The Giant has of the wings formed from membranes ironed over boneses, like those of the bats. The sword in the left hand is a velenoso snake. The shield in the right hand is a goat, whose corna they evoke the ancient rappresentazioni of the devil. These apparatuses make yes that the figure seems a ghost extracted from the medieval cavalry.
The brillio of the Adamas that covers all its body is of the steal-star, but of the color of the darknesses, an other rarest precious stone, of an intense vermilion therefore that arrives to being cruel, than ingloba to its inside blazes of stars driven crazy. On its face, a mask that imitates the snout of a lion.
“you have said father? You are speaking about Typhon ” Seiya question.
“I am asking You the name for an only reason.” it changes to speech the Giant, completely prepared for the combat. “I want to know the name of the meat that I am in order to eat.”
Seiya is irritateed for the way with which the Giant it addresses. Stepping on the ground, it takes the impulse in order launch itself in direction of the adversary.
“Pegasus Ryu Six Ken!” grida, bundling up of a aura white man-blue.
An intense flare. Its fists head towards the enemy to one speed much advanced one to that one of the sound. The mortal attack breaks off them the barrier of flames basementsand for this it always can be launch with its energy.
But an unexpected counterattack throws Seiya to the ground: the violent blow carried from the shield composite of the Giant makes yes that the young person falls to one distance of tens of meters, forming one water column. A underground lago.
The “errante knight” of the Giants knows them on hard sandstones end where Seiya has been thrown. Although he is impacciato, its sailing point is not in some slow way.
“I wanted just to wash the feet. However they will be three days that I do not take a bath.” Seiya addresses its adversary gives within the lago, with the water that arrives it until the belt. Although the battle, the boy sorride with calm air, like if it had not suffered some damage. “It is a po’ frozen, but now me of new they are waked up.”
“Now, you…”
“In order ringraziar you, I will say to you what you wanted to know. They are Seiya! Seiya di the Pegaso!”
“Chimaera, the Multiforme Fair.” the Giant introduces itself. Its body is high more than two meters and its armor seems to be just the shell of the giant.
In the period of training in order to become Sacred Guerriero, Seiya had learned some
monster legends. The boy now tries in the memory some reference that its master Marin, Sacerdotessa Guerriero d’ Argento of the Constellation of the Aquila, could
avergli saying Chimaera care.
The advanced half of the Giant has the shape of a lion, and that inferior is the body of one goat. In the tail, a snake. It is a strange, fantastic being, narcotic.
“Six son of Typhon.”
“You divorerò.”
The winged horse and the fantastic creature who re-unites multiple animals collidono in combat.


Also Nicole of Ara was escaped to the landslide, sheltering itself in one cavern under the Arima volcano.
“Chierico Head…” calls Shiryu, the Knight of the Dragone. “Where they are Seiya and Hyoga”
“I do not know it. Apparently, they have fallen much more low than where we are.” Nicole answers.
“We are on the bottom of a pit” ask the blind Knight.
“In one cavern. For what I see, there are of the signs crafts them on the walls. Perhaps it is a tempio underground of the Giants. It seems also that barrier of Flegra is one. They are taken care for Shun and Mei… ”
“Getlteman, based on how much has said Kiki to us, does not have more to be last than an hour from when he has carried Mei to the Arima volcano.”
“I hope that it is well.”
“If this had to be the tempio of Typhon, we would have to come down more low. Here we will meet Seiya and Hyoga.” Shiryu suggests. “I succeed to feel their Cosmos, even if minimally.”
“not to say it to me! I do not succeed to us. They must be the blood ties, you you are siblings.” Nicole sorride.
In that moment a tonfo heavy ago to vibrate newly the basements of the Arima mount.
“an other landslide” Nicole watches in the high.
“… this is not…” without the time in order to explain, Shiryu begins to run in direction of the Cosmos that suggests one star moribonda. “here, getlteman!”
In the corridors that follow, the brightness very more is reduced. Shiryu, although is blind, is left over like if it guided Nicole in the penumbra. To the end they arrive to an opening, plus illuminated. In front of they it is found…
… the figure of the Knight dressed of the black one vestigia, hurt and pulled down. Sdraiato supino, seems to want to raise a face little, gemendo.
“You are well”
Without to adopt some precaution for proteggersi, Nicole runs in its direction.
“Firm! It does not come!” grida Mei with the debilitated, nearly inudibile voice.
In that moment the most complete dusk comes down.
A coming from attack from the darknesses crosses the chest strap of the Sacred Silver Armor like if it were made of paper. A sound sordo. The protection of the star of Nicole seems that it is being get exaustedded.
“Chierico Head!”
Something crosses it from the back. Not there is nothing that Shiryu and Mei can make. Not there is way in order to return behind in the time. The end of a life cannot be postponed. The blood overflows lungs of Nicole after that its chest is broken.
Mei is approached Nicole, strascicandosi. The Knight of the constellation of Ara falls supino, without that he damps its fall.
“Mei… you are well” ask moribondo the Nicole, preoccupandosi for the others even in its last moment.
“Because he has not been in guard? One person like you, getlteman… ” Mei, with hats silverplates blood inks to you, is upset in understanding that the dead women of Nicole are unavoidable. “This has been one sciocchezza!”
“You have reason… just are forced…” admits Chierico Head. “I have lost the control when to you I have seen fallen. I only had in the mind that you six necessary one, Mei. Were on the point to betray the confidence of Athena… I said to you that the history of the ancient Gigantomachia… without of you… without the armor of the Chioma di Berenice was a secret hidden in the Great Tempio…, would be much difficult one to seal Typhon… ”
“Savings its energies… do not speak more…”
“It seals Typhon.” Nicole consumes all the force that remains to it. “your Armor will guide to you… will be the voice of stars… and only you will be able to hear it…”
“the only thing of which I complain myself… as Substitute of the Great Clergyman…” the look of Nicole is losing force. “It is not to know which it is the classified destiny to you and to your Armor. This is not found in the Official History. It is not found in no historical book. Reincarnated Athena does not know… the blood to it of Athena consecrated in your black Armor… in that distant past… you will tell when the hour will arrive.”
“the protection of the blood of Athena…” repeats Mei.
“It could be a terrible destiny for you… But the same one is obliged to gives the order to you. Mei… Now I see that the destiny of my star was that one of dirti this: it seals Typhon.” they are the last words of Nicole. In that moment, an other star is extinguished from the firmament.
Perhaps NICOLE, Silver, Plows its tomba will not contain mortal rests them.
“Chierico Head!”
“Shiryu.” Mei perceives. “You are careful… The enemy… ”
Shiryu runs in direction of Mei, estimating the inside of the cavern. Its movements are interrupted from the devastating Cosmos.
“appeared E’ an other noisy bug!” Its presence dominates to all the dark cavern.
“you have used to Me like decoy!” grida Mei. “mine Is all guilt!” Feeling itself in guilt, Mei bites the labbro inferior with much force that the blood slides on its mento.
“My father has ordered that divorassimo all you Knights.” he says the voice that he commands the Giant sons of the God.
“Who six” Shiryu does not see it, but it can measure the frightening Giant that finds itself of forehead to he from the absurd level of its Cosmos. If he could divide it, sure it would be still frightful.
“Ladon, Hundreds Drago to Witness.” it declares the voice.
Mei is raised staggering. Its wounds are deep and bleeding: it has muscles of the leg cuts to you, like if the meat had been torn to bites.
“Ladon… This is the name of one of the sons of Typhon and Echidna in mythology. I dredge malignant!” grida Shiryu.
“He is the Giant son of the God of which Pallas spoke…” completes Mei.
“They are here.” proclama Ladone. The lucentezza of its Adamas is of a black opal, an other rare gem that it irradiates stellar nebulas with all the colors of the rainbow in the firmament of driven in ebony.
“You escape, Mei!” it orders Shiryu. “Seiya and Hyoga must be under this cavern. You feel their cosmos, not ”
“Creeds that I will abandon to you”
“Chierico Head has told to me… Without of you and your Armor, it will be impossible to seal Typhon.”
“not to repeat the error.” Shiryu does not have other choice that to schiaffeggiare the reluctant Mei. “Because we are similar? Why we are siblings? You are not fighting alone.”
“This me I did not wait for. To steal the place of a young brother… ”
“Mei… is one what that I have need of confidarti.” Shiryu confesses. “In the battle of the Twelve Houses, I have fought against your Master, the Knight of Gold of Cancer… and I have defeated it with these fists.”
“I know It.” Mei answers. “I know all through Chierico Head… Nicole. Me it had told before that I met to you in the House of the Cancer.”
“You knew!”
“That man…” Mei opens the heart to its brother. “Although he has been a Knight malvagio that it has been rebelled to Athena, continues to being my master. At the same time, I and you have the same blood. I would not never compare the two things.”
“Mei… thanks. This conversation free me of an enormous weight from the heart.” Shiryu sorride, a relief smile.
Of forehead to the honest attitude of its brother, also Mei is felt raised, free.
Before that they can be separated, Ladon, Hundreds Drago to Witness, is placed in front of the brace.
“Creeds that lascerò that he if goes some therefore” the monster, referring to Mei asks.
“I, Shiryu the Dragone, will try you of yes.”
“Dragone…” for before the time, the Giant from the metallic mask reveals something that can seem a feeling.
“It elevates To You, The Cosmos! You take this! The attack more powerful than this Knight… ”
The Celestial Dragone, risplendendo in a flare white man-blue, is concentrated in the skillful fist of Shiryu.
“Rozan Shoryu Has!”



In the underground lago under the Arima volcano, Seiya di the Pegaso and Chimaera, the Multiforme Fair, meet, forehead to forehead.
“Six son of Typhon!”
“You divorerò!” proclama the “errante knight” of the Giants, equipped with the sword of velenoso snake, the shield of goat and the Adamas of steal-star, the color of the darknesses.
“Giant You are much gross, you knew it” Seiya, in its turn, completely is disarmed. The Guerrieri di Athena only fights with the body, but this does not mean that they do not know to use crews. They have need to know them, from the moment that their enemies do not follow some prohibition in such sense. Therefore, in spite of the priority it is the body, the training of the Knights includes the combat against armed adversaries.
The articulations of the heavy armor of Adamas of the cigolano Giant with its gestures. For Seiya, equipped of the agility of a horse that crosses skies, the movements of the monster are impacciati like those of a fantoccio maneuvered badly.
“your armor seems heavy.” it provokes the boy. “Creeds that a slow one as you he is able to attack Pegasus”
In that moment, Chimaera nozzle a cutting attack in direction of Seiya, a heavy blow and rude, but amazingly express, like one squall of wind. The Knight feels brividi to the dorsal thorn in schivare for a hair the trajectory of the blade, withdrawing until to one cliff conficcata in means to the underground lago. Churning the enormous sword with circular movements, only with the right hand, the Giant approaches itself Seiya, step after step, with a impacciata sailing point but it specifies.
“What will be that sword” Seiya is asked.
The sword of snake in hand to the Multiforme Fair has the dentato edge as that one of one saws.
“You receive the burning murderous blade!” it announces Chimaera, while the velenoso snake trace a flaming arc, emanating a infernal heat. “Anthrax!”
Caught up from the incendiario blow, Seiya is hurled newly in the underground lago, where a watery vapor trail marks the trajectory of the sword of Chimaera. The Knight raises itself, after to have swallowed one sorsata of water. Although its amplitude, the lago is little deep: even in the deeper areas, the water arrives malamente to the belt of Seiya.
“Not us creed… the armor!” grida perplexed the Knight.
The more resistant part of the Sacred Vestigia, the chest strap, introduces deep signs of the blade bite, that they come down to leave from the left shoulder. If Seiya had been a step ahead, its heart would have been caught up from flames.
Chimaera walks within the lago, launch an other blow of its enormous blade against Seiya, making to cigolare its Adamas and generating an other immense water column. The Knight does not have other choice that to withdraw most possible than forehead to the sudden start of the outbreaks.
“the moment in which it begins the attack is strange.” Seiya thinks. “E’ impossible to calculate it or to preview it.”
In fact, it seems it are to us strange variance in every attack of Chimaera: the movement of its arm, the step that completes for giving the overhong, the speed of the sword and its trajectory does not seem to belong to the same attack, to times delivered in delay, times in advance payment. All this confuses Seiya.
“It is like… if they were not human movements!” it concludes the boy, before counterattacking:
“Pegasus Ryu Six Ken!”
But its effort is useless. Hundreds of meteors that exceed the speed of sound newly are rejected, without some exception, from the goat shield.
“Where you are aiming? You amuse yourself to schizzare the water up ” the Giant ironizes, in means to water jets provokes to you from the impact of the blow in the lago. Seiya is useful for the water curtain that blocks the visual one of Chimaera and posiziona behind the monster.
“You take this: Pegasus Rolling Crash!” Seiya makes a jump express, leaning itself to the body of the Giant, but the contact makes yes that pain outcries: its hands, its arms and its chest seem to have touched of the live coal. The fingers burn to it painfully: they are ustionate. At the same time, the water around to Chimaera begins to evaporate.
“This burning armor door with himself the flame of stars.” it explains the Giant, with a malignant smile.
“Therefore the power of the Giant son of the God is this…” Seiya is pale from the surprise and the fear, one natural reaction of its instinct of guerriero. The monster was like a source of intense heat, than little little it was heating all the lago, although the gigantic water volume. The Cosmos of the fair arranges within of himself many other species seems limitless.
“You divorerò!” with this, the sword of tipsy Chimaera of luminous flames. “Anthrax!”
The attack only hits the Knight of crawls, cleaving the water of the underground lago, that it evaporates completely. All the atmosphere is covered from a humid heat, like that one of one sauna.
“you do not know to recognize the moment adapted in order to die.” Chimaera says.
“the tip of the blade has only grazed me. but it seems that all the nerves have inflamed me… ” Seiya is contorcendo from the pain. It has been caught up to the legs from the sword. Its shape to saws is also more terrible of the cut of one sharp blade: the torn meat cannot suturata and the hemorrhage does not succeed to stop itself.
Covered from the whitish vapor of the water, Chimaera watches Seiya with depreciation. It has lion eyes, the shield in the left hand has the image of a demonic goat and the sword in the right hand seems a velenoso snake.
“We end it here, Pegasus… Without the legs of which a lot you were proud, you will not be able to schivare the next attack. And it seems that there are other Knights in this Tempio, I cannot lose more time with you.” it declares the Giant. “Chip ax of being divorato in Hush. I will eat your Cosmos.”
“We, the Knights of Athena, will defeat Typhon and proteggeremo the peace on the Earth!” he insists Seiya, between gemiti of pain. “I have always exceeded my enemies with these wings of the Pegaso!”
Seiya is raised using all its force, burning to the maximum its Cosmos. Its style of combat is one of most orthodox between Sacred the Guerrieri. Composed E’ mainly from fists, soccer and eventual techniques of protection. It is important to remember that the techniques of fight of the Knights do not have relation directed with the physical force. They define themselves based on the Cosmos: it is for that the physical constitution of Seiya, small for a guerriero, does not represent some disadvantage of forehead to the powerful ones and alters Giants.
Moreover, the armor of the constellation of the Pegaso is a phenomenal protection, that it accompanies until the end the most agile movements of Seiya. Rather than to wrap the Knight like a cliff, it does not impose although minimal restriction to its movements.
“It burns, my Cosmos! It burns finche I will have the spirit!” Seiya exclaims.
“To the next attack, then, divorerò your spirit!” the Giant answers.
“Now it is the moment to fly, the Pegaso!”
“Anthrax!” The reaction of Chimaera is faster that never, the flaming snake disaligned extension its zanne. Seiya escapes to the blow with a jump.
“I will not lose!” grida the boy.
The celestial horse nitrisce, surrounding itself of a blue aura. E’ the sound of the Cosmos of Seiya that has been elevated to the maximum.
“Pegasus On The Six Ken!” The attack of the Comet, with of hundred of meteors, ago to shake the underground lago. The steal-star loses its dark brilliance, becoming one opaque stone, deprives of the fulgore of stars. The shield of goat, the mask of the lion, the Adamas nobleman go in fragments. Chimaera, the Multiforme Fair, falls with a tonfo in the underground lago.
Having exausted all its forces in the attack, Seiya lets to carefully lay down on the water. When it is raised, nozzle a glance to the Giant, still dressed of its Adamas, than now seems an armor dead woman.
“Cos’ is this” the Knight does not know what to say. The inside of the armor on the bottom of the transparent lago is empty and it does not emit more some heat. The Cosmos that seemed infinto was scomparso with to blazes.
Dominated from a indescrivibile insecurity, Seiya staggers to behind and it definitively is based on cliffs to the margins of the lago, exausting its energies.
“Then the Giant son of the God is only this” the Knight asks itself. Seiya then tries to scramble up on hard sandstones, but the attack of the Comet has consumed its Cosmos. The torn legs do not obey to it and end in order to roll towards the bottom.


Now there is an improbable snow layer in the depths of the Arima volcano and its walls completely are covered of ice.
“This cold energy…! Swan, uses the techniques of the ice.” Orthros, the Maleficent Bicephalous Dog, seems sorridere under its mask. “If that armor has received the protection of the blood of Athena, this explains because it not risenta of the barrier of Flegra.”
“they are not usual to speak very.” Hyoga says.
“Moccioso boring! You I will make to cry therefore a lot when you will have the destroyed body!”
Orthros takes the overhong. Its feet sink in the hard ground, leaving visible tracks. The Giant nozzle a shaving, heavy attack and express like one gun ball, shattering one stone column of five meters of diameter. This is the force of the Giants, that it is equivalent and it even can exceed that one of Sacred the Guerrieri that the techniques of fight of Athena dominate.
“its destructive power is intense…” moving its body with a fluid movement of the feet, Hyoga is placed in the blind point of the visual one of Orthros. “But, with its awkward movements, will not be a problem for the Swan.”
The limited frosted space is the battlefield of Hyoga. When its cosmos is risen very more of the normal school, the attack of the Knight destroys and, in some cases, it paralyzes the movement of atoms. This is the technique of fight of ices.
“Diamond Dust!” Its arms design to a crystal, freezing the Adamas of the Giant and covering with one frosted white woman the luccichio of the zaffiro-star.
Hyoga observes Orthros with depreciation, than now it is an ice block beside the rests
of the cliff column, before expanding its perception in a field the much widest one, to the search of the other Knights. But it is much difficult one to pick up the Cosmos of the companions, perhaps because they are found in the Saint Earth of the Giants, impregnated of the hostility of Typhon.
“I do not succeed to perceive the Cosmos of Seiya and Shiryu well.” Hyoga between himself says. “I do not know exactly where, but I feel that both are found here close… They are taken care for Mei and Shun.”
“Six therefore calm one to the point of preoccuparti for the others” it says the voice of Orthros. The ice is broken off with an acute chipped crystal noise. “With this level of cold, you will not succeed to freeze not even the first layer of my skin protect from the Adamas nobleman!” grugnisce the Maleficent Bicephalous Dog.
“I bet that that armor hides a dense layer of fat person!” Hyoga answers, in tone of scherno.
“I will make You to repent this offense, Swan!”
In that exact moment, dense darknesses encircle the two adversaries. The cavern basement loses its fioca brightness.
“the barrier of Flegra is useless, once that six under the protection of the blood of Athena.” Orthros, completely invisibile explains in the dusk. Not there are traces of its shining armor, whose gems change tonality based on the light frequency that records on they. In other words, it is black pece.
Hyoga remains in allerta, but also therefore it does not succeed to prevent that its ribs are caught up from a flying object that the cause a terrible pain. Launch in air and rolling to the ground, the Knight àncora istinctively behind one cliff. And then he comes newly caught up, before that he succeeds to resume itself. It is possible to hear the sound of the Sacred Vestigia that comes limata from the friction.
“Saphiros Enedora!” the voice of the malignant fair echoes several times, hiding localization of the Giant.
Hyoga is upsotten. How succeeds Orthros to localize it with precision in that dusk?
“We are in the Tempio of the Giants!” it is the same monster to explain it. “Here I can feel where he finds exactly to you, Swan, while you do not perceive absolutely null! He shakes of forehead to the zanne of the darknesses!”
Without the minimal trace of the Cosmos, invisibili bites penetrate deeply in the meat of Hyoga. Orthros explodes in risata one provocative.
“It is like being bitten from a wild animal.” the boy thinks. “Therefore the bicephalous monster of mythology exists in the real world” Incapable to determine the position of the enemy, Hyoga is felt lost in upsets some of confusion. “It calm to you!” it thinks. “the master has taught to me to remain calm in these situations, during the combat. It is necessary to maintain itself cold
like ghiacciate plains of the Siberia.”
“He shakes in the dusk, Swan! This is the fear!” the voice of Orthros is full of sarcasmo. It attacks newly: “Saphiros Enedora!”
The two vices collidono against something in the darknesses. In little time that strange flare returns in the cavern. Hyoga now notices the two fairs fallen close to he. They have the dark brilliance of the zaffiro-star: they were the parts of the Adamas, under shape of malignant dogs, that they were supported over the shoulders of the Giant. Before, the Knight thought that its adversary was itself tax with the force, attacking through the physical contact, but in this moment he turns out clearly that it manipulates these “dogs” through the psicocinesi. Therefore it could attack from far away, a perfect ability for the dusk.
“Orthros… I see that you possess the ability to move the objects with the thought.” Hyoga says.
The parts of malignant dogs are caught to the ground from ice circles. Same the telecinesi of Orthros do not succeed to move the two witness frozen.
“E’ the Ice Koliso, Ring.” Hyoga explains. “I have put the collar to your dogs from guard!”
“But as you have uncovered their position in the dusk”
Hyoga churns the arms, that they spark in one ices curtain, wrapped in most fine membranes of frosted energy.
“its sight Thinks you to defeat a Knight limiting” Hyoga has had need to only hear the thin sound of ices curtains that collidevano in order to localize and to capture the two malignant dogs. Trained in Siberia It orients them, whose winter is practically a world without
sun, the Knight of the Swan was instructd from its master Camus to fight in the darknesses.
Hyoga is left over, placing itself to a step from Orthros.
“You receive the most powerful attack of the Swan!” In a fraction of second, the skillful fist of Hyoga generates a circular wave of cold. “Kholodnyi Smerch!”
The attack tears via the elmo of Adamas and a frosted hurricane up raises the heaviest body of Orthros, scaraventandolo with force against the ceiling of the cavern, forming al time same one high ice column more than ten meters.
“You will remain here in order always.” Hyoga says, before giving the shoulders to the frozen Giant.
But a roar makes yes that the Knight of the Swan faces of new, quickly. The body of Orthros, the Maleficent Bicephalous Dog, has broken the column of ice, falling to the ground.
“it does not have a ace”
In front of the eyes increduli of Hyoga, under the elmo torn via from the Dawn Thunder Attack, not there was some head. It was an acephalous Giant.
“… this is not a Giant!”
Screaming like a fair, Orthros places its arms in the ground, posizionando its four limbs to contact with the earth. In the left empty space from the espaliers, they dull two witness of dog, like if the armor were the shell of one turtle.
Neanche the same Hyoga succeeds to hide the fright of forehead to such orribile vision.
“But this is…”
The monster of mythology, exactly as it was described.
In front of he a dog to two witness finds itself, than esala malvagità, covered from an armor of Adamas. Its portamento is that one of a gigantic bear. Passing from bipede to quadruped, Orthros catches up Hyoga with one incomparably greater speed to that one of the previous attack. The two witness malignant bites the arms of Hyoga, with the armor and all the rest. They do not let go the taken one, act just as dogs from combat train to you. Orthros now is one unprovided fair of reason.
“You not six… six never be… a Giant son of the God!” although the pain, Hyoga succeeds to free the arms from the taken ones of the malignant dogs.
Like one driven crazy fair, Orthros lecca pleasantly the blood of Hyoga around to the zanne.
“You a six created deformed monster from a frightful one upsets of Typhon!” the hurt Knight says, joining the hands in front of the forehead and raising, with the force that remains to it, the arms torn.
The ‘ frosted Ki’ fills up the air.
Reacting to the movement, Orthros is left over newly towards Hyoga.
To lowering the arms that it had placed over its head, Hyoga nozzle the accumulated Cosmos within of himself, impossible to be stopped and highly explosive, in the most powerful technique than ices combat, the technique that the Knight inherited from its master Camus.
“Execution Dawn!”
In the same moment, all it is frozen. The infinitely next cold to the zero absolute extinguishes the luccichio of the zaffiro-star of the color of the darknesses. The Adamas loses its mystical energy and now it does not seem more a esageratamente heavy armor. Even the voice of the demonic monster, a mixture of I plant and backs, are frozen instantaneously.
Orthros, the Maleficent Bicephalous Dog, is reduced to ice slabs and it is crumbled in pieces.
But the price of the Victoria is high. After to have converted all its vital energy in cold and to have transformed the cavern in an ice cove, the silent guerriero falls svenuto.


“Rozan Shoryu Has!”
Canalizing all the forces of its body, the attack of the Knight of the Dragone catches up in full load Ladon, Hundreds Drago to Witness, and it pushes it against one stone column of the cavern.
“Scappa, Mei!” Shiryu to the brother says newly.
“not to die, Shiryu.”
“I will come after you. I promise.”
Agreing with the head, Mei exits from large spiazzo with cliffs appuntite, the boccale cavity of a colossal fair, in direction of a corridor that more and more leads it in depth, in viscere of the Earth.
Shiryu concentrates just the Cosmos, until not hearing more later on the steps than Mei, carrying it in direction of the enemy. Vary pieces of the cliff column, therefore large that would be necessary two arms in order to encircle it, are destroyed, reduced to powder and they gather like particles in the air.
“What…?!” In front of the unusual sound of the stones that come crushed, the blind Knight assumes the defense position.
“You the six Knight of the Dragone…”
“Because he speaks like if you knew to me”
“Because I know it since the stars nacquero in this Universe.” the monster answers, revealing its frightful body. Its Adamas with star nebulas multicolors emits the lucentezza of the opal from the color of the darknesses. “my name is Ladon, Hundreds Drago to Witness.”
“What…” Shiryu retreats, hesitating. “I have not never faced an enemy with the powerful Cosmos therefore, therefore subjecting! And it is not only this… ”
“Anch’ I feel your cosmos, Shiryu.”
“your Cosmos is equal to mine…” stutters Shiryu, upsotten of forehead to the feelings provoked from the presence of Ladon. The Cosmos of the monster has the same tonality, the same resonance of its.
“I know it. I know the star of your destiny.” Ladon asserts.
“my star…”
“the Celestial Star of the Dragone.”
To hearing these words, Shiryu is remembered of an ancient legend. Ladon is the name of a monster of Greek mythology, I dredge that it never does not sleep, guardiano of the knobs of gold of the Garden of the Esperidi, situated to limiting between the day and the night.
“Second the legend…” says Shiryu between himself. “Ladon was elevated to the sky…”
“and it has been transformed in the Constellation of the Dragone. Your constellation, Knight.”
“But com’ it is possible” the boy reacts perplexed. “Therefore we are both protect from the same constellation”
“the humans scrutano the stars of the humans.” He explains the monster. “the Giants scrutano the stars of the Giants. I and you have the same stellar destinies, but under protection of divinity different. We are therefore enemy natural… unavoidablly obligates to you from the destiny to face to us. For this I have left that Mei if it went some. That fragile human who has been a marionette of my father already has been defeated from me. E’ seriously the wounded, is a useless one to be death. It will not never succeed to arrive in the point deeper than this underground Tempio, the transition between Gea and the Tartar.”
“you are saying then that you have left to escape Mei”
Although it had been hit to the forehead from the Rozan Shoryu Has, the Cosmos of Ladon is still risen more.
“Dimmi, Knight of the Dragone. From what I am observing, you cannot see. Athena is vile to such point to grant one sacred vestigia to guerrieri in these conditions ”
“If you want to underrate me because I cannot see, it goes well. But I do not admit that you offend Athena! If my alternative were to shake of forehead to the blindness and to abandon my pride of guerriero, I prefer thousand times one dead women dignitosa!”
“Taci, human! Intelligence to the service of crawling deceits, race forged in the menzogna and the falsità. The war between Giants and humans does not have need of reasons.” proclama Ladon. “the battle between of i, equips you of Greater Will, is an absolute war, to the search of the only Truth who exists in the Universe. And, Shiryu, enough a guerriero in order to complete the destiny of our constellation.”
“I and you are been born under the same star…”
“You, Shiryu, Knight of the Dragone.”
“and you, Ladon, the Giant with the name of Drago.”
“Morirai. We do not have need of reasons. Your existence is unpleasant.”
But Shiryu does not let to defeat a lot easy. Thanks to the sacred one vestigia, protect from the blood of Athena, the Knight is able to gain the fear of the God of the Giants, being converted its loyalty to the goddess in force.
“Who must die is of the malvagi like Typhon, that the world has covered with ashes. I, Shiryu, will inflame my spirit in order to fight for Athena and the peace on the Earth!”
“Morirai.” it insists Ladon, sinking the feet in the earth. “and you divorerò!”
The skillful arm of the Adamas, that it represents the head of I dredge malignant, rilascia a light bundle that crosses the cavern. The sound is heard of that it echoes, followed from the noise of the landslide of the wall behind Shiryu. The shock wave, identical to that it had crossed Nicole, has been had from the Knight of the Dragone.
“This shield…” Ladon observes the shield that rejects the evil.
“it is narrated that the great cascade of the Five Peaks of Rozan is formed from the powder of stars of the Milky Way that fell from the sky.” it describes Shiryu. “the Sacred Armor of the Dragone remained R-retired in the bed of this cascade, bathed from the crushing weight of waters of the galaxies, since the immemori times. For this the shield of the Constellation is most resistant of the shield.”
“Not dirmi… One shield of Dragone.”
Without more to distort, Shiryu attacks, making of just the body its arm.
“Rozan Ryuhishou!”
But the gigantic Cosmos of Ladon rejects the Knight, hurling it to the ground.
“I have received this power, this body, from my father. A mere one to be human as you will not never be able!” Ladon watches Shiryu with depreciation.
“a simple movement of defense…” Shiryu Says. “For the pain it seems that all the boneses of my body are crushed… That the narcotic cosmos has this Giant!”
“In the meantime, it seems just that I will not have need of some effort in order to break off the defense of this shield of the Dragone.”
Shiryu jumps to behind, succeeding to settle down in one good position of fight.
“You have fear of me? Of sure your spirit it will be divorata not as soon as you will introduce yourself in front of my getlteman. It will be better for you to die just here.”
Shiryu feels the Cosmos of Ladon to expand itself continuously, in all the directions.
“That you are encircled from the destruction!” grida the monster “Polyolkya!”
A destruction declaration, than car-is fed, supply of the intention to even kill. A poderosa vision invades the world without light of Shiryu. Null it imports or it can help: the shield, the Sacred Armor, no known defense. Images of the darknesses.
“an incubus… is this my future…” thinks the Knight.
A dragone tenebrous, under shape of an abysmal fish, divora the spirit of Shiryu, that it emits a terrorizzato outcry.
“it has been enough malvagio to apply an illusion in the mind of a blind person” Ladon question to Shiryu, that it is remained paralyzed. “Humph. A future is driven crazy in seeing in which it will be divorato. Com’ is fragile the human conscience. It will not be more hearing my voice. Much good! Now it is the turn of giving one fine to its body and to its armor.”
Ladon nozzle an equal shock wave to that it had crossed the heart of Nicole, but Shiryu succeeds to block the attack with its shield.
“Shiryu, you still have the force in order to move the arms after that your spirit has been destroyed from I dredge malignant of the Polyolkya”
“Ladon… You have said that the humans are fragile. It is true. The body is weak person and the spirit still more. But the persons can become forts more through the others. They can fight for the friends, for those people in which they believe.”
“He he he…” the monster laughs for the words of the Knight.
“This human feeling is much more strongly than you, Giants, than only limited you to obey to the fear of Typhon!”
With this, free Shiryu of the armor of its constellation, undressing itself of own the sacred one vestigia.
“Without driven crazy doubt six under the effect of the illusions of the Polyolkya.” it concludes Ladon.
“Now that I know that your attack catches up the spirit, the armor is not more necessary.” the Knight declares.
A dragone he appears on the back of Shiryu in the moment in which free of the armor.
“a tatuaggio…”
It is not a tatuaggio. Rising Drago appears on the back of Shiryu when the Cosmos of its spirit catches up its culminating point.
“the Dragone defeats always its enemy!” the boy asserts. “For this my spirit will have to burn until the end!”
Its vital energy becomes flaming. Only the true ones dragoni are wrapped from it.
“Before that… this time, divorerò your spirit! I will extinguish!”
“That one to being extinguished you will be, Ladon, and yours I dredge malignant!”
Rising Drago adopts like dwelling the skillful fist of Shiryu, the whose Cosmos catches up
the maximum limit.
“You destroy… Polyolkya!”
“Rozan Shoryu Has!”
Shiryu cannot see, but it perceives that the Cosmos of the Giant, Hundreds Drago to Witness, than tato was shown poderoso, to scompare in that moment.
“I… have defeated… Ladon… ” The blind Knight kneels down itself, exausted. It has been nearly a miracle that is successful launch the last Rozan Shoryu Has. “it has been Athena that has given to the force… my friends to me, my siblings…”
With this, the body of Shiryu falls in ahead. Before losing acquaintance, it searches the Cosmos of its companions, feeling, even if weakly, the Cosmos of Seiya and Hyoga. More low, in the depths, it succeeds to feel the Cosmos of Shun.
“Where six, Mei…” The words of Shiryu play like those of one person in delirium. For how much it tries, it does not succeed to perceive the Cosmos of Mei. “Because I do not succeed to feel where finds the Cosmos of my brother… blood of my blood? Mei… ”
Shiryu uses its last forces in order to lengthen the arm. In the attempt to try its brother, it loses the senses and it remains lì, sdraiato to belly in down.

The voice of fà Mei so that Seiya di the Pegaso you recover a little acquaintance. Its sight is become blurred, does not succeed to put to fire nothing. Perhaps its brain was anesthetizing it. It feels badly to the legs, torn from the sword of Chimaera, the Multiforme Fair.
“your legs… You have fought with a Giant son of the God, not is therefore ”
“Ah! Walk has been one!”
“He he! If you succeed in straparlare therefore, then it is better than you it remains some calm!” Mei says.
“If you had not made the bluster to invade the hiding place of Typhon alone…”
“It goes well, has been guilt mine.”
“Without of you and your Armor, Typhon…”
“Then Chierico Head you had already told…” Mei makes one pause before continuing. “Nicole is died.”
“mine it must of Knight is to complete the mission not completed from he. It would appeal to to take to me cure to me of you, but I must go where Typhon is found.”
“Va’ then! Not to attend to me!”
Mei supports Seiya with cure to the ground, it is raised and it run without guadarsi behind.
Still intorpidito, practically incosciente, Seiya try to pick up the Cosmos of Mei, without happening. It only succeeds to feel, light, the Cosmos of Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun.
“Because Mei? Six hardly passed here and not are mark them of your Cosmos.”
Seiya tries to call it, but it does not have not even the forces in order to pronounce the name of the brother.
To hearing the voice of Mei, Hyoga of the Swan raises its ace the maximum that can.
“a level Knight your… in this orribile state therefore…”
“not to watch! They are hurt caused from my immaturità.” Hyoga hides, shame full load, the arms torn to pieces from Orthros, the Maleficent Bicephalous Dog.
“Mei, you are and this well enough! Without of you and your Armor, Typhon… ”
“Hyoga… What tasks of our father ”
“Because you ask me this in a moment of the sort” the boy does not succeed to comprise the true intentions of its brother.
“Who was, for you, the called man Mitsumasa Kido” he insists Mei.
“the man who I hated.” Hyoga answers. “But this is changed… My mother said that she was a wonderful person, than engaged itself for the peace in the world. I had not never understood it. Hour… I do not succeed to explain it with the words well… but, as I fought with Athena, my friends, you, my siblings… as I read in the destiny of my star… Mitsumasa Kido has been sacrificed for the mission that it was tax from stars. They are more and more sure, R-with regard to this.”
“Thanks, Hyoga.”
“Because ringraziando to me”
“I must go! I go from Typhon! I go to seal it!” Dismissing itself from Hyoga, Mei disappears from its sight, coming down towards the deeper point of the Dwelling of Typhoeus.
Irritateed with if same for its state they puts into effect, incapable to move a finger at least as she would want, Hyoga scruta the outskirtses to the search of someone.
More than once, the Knight feels, even if minimally, the Cosmos of the others its siblings, but does not have marks them of Mei, with which it had as soon as ended to speak.
“Because” the silent guerriero of ices addormenta, carrying with himself the strange doubt that was risen to it.

It is vibrating the maleficent altar of the foreign lands that imprisons the pregnant woman-snake.
The “Cocoon of the Time” that encircles Echidna can break off anytime.
A wind…
“Orthros.” Typhon calls. “Chimaera… Ladon.” Typhon swallows something. Something that it is similar empty of the Cosmos of, reduced to aura flames, transports to you from the wind of times passes to you, it sucks to you from the narici of the God within its organism.
“I do not have more need than old Giants like mine loved siblings.” The black language crosses the labbra. “Tantomeno I do not have more need of the Giant sons who I have made to be born like simple diversivo. Enough that I am here! They are the test that the Giants have lived.” it concludes, sorridendo acidamente.
“Here a Knight of Athena.” Making to burn still more flames with the skillful half of its body and being made more and more to unload lightnings from the left half, the dormiente anchor God of the Giants time to behind. “I have seen to You, Mei! You divorerò!”


The Knight of Andromeda, that he had sacrificed its only arm of attack in order to transmit to Athena localization of the Giants, is legacy to one column of the Tempio. He seems not to be aware. Not there is not even way in order to assess that it is alive.
Admitted that it he was, sure it would be without forces because of the field of Flegra, since he has not received the protection of the blood of Athena. It is the practically extinguished cosmos from the storm of Typhon.
“Therefore six arrived, Mei, my marionette.” The dressed asymmetric God with the Adamas of onyx from the color of the darknesses addresses to the fragile human with depreciation.
They are in one great cove, plus sealed width of the tempio under the Etna Mount: “the Dwelling of Typhoeus”. Over the foreign lands altar, woman is nailed one.
“That one lì Is Echidna” Dry Mei inghiottisce of forehead to the vision beautifulst and al same time orrenda of the body of the woman. Joke of bad taste of a vile God seems one. Would be it one victim?
The woman has black and soft hats, setosa skin, round breasts as a goddess of the fertility and the belt dulls on impeccable a feminine body. But its inferior half has been transformed in snake.
“the Prison of the Suspended Time…!” Mei knows the name of seals, for this can imagine what that it is in order to happen. That “Cocoon of the Time” does not have to be broken off. The woman-snake, forced sopportare the destiny of Echidna, does not have to wake up itself. The woman is pregnant: door in ventre the something that does not have to be generated.
“my femminea shape. The last Giant woman. He is pregnant of my true sexual body. Echidna soon risveglierà.”
“I will not allow it!” Mei is left over in direction of the gigantic body of Typhon, than erge over empty between Gea and the Tartar.
A hundred of snakes lambiscono its body when the wind passes beside he. The hats silverplate to you are churned to behind, but Mei does not have fear.
“You have the protection of the blood of Athena” Typhon, with the black language outside, produces an unpleasant sound of wind with the fingers of the left hand.
“the barrier…”
“the flame field basements now not servants more.”
Typhon inspira deeply and absorbs from the narici all the energy that it had employed in the force field. The tenuous brightness is extinguished and an absolute dusk fills up all the spaces of the cavern. Hour the only luminous point is the flame halo and lightnings of the same Typhon. Only its divine body illuminates the tempio underground.
From that Typhon angle-shot he seems still larger. It will be an illusion provoked from the light? Its colossal figure clearly personifies the fear of contrariarlo in this Saint Earth of the Giants.
Mei walks in direction of the Tempio.
“Every time that I approximate you using the Sacred Armor…”
“To every step that compi, to every occasion in which it contemplates to me…”
“Me memory.”
“Me memory.”
“the God of the Giants.”
“Sacred Guerriero di Athena.”
“They are here in order to seal your destiny.”
“I feel the stench of the blood putrido of Athena.”
“And I hear the voice of Athena of the antichi times.”
“you are smelling. It throws via this Sacred spotted Armor!”
A moment much short one, formed from attacks and defense to high speed, breaking off the same time. An murderous, dark and silent instinct, covers the atmosphere in all the directions. The rilasciati threads of orialcon in the darknesses inceneriti from the skillful hemisphere of Typhon and destroyed from that left.
The God of the Giants balance the hands affinchè the flames catch up the cliff and the lightnings touch the ceiling, the walls and the pavement of the Tempio, setting afire them. It hits the ground in order to provoke storms, and with they waves of empty that run concentrated in the air. It does not possess techniques or ability, only an able divine power to make to shake the sky.
Churning the great shield of its two arms, Mei succeeds in schivare the attacks of the giant God.
“Mei, mine burattino! I am amusing myself. To the end, not six much fort.”
Although it is still incomplete, Typhon remains a God. A fragile human will not be able to never equal its force.
“Mei, mine burattino! This is amusing!”
“Cos’ is that it appeals to to you”
“Now you six one constellation without stars, and the analogy of the blood amalgamated to this spotted armor… you a six burattino of Athena.”
“they are not a burattino!”
“Which is the difference between Athena and me? I guide I cross the fear! Athena chains through the love. The guerrieri of of i, chosen from stars, fight and give the life for the Divine Will.”
In that moment, Typhon esala its vital energy. Mei is hurled against one wall from the “Kiai” freed in all the directions, dragging with himself the shield and all the armor. The two eyes of Typhon shine more intensely in the dusk, fixing Mei. Fixed the malignant look on the legs of Mei, creating itself an murderous wave of destruction.
Mei loses the word. Its left leg is fractured. Indeed: it is torn from the body.
“That you say to me? You will have still the face toasts to say that a not six burattino ” Typhon ironizes on Mei.
Supported to the wall, Mei remains in feet with the leg that remains to it and watches the thigh of the left leg that does not have more.
“What has happened to my body” the boy asks itself. “Because nearly nothing does not bleed” Of fact, the weak person hemorrhage does not seem proporziona them to the gravity of the wound.
“In the battle that you have faced before coming here, six defeated state, you have lost enough semidied blood and six exited some. Or died!” The monster refers to the fight against Ladon, Hundreds Drago to Witness.
“they have been an ass to fall to me. And I have lost.” it remembers Mei. Without doubt, it has bled a lot in that combat, but although this, has had the forces for being witness of the dead women of Nicole and, encouraged and saved from the Cosmos of its siblings, Shiryu, Hyoga, Seiya and Shun, and under the protection of the blood of Athena of the antichi times, is successful finally to arrive of forehead to Typhon in order to complete the destiny of the Armor of the Chioma di Berenice.
“the fragile humans die if forgiveness a third party of the blood.” the God of the Giants continues. “You put the hand on your heart. You feel its heartbeat.”
Mei does not succeed to believe: it does not have signs of pulsations or of you strike yourself cardiaci.
“a human being that speaks after to have lost all the blood… If a not six burattino, what six then ”
“One constellation without stars and the memory of the blood amalgamated in a spotted armor.”
“a Six burattino of Athena.”
“my will is just vanishing while I say these words… My Cosmos… ”
“It is reached the hour. The time is broken off.”


The God of the Giants leaves depressed Mei the ground and walks in direction of the altar. It makes appreciations with look of pure lussuria on the last one of the Giant women, the femminea shape prechosen.
Why the Giant woman is not decimated from the fear from the moment that its name has been pronounced from the God that venera? She will be because of I seal of the Prison of the Suspended Time? The more probable thing is that Echidna is not its true name, but a name of depreciation given to a poor woman who has the half of its body transformed in a snake because of one malefatta left of a God.
“They are here.” Typhon directs the voice to the belly of Echidna. “my true sexual body!”
In that moment, the temporal cocoon , the fetal ag is broken off. The ventre of Echidna it begins to move. Its long hats wave. Its setosa skin begins to become red leggermente. The round breasts swing and the fine belt moves in seducente way.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” grida the woman for the pains of the delivery.
The creature rips from within the belly of the snake. She does not have head. That made being only of body, similar to a fetus, the true body of Typhon, is one great precious stone, still more transparent of the crystal. The brilliance of the Adamas is that one of the diamond from the color of the darknesses: the supreme carnelian.
“my true sexual body!” Typhon calls if same.
The Divine Will of the giant God of the storms moves. In the same way in which it is happened in the Etna Mount, when it has been moved from the body of Mei to that one of I add Encelade clergyman, its aura now is moved towards the ricettacolo of Adamas of the darknesses.
But, before that it succeeds to realize the operation, the altar is wrapped from flames. In the tempio underground rung from the darknesses, where until little ago same he it was the only source of light, firm Typhon, illuminated from the flames that set afire the altar. Its Will is frozen. The femminea shape Echidna is consumed from infernal flames of the Karma, in front of its eyes, without that it can make nothing.
The long hats of the woman burn, the skin are in boiling, the inhaled warm air from lungs corrupt the meat from the inside.
“Houyoku Tensho!”
All that has been transformed in ash from the flaming heartbeat of the wings of the fenice.
The ricettacolo of Adamas that had broken the belly of the snake, fragile and empty, immediately it is transformed in coal and it is dispersed under ash shape.
“Dov’ is my true sexual body” The Greater Will becomes in that halting moment, without destiny.
“Ikki! Six you… ” Mei recognizes the Knight from the scar that it has on the head. The survivor from the hell, wrapped from the aura of the Immortale Bird. The spirit without hesitation, more strongly of the siblings that Mei knew. “the Six Knight of the Constellation of the Fenice.” Mei says, raising the body supported to the wall.
“You six Mei! But because I do not feel your Cosmos ”
“They say that the Cosmos covers the blood current.” Mei explains nearly, speaking only with if same. “I have lost the blood until the limit…” Mei sorride to Ikki, the survivor whom until little time it makes did not know sorridere.
“All moriranno!” with that, the Greater Will of Typhon explodes. All it begins to catch fire themselves and to destroy themselves. Typhon, than until now has conserved the divine appearance, enters in one increasing and deformed spiral of madness, like a typhoon without the eye.
“You take Shun with you and you exit from here!” Mei says.
In means to the storm of Typhon, Ikki seizes the chains that imprison its maternal brother and, after is assessed that it was breathing, loads on its shoulders.
“you do not ask me nothing”
“To you, than already six died? What I would have to ask a dead man ”
perhaps “Ikki… I have already lost also the same ties of blood that they join to us. Although this, I can only ask one to you what. You take cure of my siblings!” sorride Mei.
Ikki, the Knight who sorride, exits carrying Shun with himself.
The Knight of the Constellation of the Chioma di Berenice, the bearer of the Sacred Armor without hierarchy, observes them until does not exit from its field of vision and, later on, time towards the God.
A bundle of threads of orialcon, totally strangers to the will of Mei, had grown until the torn leg and they had it collection, riattaccandola to the boy. The threads close the wounds and suturano the amputation.
Mei is raised and walked in direction of the God of the Giants, that it runs, deprived of hope, in the perimeter. In the battlefield of the Gigantomachia they are only Mei, Typhon and the ashes of the destruction. The world of the Knight is in most absolute Hush.
“Finally I hear the voice of stars!” it thinks.
“Former Deus Machina.” it says then. “You a six God for means of one machine.”
Mei controls the cutting threads that are stirred in the darknesses.


The vulcanica activity that had been manifested in various points of the world begins to withdraw itself and to contain itself.
The Hyoga Knights of Cigno and Shiryu of the Dragone are return to you respective in Siberia
He orients them and to the Five Peaks in order to resume itself from the wounds.
Ikki of the Fenice, that it had saved the siblings from the “Dwelling of Typhoeus”, is scomparso newly in some disowned place.
Seiya remains with Shun to the Great Tempio.

The Odeon, theatre to situated open sky on a hill to nordovest of the Acropoli, with an ability to seimila persons, represents this night the theatre Greek classic. The interpreted work is newly the Trilogy of Oreste, of Aeschylus.
Oreste, the matricida, son of Agamennone, King of Micene: assassinated from its spouse, Queen Clitennestra, in order to have offered the daughter in sacrifice in order to gain the war of Troy, a orribile and tragic crime. Oreste is perseguitato from the frightening goddesses of the vendetta, the Erinni.
Condemned to the forced madness and to years of errante life, Oreste newly consults the Oracolo di Delfi and, following its orders, it is submitted to the judgment of Atene, for the crime of matricidio.
The goddess of the war and the wisdom, protecting of the city of Atene, presides the judgment to which denouncing participate, the three goddesses of the vendetta, and the Apollo defender, God of Delfi. Important others of come down on the Earth in order to assist to the session.
The ballots of swear are divided to you in absolutely equal number between those who ask the sentence and the acquittal. In the meantime, thanks to the spectacular defense of the eloquent Apollo, the goddess vergine Athena assigns the ballot of spareggio to favor of the acquittal of Oreste.
Insoddisfatte, the goddesses of the vendetta still try of perseguitare Oreste, but Athena takes part to its favor. Oreste is finally free from the madness of its crime. Aim.
“Large!” Shun is impressed from the rappresentazione. “you can yourself be waked up, Seiya.”
“Hummm… Aah! It is ended ” The Knight of the Pegaso sbadiglia leggermente.
“As you he has seemed”
“Very made!” Seiya is clearly mentendo.
“Very made, but it has slept all the time…” thinks Shun, raising the shoulders.
“it has been very made, but the next time invites to me to assist more to an amusing work!”
“the next time will be one commedia!”
The two Knights breathe deeply the nocturnal air and watch the sky, still opaque because of the ashes scattered from the God of the Giants.
“a beautiful time Must still arrive in order to make yes that the effects of ashes of Typhon scompaiano…”

“You a six God for means of one machine!” Mei says.
The two lateral shield of the Armor of the Chioma di Berenice launch hundred of migliaia of cutting threads. Little little, the shield forgiveness their shape under aspect of tears. The bracelets, the chest strap, all the sacred one vestigia is being unravelled.
The cutting threads are stirred to the darknesses of the gigantic empty space of the tempio underground, filling up the space like the cocoon of a worm from silk. Typhon is imprisoned, suspended in air from the threads that cross all the its body.
“the firm time.” Mei declares. “Or the blood of Athena of the antichi times, mischiato with the Sacred Armor. Or therefore the stars.”
This is not more the Tempio of the Giants. E’ the Tempio of Sigillo di Athena.
“the Prison of the Suspended Tempio. Typhon, I am I seal!”
The “Bozzlo of the Time” that wraps Mei and Typhon is seals of the immemori times of Athena.
“You, will seal to me” he doubts Typhon, ironico. “For how much time a fragile human as you he will be able to withhold to me? One hundred years? Thousand years? Diecimila years? For me, for the Divine immortale Will, this will not be that a short moment, an eyelash heartbeat.”
“a short moment. In this jail in empty between Gaia and the Tartar. We will pass this eternal moment united falling in this abyss.”
“That they are one hundred years, thousands, diecimila. In some moment this Cocoon of the Time will be broken off. Then my Will will be free! And, when that day arrives, in spite of the Sacred Armor bathed from the blood of Athena it will be still here, you, than already six died in this incarnation, you will not exist already more!”
“It is the destiny.”
“a destiny meschino.”
“the stars are not forgotten.” E’ desire of Mei. “Enough that there is peace on the Earth like test that the Knights have lived.”
“Because me contrasts”
“Typhon, deus former machina, six state you to begin the controversy for first. Six state pure you to say that not there was need of reasons. In fact, this is the Gigantomachia. This is the battle that does not have sense to leave in the History.”
“Therefore… I will sleep for a short moment of eyelash heartbeat.”
In that moment, an other star is consumed in the firmament and falls.

It is night to the Great Tempio. In top to the mountain, erge the most limpid Tempio di Athena.
The donzella from violacei hats, elegant dressed with a dress white man, it is in feet in the elevated point more of the sacred region. Its body and its spirit were entrusted to the celestial time, container of the Universe.
“If this is my destiny…” Athena watches stars.
It recalls the nostalgic memories that overwhelm its heart and it raises to them affectionately towards the Firmament, where would have to be the constellation without stars.
“I will make mine I must. The Will of Athena!”
He is that that must make, for the Love and the Justice on the Earth.